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If you havent heard of it yet well…sorry. Way back when ie 2011/2012 Spence and I were doing podcasts all about EVE null life. Whelp we got tired of the null sec shenanigan’s and are now in a low sec pocket near you! We are also doing a newer podcast in the old school way of recording a turd and then taking it and polishing it till its a bright shiny turd! No youtube, no twitch, just us and some guests who decide to come on and shoot the s**t about low, null sec, latest going on in Eve and whatever else we rabbit hole into. We have done 2 episodes thus far and have gotten a good response from the people who have listened so I figured I would post about it here!

More about us is at our podcast website at https://evelowlife.podbean.com/ feel free to listen to the newest of the podcast and just for ____ and giggles we put up some of our old classic podcasts from PODSIDE, TENTV Evening News and more! All going way back to 2012!

A little history on us:
ARADUS GUNNELL is a US Navy veteran (submarines), who has been playing EVE Online since June of 2004. He has been a part of many of the major null blocs through the years, but has spent the majority of his gaming time living in Low Security space; a large portion of that in Amarr Faction Warfare. Currently, he resides in Low Sec near Providence. He was the host of TEN EVEning News for 4 years (see our ARCHIVES section for those old podcasts), and was one of the founders of the (in)famous PODSIDE Podcast.

CHYPH3R is a US Army veteran (military police), who has been playing EVE Online since 2005. He has fought alongside (and against) almost all of the major null blocs, and is a proud former Goon. He is most famous for hunting down Twitch streamers and killing them while they stream, chasing CCP developers through dozens of systems in an attempt to collect their corpses, and generally being a belligerent pirate. He is currently a Low Sec resident, enjoying the fact that he doesn’t have to answer CTAs or hell camp things in Delve. A veteran EVE Online podcaster, he is known for his work on such productions as: Angry Monkey Podcast, PODSIDE, EVERadio, and TEN EVEning News. He has guest-hosted on dozens of other EVE Online podcasts over the past decade and a half of playing this game.

Give us a chance to mess with your brain a little as we babble about nothing and everything!


Nice, hope you have good luck and much success with your new old-school podcast…

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Why is your post flagged? I see nothing wrong with it.


Hmmm Was Gunnell ever known as File?

Sounds familiar

Because there’s an automatic recognition between those who share those experiences and what they feel it says about them as a person that they want to share to others.

No wierder than any other reason for a name, and arguably better than some form of Captain Kirk for the billionth time as a character name.

Perhaps it conveys some level of legitimacy for the topic at hand? If a burger flipper of 20 years wanted to have a pod cast about Eve economics, chances are he’d not attempt to base legitimacy upon his spatula skills.

Because they’re rightfully proud and servicemen, regardless of branch or focus, share a brotherhood that people outside the service don’t understand. It’s a way of seeking each other out.


  1. Who cares, you should be thanking them for their service and
  2. It’s not just American servicemen who do it.

who knows other than the forum patrollers…

Heya. Nope, never went by the name File, sorry.

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If you have to ask, you’re not part of the community veterans share with each other…and like someone else said, it has nothing to do with being from the US. We’ve got Danish military guys, an Israeli, and a butt-ton of Canadian army vets that spend time with us.


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Thanks, with the newer forum format I wasn’t sure were to put it, thought I put it in the correct area.


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