CCP Hilmar, CCP Falcon, and CCP Goodfella reveal their plans for an Eve Era of CHAOS in this new interview!

You can listen to the interview here!


More an era of empty null


I just finished a trip though 30 completely unused null sec systems. :tada:


Someone give me a TLDL? ( Too long didnt listen)


6 minutes in: CCP is very happy with the blackout. More DAU, more MAU.

9 minutes in: Hillmar keeps referring to the Blue Donut as the Purple Donut and brushes it off with a sheeping laughter as “Did I say purple? I thought I said blue. giggle”, after having said purple donut at least 3 times. :CCP: And Matterall desperately trying to salvage this.

10 minutes in: CCP Hillmar wants you to take stress relief medicine when you play EVE to cope with the chaos he envisions.

13 minutes in: CCP acknowledges that they screwed up with their development in the last 5 years where they pushed people into capitals with relentless ferocity.

19 minutes in: All of a sudden, the formerly hyped and awesome new NPE is suddenly worse than the old NPE from the early days.

26 minutes in: CCP Hillmar says “16000 players go through EVE, register, log in, download the client.” 16000 character, I fixed that for you, Hillmar.

27 minutes in: CCP Hillmarl calls the 64 Bit client “new technology” and is pleasantly surprised that many people jumped onto this right away.

28 minutes in: CCP Hillmar is just idling around in high sec, mining ore and ice while listening to pod casts.

30 minutes in: CCP Hillmar wants to turn the now overrun Mt. Everest (analogy he uses for the EVE dificulty mountain/curve) into the Olympus Mons from Mars, and by doing so lessen the initial difficulty gradient. I think he doesn’t know that Olympus Mons has a steeper gradient at the mountain base and a much more gentle increase in the upper parts. :CCP: And he says he listens to science pod casts…

35 minutes in: CCP Falcon is pleased with log in numbers and continued activity in null sec. Metrics show lots of players are still in space. I wonder where they are.

40 minutes in: CCP Falcon wants to kick EVE in the rearside so that things turn into conflicts again.

45 minutes in: CCP Hillmar wants to see human labor have more value than robot work again.

Until 50 Minutes in: CCP still very pleased with the Blackout and extremely happy about the Zkill/Dotlan coincidental shutdown for the start of the blackout. CCP still thinks that climbing Olympus Mons is harder to do than Everest.

59 minutes in: CCP Hillmar keeps talking about operational stability. looks at the launcher and last few days 5+ DT extensions and unscheduled maintenance work. He also dropped a funny line: “For the remainder of this year you will be seeing us in this unintelligible hierarchy(?) of needs… It’s the cruel but fair we have been talking about …” So the blackout is going to continue at least until the end of the year.


sadly there is no text version and most persons cant handle 2 hours of trashtalk

“CCP is very happy with the blackout. More DAU, more MAU.” *doubt*

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I like this new CCP. I just wish we didn’t have to endure a decade of carebearEVE for it to finally sink in.



Increasing cruelty


CCP Hilmar 2019

About fcking time


They really have no â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  clue.


Thank you very much for the breakdown! It looks like you are reporting a summary, and not simply roasting them, so I will then summarize my own TL;DR of your post:

"CCP management is still in denial about the direction the game is headed in (nowheresville). CCP management still has no clue and no vision about how and why players actually engage with their game.

CCP hasn’t the competence to make large changes to the game, so instead they are coming up with management bafflegab to pretend they know what they’re doing, and making small changes to various features in hopes that somehow they will re-invigorate the game with those.

CCP Falcon and CCP Hillmar still seem to think that the poor direction the game has trended in is a result of player choices, rather than a result of bad game design."

That’s my takeway at least, perhaps other data will come to light to improve it.

I’m not holding my breath.


Only more casual and less extremes like in the past has to be the answer…

Even the gameplay with other succesful games in the market and just don’t listen to the bittervets that are not willing to come out of their cozy neck in the woods…just ignore them or throw them out of the game if they don’t leave by themselves…

An adjusted game is not WOW it’s just what is needed in able to survive…


@suitonia has been writing a detailed paraphrase / transcript on reddit (Thanks for your efforts & taking the time!)

10:40 - Responding to Carneros asking about if more experiments will take place soon.
Hilmar : “We want you on your toes, we want you to feel like the blanket is being pulled from under you every single week, your heart rate is going up, you need to take stress medicine to keep focused, that is the chaos era, and it is on”.

15:20 - Hilmar : "The world as we built it was static, because we never thought we’d be running eve for decades, we’re 16 years in and we’re limited by the initial conditions of the game. We need to empower eve-online with natural chaos built into the system. procedural regeneration should be built into eve and ideally it should freak we (CCP) out as to what is going on.

19:40 - Hilmar : (On Resource depletion) - We need procedural regeneration, in nature when you strip mine you destroy the environment, we should have offensive mining where you destroy your opponents environments like in real life wars. Right now the system is too static. Players have become too self-sufficient, originally we had asymmetric resource distribution, then we changed it to symmetric distribution.


Killed their own game, now thrashing around in desperation.

“Procedural generation will save us” :rofl::joy::joy::joy::rofl:


Urg, please CCP I implore you, don’t remove or severely hurt asset safety. That was one of the best changes you ever did to make it actually feasible to live in Null sec and not always lose all your ■■■■ or have to constantly move back and forth to npc stations…Pleeeeeeassssseee don’t make it like that again. Just raise the cost on the asset safety and maybe add more loot to citadels being destroyed, that’s all you have to do there.


Buckle-up, buttercup. It’s gonna be 45… then 50 systems w/o a soul to be seen soon.


new lie levels
publish numbers(alfa,omega)players(hisec,lowsec,nullsec,wh)???
it’s a bunch of clowns


They threw out a lot of ideas, generating some excitement, kind of like Fanfests of old. Some of them may prove unworkable and never happen.

As you write, Asset Safety was created for several purposes. I don’t see it being removed entirely. Goonswarm has their bets fully hedged in Delve, a region which also contains NPC stations for them to move into, if asset safety is nerfed too hard. CCP is aware of this, witness the nullsec blackout affecting ALL nullsec, and not just “sov-null” as many NPC-null residents hoped for. Asset Safety and Local are different things, but in making the blackout affect all nullsec space EVE-wide, no one had a reason to move any activities from sov-null to NPC-null for perceived safety.

we want our structures to be used, but one of the deterrents against that goal is the fact they compete against existing NPC stations and player outposts [before we nuke them that is]. As such, we have to accept the fact no one will want to store items or minions (if you are an alliance leader) in one of the new structures if they can be destroyed and lost on a whim.


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Don’t like what they say…call it Fake News.

Easier to try to ignore it that way I guess.

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last programmer of the old team he left these clowns