The Chaos Era and Me

Eve found itself in a state of decay, at least in the depths of null sec. The Imperium have became what many have feared and proven that industrial might and sheer numbers will trump, well, just about anything else. Now I could place a World War 2 reference here but outside the digital ether we have another determining factor that sways the march of history that doesn’t effect our cyber realm, technology. That being the case I believe a Star Craft reference would be more suited and like in Star Craft the faster you gather resources and the larger you build your army the more likely it is you will be the victor. So it was not hard to foresee the current meta. Our overlords at CCP have their work cut our for them however Eve is a sandbox and they can only chose what tools we have to play with, not how we play with them, at least it should work that way.

The Black Out a fun event, at first, has now become the norm. The complaints myself and others have made about those pesky cloaky campers have all but vanished however new ones have crept in. Not to say this move has not brought praise as well, and some players have even re-subed. We will for go the hate and tell of my experience of this dark era of Eve, however limited it maybe. But first a back story to set the mood. A clash of personalty and ambition caused me to leave my former alliance, corpless, allianceless, and bored I decided to go explore. I found myself in the region of Tenerifis, in the depths of null sec. I gave the ole o7 in local, we chatted for a while and then I asked if anyone was recruiting, you know besides Dreddit. I spoke only English and could not join his but he pointed me toward my current alliance. With the Black Out this type of interaction is gone, system after system feels lifeless, kills feel less rewarding, Eve has become a cold, dark and empty universe.

Now we are removing cynos from all but a hand full of expensive ships. This seems great for the small gang hunter but not so much for everyone else. You don’t have to worry about getting counter dropped, or carrying an expensive cyno inheb on top of not being seen. I was about to resub my cyno alt, now I’m just selling my capitals. On the other hand I now get to just go on fleets and small gang roams with out worrying about farming ISK. While some activity will be up I now fear that this will have negative impacts on the overall health of the game. All this over people running from the bully refusing to play the meta and now getting a trophy for participation.

That being said I will continue to play Eve and adapt to the changing landscape, might not play as much but that is also not a bad thing, if you ask the wife. This is some of my thoughts so far, they may change cause I like to keep an open mind and I’ve only trained prophet to level 3.

o7, Fly Dangerously


I think this might be a major change with you and your gaming in New Eden.

I too feel that I must shake the tree a little and doing something outside my normal.

what if this backfires and just causes the blue doughnut to become real? Dont have to worry about lighting cynos on your ratting carrier if everyone agrees not to drop your ratting carrier anymore.

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That is never going to happen.

You do understand roaming random null empires is otherwise known as “wormholer chill time” Its literally what we do. Unless you are in krab mode, go explore whatever is out of the static, don’t like the static roll it and be on the other side of the map.

I am cautiously optimistic that CCP finally seems willing to shake up the stagnant, boring state of the game. It desperately needs it.

I am sadly pessimistic because it was CCP’s own changes that brought about the stagnation. Their lack of understanding about player motivation and how players interact with their game seems most likely to bring about an “Era of Exodus” as they stumble from one attempt to another at changing things without putting in much design effort or understanding the long term effects of their changes.

The core game play in EVE is space ship battle.
Blackout, good.
Cyno limate, good.

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Hilmar’s vision:



Well, seems I have resubed all my accounts and trained my cyno alts into recon ships. The cyno changes now seem needed but wait and see what this does for capital warfare. I played through the black out and am better for it however, it does more harm then good.

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