Back to Eve - an older players perspective

Hello fellow pods.

I have been playing this game off and on since 2003 and courtesy of the current pandemic have been given the opportunity to play it a little bit more. Gone are the days (before marriage, divorce and a real job) where I could participate in alarm call fleets and setting up towers in hostile locations. Today the pace is a bit more attuned to real life … but I love it.

Over the past few weeks I have been getting my head around all of the changes that have happened since I really played the game last and there have been a lot! The content of the game has got richer and there is still the prospect of real loss in PvP (regardless of whether it is consential) - which is what makes this game the one I log into.

Always remember … don’t undock in something you are not prepared to lose … and don’t build or buy anything you not prepared to make a loss on.

The Triglavian Invasion content … one word awesome. It will force people to adapt their play style a little and ramp up other market hubs. Yes please - that’s how I make isk … so that I can buy shinny stuff and then use it - which also means I’m prepared to lose it. I’d theorise that maybe each Empire will be separated with a Triglavian area of Trig space :slight_smile: I doubt Yulai will ever become a hub again though :stuck_out_tongue: but it may be interesting.

The war declarations being tied to structures … is really not awesome. I’d love to war dec some of the local corporations in my region (that’s Kor-Aur) as diplomatic talks commence, but I have neither the time nor the inclination to mess about with feeding a structure. I do think this may need a re-think as all a war dec is, is paying of the Empire Police (and Concord) to validate a conflict … which allows for mercenary corporations to function. However I have learned to adapt and accept the change in game mechanics.

Cyno’s became a whole lot tougher :slight_smile: … moving my capitals to my home in Kor-Azur was a lot more risky solo than it has ever been before. Being able to rent cyno-bridges of a larger alliance would help us small corporations with capital ships keep them. But I moved them 9 jumps and did not lose my cyno ship! … just some drones :slight_smile:

MIssions are as they were before, quite good fun and Mining is as it has always been - a good way to make isk. I’ve not yet entered wormhole space but I am sure I will and small scale PvP is about to commence - albeit in the same vein as ever pirate hunting

Whatever happened to the Jove Empire?

Keep the content coming please … See you all in game and if you know me join the Winblown Channel.

Call me Oro

One ship to rule them all , one ship to find them , One ship to bring them all . and in the darkness gank them


You should, they’re the origin of some of the new NPC AI, and no local make things interesting for both occupants and tourists.

Bookmark all of the things, never enter one without a probe launcher and keep an eye on dscan. Paranoia is a skill you need trained to 5.

Welcome back. :smiley:


Also - check Zkillboard for the system whenever you enter a new one.


I’m sure folks realize that, since just after Burn Jita, staff members have been sent to GD to post uplifting fanboi pap to create the illusion of broad dissention against the current complaint d’jour.

Nice one. +1 for the effort.


Nice tin-hat you’ve got there…


HA HA HA!! You so funny. And, as an afterthought, you must be one…if you don’t know this became policy in order to prevent another mutiny on forums gameland-land wide, then you ain’t got a clue. But, you seem to know a lot about a certain line of fashion…how credible.

HA HA HA!! You so stupid. Shove your dumb conspiracy theories where the sun don’t shine…


I figured you for this sort of lucid response.

Hey, do you ever do anything that’s not whiny complaining about PvP, and shitting on the moods of players who are actually excited to be here?

OP’s stance and story mirrors my own almost one-to-one (minus the “mining being a good way to make money” part), and I’m about as far away from being a CCP employee as is humanly possible.

Why are you even in EVE? It’s obvious to everyone here, and should be obvious to yourself, that you aren’t enjoying this, and shouldn’t be here. Go crawl back into your hole and brood in your misery, or update your LiveJournal, or whatever.


tin foil hat


Welcome back!


You’ve been back on the forums for what … a few weeks?

1.) The forums don’t matter.
2.) They don’t need to do this, because customers already do it for them anyway.
3.) The only place where spreading propaganda is actually worth it, is reddit.
4.) The forums really don’t ■■■■■■■ matter.

This place is for the social rejects and don’t who don’t know they’re social rejects. We have a lot of good people here, who never participate on anything even remotely connected to what you’d call politics, forum politics, meta or anything.

The days of forum warfare, forum propaganda and fascist carebears spreading their ■■■■■■■■ on a high scale are pretty much over.


But it is?

Just ten minutes ago a really nice guy in minerbumping …
… with an incredibly appropriate name … (please ask! :D)
… told me he gave his corp 20 billion ISK worth of ore …
… gathered in a rather unreasonably short amount of time.

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Oi! I am perfectly aware I am a … uh … a … uh, I am not!


I’d like to note that I don’t exclude myself from this. :slight_smile:

You know what’s odd for me?
The place feels different nowadays.

What do you say?


Legit mining.

Look, I can run a bot farm too. Ten barges would make that in two weeks.

He’s not botting.
I would argue any day that he, in fact, is the better miner.

You should have asked for the name. :stuck_out_tongue:

To me as well. I can’t really put my finger on why it feels like that.

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I’ll stick around for a few days to find out more.

Interestingly enough, there is a single thread about ganking out there …
… but the rest of GD’s threads seem normal, some even interesting.

I gotta read through more stuff.

You’re doing well, Nicolai?

Yes I am, thanks for asking.

The mods gave me some free vacations so that helped staying a bit saner.

As a F1 monkey I thoroughly enjoy the current blue donut war and finally managed to whore on keepstar kills which I managed to miss in all previous fights since citadels became a thing.

How are you?

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