What is this game anymore

TL;DR: The game has changed dramatically over the last 2 years for an industry main and has me contemplating if 13yrs of my time was wasted or not. Also a breakdown of about how much money you gotta spend to get a 50M SP character towards the end.

First things first just to curb the shitposters, I’ve been playing this game since I was 12 back in 2008 and I am fully aware and understand the lethality of this game. Haven’t done much more than getting my feet wet in PvP (mainly cause ■■■■’s expensive and IRL friends are more Carebare than I), but the one thing I can’t stand is the high sec trolling of said Carebares. It’s always been a factor and one you could mostly avoid if you’re smart and pay enough attention (and I have made epically stupid mistakes in my day, favorite is AFKing in a hulk and letting rats blow it up). But frankly some days after getting yelled at by my boss I just want to come home and Zen out on a belt and not get harassed. And last couple of years this has become more and more difficult due to things completely outside of my control.

So if you’re only response is “LUL you mad?”, “Someone’s fee fee’s are hurt”, “Get gud” and/or just all around acting like children, You’re one of the problems I’m bringing up. Piracy with all that’s annoying about it is realistic and it’s not that I want it gone from the game and make this Carebare central cause I don’t think that’s fun either.

I got back into Eve in 2019 and it was for the most part the same game, biggest thing was plex selling in singles, pretty much tripling in price and Skill Injectors were new to me. Well the skill injectors were just Ironic cause I remember the Monocle Debacle where they swore up and down P2W wasn’t what they were after (and lets talk about how P2W it is that the higher in SP you get the less the Injectors give you when all the skills that are left take 2x-5x more SP, sucks to be an OG pilot ig), and well… The plex sucked. But the game was the same; fun, dangerous and expansive. Losing my ass in the span of a week killed my motivation for the game but that’s eve, pisses you off and a buddy starts playing again and lures back in some couple years later.

Fast forward 2yrs and what the hell guys.

  • Brokers Fee’s to mod orders up to the 10% profit you’re buying and selling at, Inflating the market.
    (Thanks botters)
  • Completely and utterly screwed the Industry system, Inflating the market.
    • Moon Goo from 2B sitting duck Athanors are required for basic BP’s (For insight I’m in a 8 man corp that half are alts and all but 2 are industry based, so defending these from Goons is unlikely).
    • Swapped a good chunk of reprocessed goods to low sec making it difficult to operate on mining/industry in high sec alone outside of the occasional wormhole/anomaly because “losses should hurt” (haven’t really had one yet that didn’t, do you play your own game?)
    • Now taking a bunch of then Carebares and forcing them to try their hand at lowsec mining where the people who have lowseced for years smash many an attempt and then laugh at you for trying.
    • Can’t get the required rss for basic ships w/o buying and/or losing your ass trying is just a double whammy, inflating the market.
  • Meanwhile a vast percentage of null sec is unexplored/unclaimed because pirates are to busy abusing people in highsec or on the border of lowsec, that don’t have the skill or will to fight back.
  • And for the people that were brave enough to venture out into that void and set themselves up you took away their assets by removing safety on afk stations and allowing these pirates to become multi trillionaires over night. What a slap in the face of anybody that’s played this game for any stint of time and had to step away cause your game pissed them off or life happened. Takes me years to come back to this game sometimes and 1 week is all trillions of dollars was worth? There are people in this game that haven’t seen that number in their life time (yes my 13yrs included; didn’t even happen to me, I was just so dumbfounded when I heard about that).

For all the money you’ve dumped into hired economists I’ll be damned if I couldn’t see it under a magnified glass. I understand that Eve is not a “casual” game, but like any game you have your casuals that just want to play the game FOR the game; and like any game your casuals make up a significant portion of your players. Like any game your trolls and hardcore hate your casuals, that’s a line any dev has to balance but what part of any of the above is balanced?

The thoughts of selling this toon off and not touching this game again have been more on my mind then any other time period this game has frustrated me. I always knew I’d come back to it before because I loved the game but, now I just feel like my time and SP has been wasted. But hey, if I did sell him and wanted to play again later I could always just come back and drop a grand on skill injectors and catch up right? What a joke.

For the stat nerds $500 plex package is 15,340 plex
15,340 * 2 = 30,680plex
30,680plex * 2.5m ISK = 76b ISK (minus a couple bill in brokers fees)
76b ISK / 600m Skill injectors = 128 Skill injectors
128 Skill injectors * 500,000 SP = 63.9m SP
Since I’ve always been well past the barriers idk if diminishing returns hit when it’s unallocated but even if it does you still get 51m SP. Congratulations, you’ve been playing the game for at least 1-3years straight, no breaks. Time to pirate!

And to those just saying get good, it’s an 80M SP character with enough in the way of combat as he has Industry. I can do both, I just shouldn’t be forced to.


Any time on video games, is wasted time.

Now about the game , it has never been so well . Emergent game play and situational awareness is encouraged and rewarding as never before . We have never had such talented DEVs and dedicated CSM .

Can you adapt ,or can I please have your stuff ?

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Says a dude who just sits at the gate of Uedama and pops freighters and haulers on their way to and from Jita.

Situational Awareness. Lets just sit here and wait for people to show up and steal all their stuff.

169 Ships killed, 152 of them in Uedama. Not a single kill in low or null sec.


While true any game is a waste of time you know that isn’t what I meant, don’t intentionally misinterpret my words. I know they sold to Pearl Abyss and while their games do well, isn’t Eve and wasn’t for many many years. As I said I know it isn’t casual and “Situational awareness” has always been detrimental. But again, some days I just wanna Zen out to a game whos soundtrack almost encourages it. As for talented, Keeping a game the way it was played the last 18 years is a talent. Flipping on it’s head in a fraction of the time is a talent, but not the right kind. I will say though the whole stargate story ark while annoying, is pretty cool. As for adapting, I’m trying but I may as well relearn a different game I have more fun in and if I were to quit and give my ■■■■ away, it wouldn’t be to a pirate.

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It is very simple , you accept the change or you quit . No one is forcing you to play a game that you think is no longer worth your time.

Typical pirate response, Don’t want people speaking up and changing their easy isk. Most people when disgruntled will voice their opinion and what’s just as simple is either agreeing or disagreeing, but don’t tell me how to opinion.


You need to calm down.

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The game has definitely changed drastically in just a couple years. Hell, most of this has been just the last year alone. Killed off my personal side industry in null because I don’t have the time with the real world banging at the door to go through all the new hoops and detours this game’s thrown at me now.

EVE isn’t some anomaly game in a sparse market from 15 years ago. There’s thousands of other games out there now. It doesn’t really matter if they’re not the same style of gameplay as EVE, if a game isn’t fun anymore, there’s many alternatives to use instead.

It is very simple , you accept the change or you quit . No one is forcing you to play a game that you think is no longer worth your time.

That’s fine and all but when do you hit a point where the numbers quitting reach such a point that the game enters a painfully slow death with just a few hard-core players left lingering on until the game finally shuts down for good? I’ve sadly seen this happen with many games that had such great potential, squandered away by either incompetent devs or ones who just don’t give a damn about the current players in some attempt to attract new ones. I pray EVE won’t fall prey to this but the rate it’s going, I’m truly uncertain.


LUL you mad? Someone’s fee fee’s are hurt! Get gud.


You need to not defend a game in a corp named “Eve is dying” Lol troll.

Lol ass :wink:


The DEVs right now are working on something monumental , you can see that by reading the DEV posts for the last year . You just don’t see the big picture.

Thank you for taking the time to reply, and I fully agree. I understand that it hasn’t been the easiest road for them and ■■■■ honestly they should’ve been paid more for what they did for so long. But the way it’s going just isn’t the way imo.

No I do but you’re to wrapped up in your own thing to really listen to what I have to say. The story arc they’re shooting for is cool. How it’s being executed is my problem.

How would you “execute” it then ?

No, this isn’t incompetent devs. They clearly have a set long-term goal in mind. The problem is it’s driving away a lot of good players and if they can’t attract new players to take their place, this game could be looking at some serious population issues a year or two down the road.

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You need to make up your mind.

No idea how, not flipping it on it’s head would be cool. Not changing the way the rocks have worked for 18 years on a lark. Not taking away a trillion dollar safety net that I’m almost positive half the people it affected still don’t know about. People should’ve been grandfathered into that or at least given a year, not 1 week. when planetary rss came out and were used for the T1 BP’s I thought that was cool as hell and was done correctly, I think that the moon goo dilemma was poorly executed so you can just look back on that for reference. Of course not being apart of CCP I don’t know the inner workings, but it is quite literally the job of the community to give feedback and help them understand how what they’re doing is being received. And that’s my goal here.


Incompetent was a little harsh, I’m just frustrated.

It had to be done . It encourages risk vs. reward play style, movement and less bot like behavior . Just like when removing the static ice fields was good for the game.

As for the asset safety changes in the past , people have been warned and if they really cared they had plenty of time and tools to save their assets.

They haven’t took or allowed anything , people just speculated on an opportunity , active people that actually play the game and login.

Ok, it’s a grrr goons stealth thread .