[Tinfoil Hat Active] CCP Falcon wants to create more conflict

in a recent post :

Zhalyd Lyehin 40 minutes in: CCP Falcon wants to kick EVE in the rearside so that things turn into conflicts again.

so putting my tinfoil hat here and with the trigalvian invasion. Is it possible from a lore perspective that they could change or mask their names to use an alliance tag and completely destroy a citadel and player owned structure ? Cause that would create confusion and conflict ?

To my knowledge, the presense of the trigalvian did change how the chat works…the fluid of course. so maybe its possible for them to tap in it and change things or hack things around ?

I mean, I’m not giving ideas for CCP but this is just a hypothetical question here or discussion.

I thought that was supposed to be the Drifters?

Either way there’d be more conflict if they stopped putting barriers in the way of destruction.


I don’t think it really matters what CCP Falcon wants, since those decisions aren’t up to him to make. They’re not his job to decide.


I don’t think it really matters what CCP Falcon wants, since those decisions aren’t up to him to make. They’re not his job to decide.

Correct :slight_smile:


No but its his job to sell them to us though, isnt it?

If we’re just rolling our horrible idea dice and seeing what they come up with, invasions should continually spread until beaten back, and should decay the security status of systems over time until they’re removed.


Well, I don’t know what he or CCP thinks what conflict means but it must have something to do with empty null sec.

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Thats just a pleasant side effect

I like this!. I want to see this chaos keep rollin’
This only means we’ve just seen the tip of the crapberg.

Only that… well don’t say that it’s gonna be some chaos delivered weekly… or introduce such revolution with a caribbean tag on the luggage aside… I don’t know, something may go wrong… perhaps the chats could fail.

Honestly Falcon, I truly want to see more chaos just a bit wider and a tad evenly spread. And let the players be part of it’s generation… not just as recipients of doubtful proposals or exercises that just have to dig in.

Let us play!

Where is next level of chaos, I’m starting to get bored again of EvE?


No, not bingo…


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Notice how WH space hasnt been touched by these changes, makes me sad were left out again.

it would be kind of crazy if drifters would start blowing up citadels and you would see the other alliances names in their log.

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BOI! Shut up!


Yesterday I heard the new newer “after blackout” or whatever interview… at some moment, one of them said that while in the WH…

Guess what?!


I cannot picture a more scary and trully chaotic scenario than that… It would be like a shaveless skirt being lifted!!!

So, DAO! just stop! don’t give them ideas, please. I really don’t want to live in a WH :wink:

I really, for the sake of everyone’s mental health and blood pressure…

That it was a hiccup, a glitch… Not a feature

If you used to mine or rat for hours with half an eye on local and the other half on Netflix, unable or unwilling to adjust to devoting 100% attention to those activities, the blackout is extra discouraging. Every hunter’s eye is looking hard for in-space activity they can shut down, hoping to find someone not paying attention. I suppose we all know players who are “taking a break” because of it.

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theres null sec corps pulling the hell out to come mine in empire with their dt to dt mining fleets and setting up hundreds of new citadels

Theres no tinfoil hat donning even needed, if you ever looked at the CSM Minutes, its mentioned by CCP all the time how we need more destruction.

What they fail to see is people who have entire fleets of mining barges they run at 1 time clearing entire systems like from dt-dt, who people who have 100 accounts that manufacture so much crap that they sit on 10s of thousands of ships thats more than you can ever hope to destroy.

Yes Agondray’s right we need the CODE. And we need it fast!


CODE cannot “save” highsec from the deluge of mining vessels pouring out of scary nullsec right now. When one falls, 2 more will take their place. They fear something greater than highsec can deliver: cyno’s, capital ships, and on down to stealth bombers flinging their bombs of indiscriminate mass destruction.

to bad, cause your ideas were great (except for the JF one :wink: )

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