High Sec and New Player Experience Are Tied - Make a change CCP

Hi-sec life, albeit a care bear play style, is a valid playstyle. HSL is synonymous with the new player experience. CCP needs to empower CONCORD and players alike, to combat piracy, from the stand point of a law abiding citizen, not on equal footing with pirates, but above them, reflective of their standing as law abiding citizens in CONCORD.
To draw a parallel, in its current form, it is synonymous to a real life scenario where you are afraid to go to the store. You must choose not to drive your expensive vehicle, you must choose not to buy too much. There are known criminals and murderers at the stop lights and cross roads near your banks and stores. The police do nothing to them, until they attack you…kill you….steal from you. And 15 minutes later, they’re allowed to return to those same stop lights and cross roads and do it to the next person…blood still dripping from their hands, loot stored in their bases, but now innocent and untouchable save a kill right graciously offered, but easily avoided once activated.
The NPE is one fraught with challenge and nothing but an up-hill climb. EvE, already ranked as one of the hardest games to learn, has an even harder challenge of keeping new players. This is because the death penalty is high…the loss penalty high. New players that finally make it, and actually have money to their name, can’t even fly battleships in HS without knowing they’ll potentially lose the ship. This is what low sec used to be back when I began playing…you knew the risk, you knew it was lawless. Now HS has become lawless.
I love this game. I want to continue to love it. But this has got to be reconciled. There has been a number of great ideas on how to reign in and better allow combating piracy. The current system does not work. Flame…cry…salt. None of that matters. The game will address this, or continue to bleed its players. I’ll find another game eventually. All those new players will find a new game as well. But why? Why not just curb the lawlessness, empower CONCORD to better combat known criminals, why not empower bounty hunters to better be able to hunt these individuals without themselves being hunted by CONCORD? The power of this potential change is yours, CCP. It does the future of your game no benefit to allow HS’s downward slide into anarchy. You will not benefit. The game will not benefit. There’s no sandbox control in HS because of CONCORD blindly lashing out at whoever shot first. Security status must be considered and weighed for CONCORD’s involvement. CONCORD must react quicker than it does. Please address HS as part of your NPE efforts. They are tied together.


What is it about the situation that leaves you feeling disempowered?

Not correct, there are plenty of play styles in highsec, and many involve PvP combat.

Not fully correct, starter systems are NPE, not whole of highsec. Starter systems are protected from non-consensual PvP as they should.


Carebear is an attitude not a playstyle, the term is not exclusive to hisec or to the PvE inclined amongst us either; I’m a hisec PvE player, but I am not a carebear.


Too many “…” and no sense for paragraphs.
Plus he’s more trying to write a speech to cause an effect than actually trying to talk to anyone.
He also really thinks he knows more about things than CCP does.
And “carebear”, just like afk, isn’t a playstyle.


Posting in yet another stealth “nerf ganking in the name of the children”-asshole thread.


EVE is a dog-eat-dog open-world sandbox. The only rules that matter in EVE is attack and keep attacking before your ship gets blown up.
Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.

CONCORD isn’t a security service, they’re not even cops. They’re judge, jury and executioners only, after the fact you were attacked. They aren’t there for YOU.

I’m a new player and will not let you speak for me. I like EVE and will be around a long time.


I fail to see why you would compare this to a real life analogue, OP. It’s a game about spaceships with a lot of freedom. Learn how it works instead of trying to make it into something it isnt.


Real life situations like this exist. This is real life for some.

So why should this not be the case in EVE, a game legendary for it’s HTFU attitude?

Not to mention, you can fly your expensive ship and buy too much and not be attacked, killed or stolen from. So there’s that.

I haven’t been killed in High Sec for a very long time. I’ve been shot at 5 times in the last 2 months. Most recently last night (thanks for the loot from your ship mister Caracal man, and thank you Concord)

I’ve said exactly this before, and pondered the hilarity of this when compared to how it works in real life, but then … it’s a game. We can’t put murderers in a High Sec prison cell for 30 years until their sentence has been served can we?

There can only be some kind of ‘punishment then return to play’ mechanic, and that is where the real life comparison breaks down, because game, respawns, etc

You (deliberately) left out the part where they lose their ship to Concord, so you make it seem as if they suffer no punishment at the hands of the law, which is not the case.

Because those guys are players too. There’s your problem.

To you it’s a simple us and ‘them’ and your ‘them’ is the criminal.

Have you ever considered that to a criminal you are the ‘them’?

Have you ever tried to flip this around to how the ‘bad guys’ see it and what they enjoy doing in High Sec. Because again - they are players too!

You’ve also got to see this from an EVE perspective, not an ‘every other game’ perspective.

EVE is unique.

EVE puts out trailers that start with a naive little guy rising slowly to power and building his happy little fun house Station in space and then having it blown to bits by meanies - the ‘Build your dreams / Wreck their dreams’ trailer.

Welcome to EVE.


LOL what ? Last time I remember suicide ganking someone Concord was there to punish me… You consider yourself above outlaws. Have you asked yourself if they think the same about you ? As someone else already pointed they are too players just like me and you also in need of some love and hugs .

What ?!? You do realize most of them are < -5.0 security status and that anyone can shoot them without Concord interference ? So, what’s keeping you and others from enforcing the law ?!

Not sure if you are serious or your post is some kind of a troll post actually.



Aw snap

literally laughing out loud.

You got newbros in here telling you that you’re wrong, and to not speak for them.

Also, you fail to value other play styles, are making assumptions about why new players leave, and incorrectly assume that removing challenge, excitement, and game play opportunities will improve player retention.

Not to mention that your suggestion will just lead to a generation of incompetent whiny farmers.

Thank god there is no chance of CCP listening to you.


They’re already here…


Must be because CCP doesnt care about keeping majority of players really. Only selected few.
Else they would not made this game as it is.

If they targeted something else, then they failed miserably.

While I disagree with most said, minus security players should be free to attack without concord intervention, and should patrol systems with persistent security issues.

To extend your “real life” scenario, in EVE you are empowered to just go kill the pirates. Not in real life.

So “you must choose not to buy too much”, “you must choose not to drive your expensive vehicle” and “you are afraid to go to the store” is a reality of your own making.

Nothing is a must and you are free to choose any direction you want to go. Just be willing to defend your stuff and to take personal responsibility, as we do in real life, for your own safety.

But let’s “think of the children”, apparently with hangars full of expensive ships they can’t fly.

I took a few minutes out of my busy day slaughtering babs in Kisogo (29 dead today, and I got a whole 1.1 million ISK out of it, score!) to post this image:

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Yes, we’ve all clearly noticed the amount of players playing throughout the day saw dramatic decrease. :roll_eyes:
Yes, CCP clearly wants people to leave so the game can run purely on bots. :roll_eyes:
Yes, CCP and suicide gankers are secretly conspiring against new players to make them leave faster. :roll_eyes:

I got more of those, you know?
The list of stupid things people say and think keeps ever growing.

I know you’re not that stupid, so why would you write something so stupid?

There is no evidence of your claim. Zero. None.
The game isn’t dying. Farmers are still farming.
Pirates are still shooting. Miners are still mining.
Players are still playing.

This “majority” only exists in your head …
… because you would belong to this pretend majority.

If it was the majority, we’d have noticed a strong decline in amount of people playing. If a majority of people playing a game are so unhappy and unwelcome, then they’d be leaving. In droves. That’s not what’s happening, though.

It’s not what’s happening …
… because this majority exists only in your head.


You’ve failed at the first hurdle.

Hi-sec is not carebear land. Sure many carebears live there but it’s still designed as a pvp zone.

You may be surprised to learn that many carebears live in null sec. We call them null bears.

And at the second hurdle.

It’s where new players start, but it’s not a nooby zone.

Third hurdle:

When CCP checked if ganking hurt new player retention they couldn’t see it. Instead players that died early on stuck around longer.

New players like to pvp too.


Please stop posting that 2015 myth, it was debunked in 2019.

Here we go again…

-5.0 pilots are free for all targets, learn game mechanics before posting pls.
-5.0 pilots don’t hang around in belts or near gates for you to shoot them you know…

Those dudes take care of them

Just get one of your alt under -2.0 and take a trip to any 1.0 system to understand how things work.

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