Fleshing out the pirate fantasy

With havoc, ccp has given many players what they’ve always wanted, a way to role play as a pirate and have the game recognize the player’s efforts. However, the way to onboard into this play style is a bit difficult for a brand new player starting out, as it requires a game life style that tends to require quite a bit of game knowledge.

To ease players into this role, I propose adding more neutral npcs to the game environment for players to interact with (whether that be shooting, holding for ransom, or otherwise.) These npcs can be in the belts mining (solo miners, not the current dimond rats that would be too much for a newbro to handle,) populate neutral anomalies (that can serve as combat, hacking, or some other original content,) or just flying between various locations. All of these neutrals should require warp scram / disruption to keep them from warping away.

Once there’s actual content for highsec “pirates” to participate in, a “pirate start” npe could be created to onboard players into the piracy lifestyle. This would of course focus on using tackle modules, dscan, fitting the player’s ship, and other core game mechanics (which is something the current npe should do better anyway.) The eventual goal would be to push these players toward pirate faction warfare or other player pirate corporations that operate in lowsec.

This is also where ccp could introduce an underworld mechanic (possibly linked to their corruption mechanic in various ways.) Police action pve vs “criminal” pve could be recorded and have various effects. Not to the same degree pirate fw does with disabling concord, but dropping the sec status by 1 or 2 levels (but not below .5) and allowing criminals to doc in highsec stations within the corrupted systems could be on the table.

Suppression efforts on the other hand (ie: normal anti-pirate pve,) could raise the sec status by 1 or 2 levels, and perhaps have concord sitting on the gates in those systems when the suppression level is high enough.

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