New player expansion - Nullsec pirate newbros

Here is my idea,

Pirate faction characters
So new players aligned somewhat neutrally with most NPC factions but mainly a new recruit as whichever pirate faction selected. These characters will be spawned in null-sec within a very small sector of systems aligned to said pirate faction and these systems tailored to give a soft landing into the game but has a very quick path into being a null-sec player.

New t1 pirate frigates and low tiered ships for maybe frigates - destroyer - cruiser - battlecruiser - indy
with the caveat that they are on par with all other t1 ships and specifically not having faction tier bonuses

I believe this would give another choice for new players to DIVE into a completely different more risky and challenging introduction while also having a direct line into what is widely accepted as the ‘real content’ of this game where player null sec entities more than likely developing sectors to getting these players into their groups

My little idea as an old-newbro (tried to get into the game numerous times and this is my n’th attempt)

Also a small addition regarding chat channels and corps

Having newly made characters join a recruitment channel relative to faction/location would be a huge addition, many players want to help new players which is evident in the consistent activity in Rookie Help and having a directed Recruitment channel for each faction i believe would help new players integrate into communities

Also i’d like to see a streamlining of corp applications and all related because of how it could seem daunting considering how its very similar to having to send out a portfolio or CV irl for job applications

  1. Game mechanics don’t support this. Most Rat AIs can’t tell standings or Corp, they just shoot any player.

  2. you can already do this. Change medical clone remotely once a year, pod express. (install a high sec jump clone is recommended first).

  3. if this gives anything like pirate corvette it will be used to farm them.

I don’t think Pirate faction is a good thing to encourage new players to do, there are significant ramifications in the long term when your empire faction standings are tanked.

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