A way to encourage anti-piracy/HSLSsec pvp (warning long post)

Here is a idea I thought of for a long time. Now that Pochven is in the game and every route from the Amarr regions is cut off due to the 24/7 gank/pirate camps in choke point systems. Most of which are low sec (due to CCP making the new gates that came into play go to low sec for the Amarr regions). We all know ganking/piracy is apart of the eve life I am in no way saying to get rid of or change the current ganking/Piracy mechanics. But I am suggesting a way for those that do go out to hunt down and kill gankers/pirates to actually benefit from it other than just getting a kill mail.

What I suggest is a mechanism where a pilot that engages a ganker/pirate to be actually rewarded for it. All kills can only happen high and low sec systems.

  1. pilot kills a criminal they should get a security increase based on the targets standings. To keep this from being exploited by the criminals it will be a small increase say .01 increase for a -10 pilot. Kill can only happen high and low sec systems. Or something similar to the way Pochven does standing increase. and you have to already have a max security standings for this to apply.

  2. add the corp/alliance security standing to their attributes tab so if someone looks at it they can see the corps security status

  3. If and overall Corporation’s Security Status is below -5, then their structures should be able to be shot without a wardec. (edited for better wording by suggestion)

3b. I would also think that to have a structure the corp CEO has to have and maintain a omega account to place one or to accept one. If CEO loses the clone status of Omega then the structure should go into a low abandoned stat for a period of time so those that have stuff there can move their stuff out of it.

3c. If a contract to a station that goes abandon then the courier contract should be cancelled and collateral returned to courier. Courier would still be able to keep the cargo.

  1. Isk reward from concord. This I would think to be simple depending on the size of the ship the reward would be the same as the reward for a belt rat of the same class size. (hmmm ratting the pirates??)

  2. have the security increase the pilot gets apply to their standing as in it will allow them to get a security standing higher the 5 (would only apply if standing is already at max

  3. Maybe give concord loyalty points for killing criminals

  4. someday maybe concord can release some of its OLD ship designs for sale to capsuleers like a faction ship. But have them look like the old concord ships from back in 2007 2008. But they would have a system in them that would only allow players with a security standing above say a 6 to be able to fly one. The larger the ship the larger the standing requirements. Ships would need to be nerfed on the firepower for player use. Also maybe even make them so they cannot operate in null sec (except NPC null)

8 maybe have the criminal/policing of system affect its security rating. This would need to be something that would take a long time and a lot of work to do. kind of like sovereignty in null

9 let freighters be able to use Damage control systems. Any ship of that side would have damage control. All it would be is a role bonus so the ship stats and slots would stay the same.

10 Do something about players in curtain countries having a huge ping advantage because of their location.

I think the above suggestion would encourage more players to get into pvp or at least dip their toes into it and learn some things. It would also give the gankers targets that have the ability and are able to fight back or hunt them down. Instead of seeing Dock Workers alliance perma camping the chock points for crossing eve maybe you might start seeing anti-criminals camps on gates. I think even Pirates would like these ideas. It rewards players for engaging in anti-piracy pvp and would give even more pvp content to the criminals.

This by no means a grip or flame. It is a idea that I think would add content to the game. It would not change the way the current mechanics work for ganking/piracy. If you have sensible and reasonable suggestions to add go ahead. If you think one of these ideas is really bad please say so and give your reason why. But I ask that you do not say i am just wining and bitching about ganking/piracy I am not , I have alt that I use from time to time to gank I also have a null sec pvp alt so I been on both the giving and receiving end of gank/piracy. Both fleet and solo.

Please be respectful to other players. Even criminals from time to time go after combat ships without having overwhelming odds in their favor and deserve a GF in local.

Or… rather than huge changes to mechanics, CCP could just make several highsec routes between each Empire, so there isn’t an ‘obvious’ choke point to permacamp.

P.S. You will never see reliable antigank camps, the reward simply isn’t there.

you make it seem like obvious choke points are a problem

When there is zero reasonable alternative to a single choke point yes there is an issue. (Yes yes, alternatives exist but they are not reasonable for any large scale freighting)
Several different choke points that people can pick between and/or a slightly wider choke point create a more even opportunity system.

Sure, terrain should matter, but it shouldn’t be silly.

I move large scale freight all the time with no issue. so i’m not sure what you mean.

you can A, Risk LS or B pay in time or C, pay isk for some one else to do it. up to you. personally i would have liked to have seen the trigs completely disconnect empire space.

There’s always going to be a divide because there’s a perception of a problem, even though in practice, managing the risk, even for large scale freight, is not that difficult to do.

Like you, I move freight almost daily on my alt and the issue isn’t what many perceive it to be.

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What makes you think CCP wants to promote anti-piracy?

Sec status increases for killing outlaws isn’t a bad idea. The sec status increase can be proportional to the value of the kill mail.

No isk for kills however. We have bounties for that.

Absolutely no damage controls for freighters. They’ve have multiple buffs the past few years and it also has nothing to do with anti-piracy, it’s just a straight nerf to ganking.

No we don’t? We haven’t for a while.

I mean sec status gain isn’t bad so long as they make sure to ensure that the cost of tags and the like remains ultimately the same or cheaper than the amount of isk you would have to destroy. This includes factoring in drop rates. Also preventing it from increasing your sec status higher than tags could.

The real issue is it can’t apply if you kill someone while you have a suspect or criminal timer and this gets us into the area of having to many restrictions that it’s probably just not a good idea to implement.

These are just some ideas to reward those that do hunt outlaws and maybe even get some new people doing the same. It is not about nerfing gank camps. It is more about rewarding those that hunt criminals getting rewards for doing so and having heavily camped systems being affected by the camps. This is not all one thing it is several ideas which any or all can be discussed

CCP does not care either way they care about more stuff being destroyed.

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