High Sec and New Player Experience Are Tied - Make a change CCP

No it wasn’t.


“Why is this niche game not a mainstream game!?”. OP, probably.


In high security areas of Mogadishu? I think you sort of skipped over the words “high security” there. The term has a meaning IRL, and what it means in EVE is so very, very different it should be called something else entirely. This is probably the single most confusing part of the game for new players.

In fact there is NO SECURITY in EVE. Imagine some guy walking into an embassy with a fully automatic rifle in his hands, the guards at the door nod to him as he enters, he walks up to some guy in a suit having a conversation, blows his brains out from behind, then looks at you and says “My country is at war with his country so its cool.” And the guards clap and say “Nice kill!” IN NO WAY would you say that place was secure or had security.

If it were up to me I would probably start using the term “Danger status” instead of security status and subdivide that into patrolled, observed and wild. 1.0 to 0.8 would be highly patrolled space, 0.7 to 0.5 would be lightly patrolled space, 0.4 to 0.1 would be observed space and anything less would be wild. That much more accurately reflects the situation in EVE.

It operates like a Wild West movie and the only thing close to “security” is something you have to provide for yourself in some way or pay for directly…or pray for.

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I disagree. I want to see Concord scaled back in various ways, but I do agree players need more power to deal with threats themselves.

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Im exaggerating but didnt this happen last wednesday?

Actually, the two fairest comparisons of the EvE simulation to RL are

  1. 17th Century High Seas Trading Empires

  2. Prison


I think you touch on some interesting points here when it comes to terminology.

We’re forever telling people in Rookie Help that nowhere is safe and you can be attacked anywhere at any time, but of course we also have to go to great lengths to explain the whole High Sec, Low Sec, Null Sec thing and what the different ‘Security’ levels mean. We commonly get at least one person a day who demands to know how they were killed in ‘safe’ High Sec.

Add in the whole Suspect, Criminal, player Security Status elements and the whole thing becomes an unwieldy, cumbersome mess of misnamed concepts and overly complicated ideas. But then isn’t that EVE?

I do agree it should be called something else entirely. I don’t necessarily believe that High Sec should become a safe space, but I do agree that it should stop masquerading as one.

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That’s your opinion and its a good one. Where you went wrong is in trying to present it as a fact and acting like its more valid than my opinion.

I’m not seeing the exaggeration?


Im sorry to read that you were offended by something intended as light hearted conversation.


An issue i am seeing are new players being ganked… but not by other players! But by Triglavians and other diamond npcs as soon as they set foot out of NPE systems…

If you’re referring to the ‘magic moment’, it doesn’t. Not as far as I’m aware anyways.

The magic moment goes into more detail as to why some players quit shortly after a loss and why some stay. But it’s not talking about how more players that lose a ship leave than stay.

Or if it does, can i get the link?

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There you again. Your word choices leave a lot to be desired. I was not offended. I was just pointing out your over-bearing word choice.

And BTW you’re welcome for me saying your opinions were good ones. No, don’t bother trying to select the right words to say “thanks”. I don’t want to tax you.

You took what I said as an attack on your position, thats kinda the definition of taking it offensively.

If you want to have a friendly conversation, then dont turn it into a fight. When you are trying clearly to turn a perfectly agreeable comment into a barb, why would I thank you for it?

And why do you need me to thank you for us agreeing on something?

What is your purpose in this verbal scuffle? I really dont care which is a superior viewpoint nor by what metric that superiority is determined, and neither do they have to be exclusive to the point of polarisation of view.

Yes it was…

First lie strike 1.

Second lie strike 2.

Third lie strike 3 .

You are out,disqualified yourself via own goals to stay in sports…

Please leave this game as 95% of all newbies do that experienced a gank in their first month ingame.
There are no ‘newbies that enjoy being ganked’,.they simply leave due to ccp’s own numbers.

So stop talking BS…

Gankers and griefers ONLY deserve a lifetime ban and nothing else…

Law enforcement and punishment,protection of high sec is what this game needs most…

And in the process ccp…kill trigs in high…

5% newbies stay ingame after the first month …WOW ccp what an archivement…be proud of it.

Dozens of other games on the market have a ten times higher quote…

‘But they are not eve’ right?

Right…they are better…

Well yeah. Its completely me doing that, because its impossible you could bear any blame.

Forget I said anything. You are perfect. Thank you for even taking a moment to even address my silliness.

What the heck have I done to upset you this morning?

Support your claim or get off the pot.

Support your claim, or get off the pot.


Here’s all the evidence it was refuted:

See, nothing.

Like I wrote. No it wasn’t.

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