CCP Rattati on Declarations of War podcast (resource changes, Dust/Nova!)

"This isn’t a scarcity period. Scarcity is the way it’s going to be." Also, hi Katrin!

Declarations of War

-CCP Rattati joins us for an incredible interview covering DUST, Nova, and massive upcoming changes to the EVE economy

-Rattati’s pre-CCP background and how he got involved in Dust 514

-What were Nova’s lessons from Dust going into the project?

-Why/how did you transition to Lead Producer of EVE’s Ecosystem?

-What are you hoping to learn from the scarcity period? [turns out it’s not a period!]

-What are the goals? Is it fighting capital/super proliferation?

-The impact of these changes on WH mining as a viable gameplay

-With normal minerals removed from moon chunks, what to expect regarding T2 goo and prices?

-Possible impacts of these changes on the PVP meta (both small gang and fleet)

-Team Talos’ involvement on economy changes that might affect PVP

-What is the vision of dynamic redistribution?

-Space weather and space biomes

-Risk and reward of upgrading your space, more meaningful choices for industry, and empire building in a scarcity-based EVE

Plus many more topics in this can’t miss interview!



“N+1 is the final goal we want to tackle” … by making EVE rely on N+1 even more. Bodes well for the planned changes.

Null sec always had basic ores in the normal belts. That has never changed. That kind of misconception also bodes well for the planned changes.

“You have to move out of your safe space” - That person has not heard about Locust fleets and how they work with umbrellas. Bodes well for the planned changes.

“I want to introduce something that attritions existing capitals so that the Have-nots have a fighting chance” The Haves also have this tool and they can wield it better than the Have-nots. Bodes well, too.

“There is no way to cap the titan count” - Yes, there was. It was called “coffin your char”. Every titan had to have a char to exist in space. If there was no char, the titan could not be in space and was at great risk in a SCHA in a POS. Keepstars took that risk away. The elegant solution existed already. CCP removed it. That this guy is oblivious to that fact bodes well for future changes.

“We want more cops and robbers gameplay” - After CCP just nerfed Pirate Sotiyos so that it is extremely hard to be the robber. And ESS in hell spawned anoms are hard to rob as well.

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Some of it I was like:

and some of it I was like:

Oh my.

Thanks, Dec’o’war for bringing a sometimes alarming, sometimes hopeful, but all interesting podcast.

Oh, and hello to Katrin. o7

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This never was a limit. It just meant titan chars were dedicated alts.

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:red_circle: Considering that every titan and super needed one, it was a limit. You could not just have 500 titans docked in your main Keepstar, 500 more in your second home region and 500 more in your deployment area. Not to mention the 1000 supers in each of those. You had to have the chars and the accounts had to be omega. And the Titans and supers had to be parked/logged off in POS. It was a limit but not the limit, naturally. Limited production slots in vulnerable POS were another.

Uh no. You just trained a holding alt or dedicated titan pilot, logged them off in space and let the account expire till you needed the titan.

:red_circle: Which in turn means that the super cap umbrellas are less efficient and effective. A limit.

You keep using this word limit, I do not think it means what you think it means.

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Just QFT’ing

I don’t want to discuss what CCP Rattati said.

I just want to chime in to thank you guys for this podcast and the interview. Very well done and also quite good to listen and follow as a non native english speaker.



Thank you Mordecai, I really appreciate it

That was a limitation on numbers of titans. You had to pay for your alt to have skills, and you had so much titans as alts. Else they were kept in a POS. POS were rather small for what amount of titans they could hold, and they were visible.

Now you can dock UNLIMITED amount opf titans for one pilot.

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But number of alts is not a limit, therefore it isn’t a limit.


The conditions that were around titan ownership were more limiting than now. As I wrote in previous post. The infrastructure was different. It was all changed for people to get grindy and make a lot of stuff. That was supposed to be the changed reason why people had to play the game.

Now when CCP tries to fix it, its already too late for them, they have this flawed mindset, as they dont even acknowledge the possibility of adding limitations in fields that were infrastructural in nature. Like storing Titans.

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Less efficient is not a limit. It might have grown a touch faster with citadels but we would still be looking at ever increasing numbers of titans regardless. There never was any actual limit on them.

I dont write about some hard limit that was around, I write about limitations. Limitations like in restrictions. Then you was restricted to POS for storage when not piloting.

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Great podcast, I’ts good to hear that CCP is heading in the right direction.

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And this “unlimited” means nothing since you still can use only so many titans that there are alts. And skilling restrictions for that did not disappear.

Its more about storing that is unlimited, when you have a proper structure. ONE structure.

POS storage differs very much to citadel storage. You would never be able to put as many Titans in POS as in citadel. Also you cant see those Titans when they are stored in citadel. Titan hunting was a thing, people seen stored titans and hunted them.

When you wanted to hide your Titan, you had to log it out with a pilot inside.

Back then people even wanted to make Titans stay in space even after pilot logs out!

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The number of Titans themselves doesn’t matter. A player can physically sit in only one Titan at a time. Titans are good for bridging and that’s 90% of what they are mostly used for at the moment. Just " adjust" the Titans so far that they are only usable against other caps without any ifs and buts and then they don’t matter anymore.

In addition, introduce wear and tear, which means additional ISK sink. (200M-1B per Month per Titan like insurance or technical inspection)