Well… Was in nullsec moving some stuff… then realised some some blood diamond npc miners…( in angel space lol) . So i decided to hunt them just for the lolz.

Ok, grab Hecate, probe them, warp in , agress, align, and get the hell out when their escort lands… Check.

Now probe against warp at 100 like 2-3 minutes pulling the escorts away,… Warp to the miners and kill them… check.

BM, warp in in hauler before the escort get in range… Check…

All loot they got was scrap metals… so WTF… then I realised there was NO BELTS IN SYSTEM( actually the whole cons, and I suspect the whole region) that’s why they empty lol. Great .

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This is intended. Forgot where it was but the intention of all these NPC miners and other things was to deplete belts no more than 4 hours after daily reset to keep scarcity going.

Likely to get tuned even higher soon.

Link to source, please. If true and accurate intent, it would be CCP offering a big middle finger to all those playing outside the EU timeframe.
A rotating belt respawn would at least offer a more balanced chance to gather resources; perhaps the no downtime experiment fortells a time when CCP offers the rest of us outside the EU a more equitable slice of the resource pie.

? scarcity is set to start being lifted by the end of quad 4. not ramp up

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even if you were in the AU TZ you can’t get a hold of many belts

I refered to.the system having no rocks at all, 24/7 and not being mined out

Im outside EU and it doesnt affect me.

Just to clarify, I’m not talking about belts being mined out, as there is very rare to see an npc mining fleet here. My point is our regions have no asteroid belts at all.

Maybe your region sucks?

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