<10:An EVE Online Small Gang PvP Podcast

Hey guys!

A few months back I started a podcast about small gang PvP with a good friend. If you are looking to learn about PvP from a small gang perspective, or are interested in small gang PvP give it a listen! We frequently chat about our experiences in EvE, the meta, and do masterclass segments on different aspects of our gameplay!

Here are the links
Podbean Website
Google Podcasts
Apple Podcasts
Discord Server


The apple podcast link just takes me to my podcast app. What is the name of the podcast, so I can search for it?

Edit: I just tried it again and now it works.

Hm odd. I just checked and it works for me.

The podcast is called less than 10

Or try <10. I’m not sure how well it searches due to the symbol in name :slight_smile:

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We just released Episode 14 where we had a great conversation with CCP Rise!

Episode 15 is out! We chat with Chessur about small gang, his former characters persona and what a vibrant small gang eve would look like.

Ep 16 is here! We do a massive overview of all the T1 Cruisers.

Another Episode released! We cover some basics on how to get into small gang PvP with Suitonia!

Still going strong!

Our small gang discord server is now over 500 capsuleers!

This needs to be in my eye. Also pretty much necroing your own threads… that’s a nono.

Reminder to self: Check this out when I get home.

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