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Hey guys,

I have noticed a downsurge in the amount of microgang pvp or the communities around it. I was hoping to cause a resurgence in the “MicroGang Help” channel as a means to connect with other pilots looking to succeed in the same thing. So please if you partake in microgang pvp and are interested in flying with some new guys or are new to it and are excited to learn some of the most rewarding type of pvp in the game please stop by and make this channel populated again!



When you say you’ve noticed a downsurge, what metrics are you usung to assess?

That is easy, there is a “microgang” chat channel on TQ but the amount of members declined in the recent years, which is really sad.
I was invited there myself since I love very small gang and solo pvp.

What I can offer is some training sessions on SiSi if you like. There I can teach you, how to fly properly and situational awareness.

What kinds of things were discussed in that channel. I like to solo pvp (normally in frigate hulls) but of course in Null sec you generally get blobbed, low sec is better but it is still super hard to find a solo fight.

Do you use the channel to arrange solo fights if your in the same region (although that does take something away from the experience pf solo fighting).

Usually Chessur was doing small gangs and went to null and herras some carebear in deep null or we were discussing fits but the recent “imadropacarrieronafrigate” thing made that very difficult to say the least.
In dullsec they are “complaining” about the content they don’t have because they themselves have driven it out.

The channel was focused around the idea of small gang pvp. Mostly in creating the gang with people from various diffrent corporations. It was a place where you could fleet up easily into the type of pvp a lot of people found the most rewarding. Typically gang size was around 3-8 looking to find good fights instead of just blobbing your opponents. More often then not you were fighting extremly outnumbered and it was quite enjoyable.

To refrence elitatwo, while yes the increased frequency of carriers in smaller engagments has made it harder for these smaller gangs, they have also adapted. 100mn fits and focusing of what regions will actually provide these good fights has still shown to work. Thats one of the reasons Thera was one of the main locations for the roam to leave from becuase of all of the options of where to go.

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