CCPls: More on Immensea

I’d love to see more lore and content developed around Immensea and what’s been up with their shadowy followers.

Also “first!”


I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this as well to be honest. We have a chronicle for it, the immensea stations(which will be phased into fortizars whenever refineries and the DO IT Program role about) yet we still haven’t seen that particular story expand. Same could be said for a lot of storylines though.


I endorse this message…heavily

I would love to see something about a hostile takeover of Immensea by Upwell. or maybe something about how the reactor cores used to provide protection to Immensea structures where actually shoddy knock offs of the ones used in empire stations, and are beginning to break down in catastrophic fashion, which necessitates that change in structure.

SOMETHING lore wise to explain the sudden change.


Well, I just looked it up, read it, and I think this is really intriguing backstory. Any further hints would be neat to uncover.

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