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This is not a thread about gameplay nor is it a discussion thread but it’s precisely about EVE lore and understanding some elements of it to try and connect the dots and fill the apparent gaps in the timeline.

Been writing a tale that takes place within the EVE universe and it would be nice if I could have a few questions answered by people who know a few things about Minmatar in particular, New Eden and EVE lore in general.

Answers may be used in the story and some questions are only for personal knowledge to help me brainstorm while I write.
Some of the questions or answers may already exist in other threads. Don’t hesitate to link.

Anyone can participate if they have any further information to expand on an answer.

Some of the answers may be obvious for certain people and some questions may not have easy answers. Although I’ve read a lot about it and been playing for more time than the age of my character suggests, I’m still fairly new to EVE so please bear with me.

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EVE lore tells us that Humans discovered New Eden through the EVE Gate. New Eden is populated by immortal Clone Capsuleers…
Did Humans “lose” their bodies before or after the discovery of the EVE Gate? Do you know how that happened?
Are there any sentient beings inhabiting the planets and the various stations who still are Human and not Clones?
( maybe the ‘Agents’ are still Human? )

We capsuleers are only a tiny amount of the people living in New Eden. Becoming a capsuleers is something that people dream of.

I understand the Minmatar people came through the EVE Gate from Earth like the other 4 ‘races’. So Humans went through the EVE Gate and settled New Eden… they must’ve been much more developed than we are today.
Today, ‘tribes’ and ‘clans’ only exist in undeveloped or underdeveloped parts of Earth so how does a whole group of people, who had the ability to travel between the stars, revert back to tribalism to the point of forming ‘clans’ or ‘tribes’ with archaic religious practices and a barbarian state of mind?


So only Capsuleers are Clones? The rest still are normal mortal humans?

My understanding is:

The question of where we come from? - the Eve Gate, expansion, collapse and re-ascendance - is background information on the evolution of the cluster told for players of the game.

It’s not information that a character in New Eden would be aware of - its the difference between a God like view of the Universe and Humanity’s understanding of how the Universe and Mankind came to be by having measured, observed and generally made up origin stories.

I as a person playing the game have that God-like knowledge, but Terak Romaller - talking to another character in the game doesn’t know that (no character in game does) - so if asked “where did we all come from? why are we all basically identical bipedal mammals?” will put it down as the Amarrian God being the all powerful entity that he is, and that the other Empires are merely those that have yet to be brought back to His Light. He doesn’t know about the Eve Gate being a gateway (it’s a big glowing thing visible from the New Eden system - take the trip there and have a look in game!)

You don’t have to be a Clone to be a neurally enhanced pilot/command system (read “the Jovian Wet Grave”) but there are advantages if you are.
Being Cloned, and having the ability to transfer yourself to another clone isn’t a purely capsuleer trait. But it is expensive. And viewed by some as “wrong”.
The two technologies were developed separately.

The combination of the augmentation and training to use neural interface with the advantages of cloning and the effective immortality that grants, along with the advanced processing and control of becoming at one with the power of a machine is what makes a Capsuleer - and that power and ability terrifies the Empires.

And yes, 99.99…999% of the population are “Baseliners” - un-augmented “normal” people. The differences between their lives and the lives of us Capsuleers is inconceivably vast. You could even say that a Capsuleer has gone way beyond being merely “human”.

Most people will play their capsuleer as more human - mainly because you have to relate to something.

If you are interested in writing fiction in game, keep an eye out for the “New Eden Capsuleer Writing Contest” - I know there will be one this year as well, but this was the advert for last years.

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You have “baseliners”, which are the average mortal humans, and then you have “capsuleers”, which are pod pilots. They are clones that fly ships. Then you also have “warclones”, who are cloned soldiers.

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The background is better explained in the original trailer, but the reason for the collapse of civilization in New Eden was because most of the settled planets in New Eden at the time of collapse were still not finished colonies. On many colonies, with no supplies coming from Earth, the terraforming process was halted as the machines stopped working. As an example, read up on what happened to the Caldari, their home planet became a hellish world of eternal Winter.

The space people of today are the ones who survived, and after thousands of years of barbarity, slowly climbed up again. Minmatar, Caldari, Amarr and Gallente have more history behind them then our IRL people today. 8000 years is a long time.

Also, the Minmatar were enslaved by the Amarr for so long, their thing about tribes is basically just a political attempt to enforce their own culture against assimilation by the Amarr, it’s also maybe 50% a religious thing and scoffing at that is like walking into a church and telling those priests how archaic their believes are. Neither wise nor correct. People who believe in Jesus aren’t barbarians just because their religion is 2000+ years old.

Not quite; according to the lore the Minmatar were a union of tribes before the Amarr invasion too, and remarkable in their peaceful co-existence then (and as such despite being technologically advanced completely unprepared to fight the Amarr whose culture centered around conquest).

:red_circle: Pator is the home system of the Matari, with Pator IV, known as Matar, as their home planet.
The Starkmanir, the largest of the tribes, settled the then-temperate world Arzad II, known as Starkman Prime in the Arzad system, citing conditions of overcrowding on Matar.
Did the Starkmanir themselves discover the Arzad system or was it the more mechanically-inclined and influential Sobiestor tribe who did?

:red_circle: The Sobiestor had a critical role in the development of space technology which allowed the matari to settle six planets out of the nine in the Pator system and develop settlements either on the surface, below or in orbit.
The Warp technology was discovered in 3691 AD and the Warp Drive was invented some five hundred years later in 4224 AD. During that time, the Ammar Conformists had time to settle Soekheviti, take control of it and somehow managed to be exiled from it…
What took so long between discovery and actual use of the Warp Drive?
Which of the four races discovered it and which one used it first?

I don’t think we know exactly who did. It is mentioned that Minmatar first settled their new systems via abandoned stargates, but not much detail is given.

No doubt today both tribes claim the glory, but so much of Minmatar history is lost that we do not even know if the tribes existed exactly the same before the Amarr attacks.

I’m not an expert on the Amarr-Minmatar side of things when it comes to the lore, however, if this is about the modern warp drive, I think I can help.

The first modern warp drive was developed by a joint Caldari-Gallente team back when the Caldari were working with the Gallente prior to the Federation. If you CTRL+F you can find it in this link, be aware the dates used are Gallente centric.

The Amarr Empire discovered the Gallente Federation relatively late and when they did it led to (in my opinion) a hilarious exchange between the two sides. Eventually, with both sides currently dealing with issues, they decided to strike a trade agreement which led Amarr trading their jump drive tech for the Gallente warp drive tech. You can read about the Gallente perspective here, be aware dates are again Gallente centric.

So the modern warp drive was first discovered by the Caldari-Gallente and the Amarr acquired it over 389 years later.

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:red_circle: Humans went through the Wormhole by the EVE Gate so obviously, at that point, humanity must’ve been somewhat united in various endeavors including space discovery ( or were there different warring factions even back then? ) as the entire Sol system was fully discovered by the time the wormhole opened.
Those humans who jumped the Gate then seemingly spread out in New Eden…
How is it, with the technology to record major events in mankind history, that the humans who first arrived in New Eden and those who followed them to settle the different newly-discoverd worlds lost all knowledge of that to the point of not even knowing or imagining that other humans populated New Eden?

Those humans who jumped the EVE Gate obviously did so in starships, they must have had advanced quantum computers and A.I capable of astonishing feats compared to our present-day tech… Technology advanced enough to preserve what was learned and some sort of encyclopedia containing all that incredible history and historians recoding events as they happened.
Even with the collapse of the wormhole, there must’ve been all kinds of spaceships left in the different solar systems of New Eden or they wouldn’t have been able to settle the systems within their respectve planets.
I don’t understand how the human race lost all that knowledge as they evolved within the folds of New Eden, albeit separated on different solar systems.
What happened to the starships that made the journey between our galaxy and New Eden? What happened to historical records?
And what happened to the early Minmatar settlers of Matar that they reverted back to the equivalent of the middle ages?

It’s kind of hard to care for computers if you’re starving.

And not all reverted. The Jove Empire and the other precursors had their golden era after the crash. Too bad that by having so much more time to evolve their cultures, they eventually became almost alien to the more “standard” Humans living on dying planets. And then thousands of years of problems and wars made it nearly impossible for the slowly reviving survivors to comprehend what the Sleepers, Yan-Jung, Talocan or Jove had become. In fact, 8000 years are so much time, all those space empires were dead, gone or hidden and really weird by the time our four empires clawed their way back into space.

We know the most about the Jove, since they went through their 1st and 2nd Jove Empires and even managed to reform into a third polity, the Jove Directorate, even after the Jovian Disease started wiping them out, but managed to hang on and actually contacted us. If you want to ask where all the spaceships are, you will have to search for the Jove or visit the Society of Conscious Thought. (There’s a nice bit about Amarr history about “angels” visiting them. Most likely those angels where Jovians.)

The Sisters of EvE are also rumored to have uncovered lots of lost history, but they’re a religious order and may simply not answer your questions.

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Are the Sisters of EVE Jovian?
If not, which ‘race’ did they come out of?

The Sisters have strong Gallente and Matari connections. They also work with Serpentis (the Gallente pirate faction), though this is not generally known. The Sisters are a refreshingly contemporary faction in a cluster full to high !#%@ with “ancient races” that can’t seem to stay the @%#%$ away.


The Sisters of EVE are a humanitarian religious organisation formed by likeminded Amarr and Gallente citizens. They were formed as a neutral aid organisation, not a part of any empire, in response to the Gallente-Caldari War and the Amarr-Jove War. This Chronicle should give more info.

I think the Sisters are now made up of all races, although I could be wrong (EDIT: The chronicle states that they have a large following of all four races, and a small number of Jove). They also tend to favour the Gallente-Minmatar side nowadays, this might be because the Amarr don’t get along with others who have different religious beliefs, again, could be wrong.

Unfortunately when it comes to some of the “pirate” factions deeper secrets, all we have, as players and characters, are rumours and speculation. Angel Cartel, for example, are rumoured to be sitting on a large stockpile of Jovian tech due to their home region of Curse being the former home region of the Jove. You can read more about it here.


Well baseliners (normal humans) can have a clone, but to have multiple is illegal. Reason why if a capsuleer transfers their consciousness to a new blank clone, theyre old clone gets killed practically. Its more likely to find clones amongst the super powerful and rich in case of emergencies. Most, like 98%, ppl can’t afford clones or even backups (recent brain scans that can be used to bring one back). That’s why capsuleers are either silver-spooned or had to take a grant or government funding of some sort.