YC 122 New Eden Capsuleer's Writing Contest


In light of the successful contest the last six years I am pleased to announce the SEVENTH (yay!) year for a writing contest for stories or poems by or about Capsuleers/Baseliners and their worlds and cultures.


CATEGORIES: There will be three categories:
1. Poetry
2. Prose
3. Academic/News (e.g. Academic, News Reporting, Economic Reports, Science Reports, Theological Writings, Treatises, etc.)



There is no minimum length. Maximum length is 30,000 words. There is no required subject matter; the content may be fiction or non-fiction. Prior works are eligible as long as posted or published AFTER May 15, YC 121 (2019). This means, for example, works in the recent story-time thread on the IGS can be nominated by their authors for consideration.

Please post entries by linking in this thread or by a clear label in the Eve Fiction category of these forums, e.g. [YC 122 NEWCWC your work title here] as the title.


FIRST PLACE - 5 billion isk
SECOND PLACE - 3 billion isk
THIRD PLACE - 750 million isk
FOURTH PLACE - 250 million isk
Honorable Mentions - 50 million isk
(Rolled over from last year - an anonymous donation. Another 5.5 billion received from Arc! 5 Billion from Francophobia! Other Sponsors Welcome and Needed!)


Each of the Judges may, in their discretion, award a personal prize to the favorite (regardless of the “place” of the submission)

The most “amusing” or “entertaining” to me* or intriguing gets treated to a candlelit dinner by me at a fine restaurant

Loai Qerl
Pol Macsliebh
Haria Haritimado
Tessande Falconer
Lightnin Lemmont


All judges and I (as administrator) are disqualified from submission for prizes.

All entries will be considered.

if the quality of the entries does not merit the number of prizes, then prizes will be given up to the number deemed meritorious.

if people have any questions or need rulings, I am the contest administrator and you can feel free to message me directly.

Cordially, and with God’s Blessings

Lunarisse Aspenstar Daphiti
Directrix Societas Sceptri Coronaeque
Co-Executrix Khimi Harar

((OOC NOTE FOR ISD - This is specifically an In Character/Roleplay thing - a writing contest to be done by “characters”, not the players. The expectation is the submissions, whether poetry, prose or academic ’ would be in character or related to the character of to the capsuleer submitting it and people will have rp as part of the process. I also invite comments on the IGS related to this post in a RP vein or other RP in channels! Judging is also on an In character basis. This is the Seventh year running for this contest so I appreciate if this can be kept in the rp forum like past years))


Rinai Vero - General Soter’s Testament
Miriam Hemah - Just Breathe
Alexis Clarke - Logistics
Madeleine Raske-Lancier -Universe Dreams
Kyle Saltz - I Must Control My Rage
Cilisa Lugara - Untitled.
Constantin Baracca - I Danced With Her, Cloaked In Night
Inara Subaka - Courtesy
Eli Jibb - Options
Elassus Herron - Poems of the Sky Temple of the Northern Seas
Saikoyo - Not Man
Dantelion Shinoni - Mortification can’t be Avoided, but Glorification is in our hands.

Unknown Sender - Signal Original Unknown
Elsebeth Rhiannon “The God Beyond The Gate”
Elsebeth Rhiannon “The Woman Who Loved a Ghost"
Lex Declare - Alone, yet not mad
Komi Valentine - Conscience
Vladimir Korff - The Lesser of Evils
4e6f74206964656e 746966696564 Restless Sleepers*
Juris Doctor - Shards of Seyllin
Hannah Taredi - Graduation Day
Palis Airuta - Skimming Stones
Renn Omaya - Red v Blue
Arsia Elkin - The Little Girl Who Spoke To The Trees
Riccoda Arada - Hauling Offer
DeMichael Crimson - Anomaly Encounter
Inara Subaka - Parables
Saikoyu - Kitsa’s Tale
Dantelion Shinoni - Glorification is in our Hands, but can Mortification be Avoided
Kyle Saltz - Battle for VKI

Auriga Menkalinan - [YC 122 NEWCWC] Khushka Cartel compendium*
Auriga Menkalinan - Knives Out On The Frontier Part I and Knives Out On The Frontier - Part II
Kaladote Lafisques - Project 'Alexandria"
Nolcond v’Arxis - The Importance of Gold
Juris Doctor - Rebuttal of Komi CSM Campaign
Jorianna Gallaire - Woman, 18, dies of suspected drug overdose
Jorianna Gallaire - Murder in Jita
Gavin Lok’ri - God Does Not Forgive…
Jorianna Gallaire - Summit gets ‘White Hot’
Utari Onzo - The Pilgrimage of Utari Onzo-Gallius
Umbre Fallenstar - The Gravity of New Eden
Galm Eskola Fae - Skarkon War News Compliation

*Non-competitive entry, not eligible for a prize.


Do re-tellings of old stories count as original work for this purpose? Or only new stories? Most of the things in that thread are not inventions of the individuals; they are traditional stories.


Retellings do count as the re-telling itself is an expression and interpretation by the author of what the story means or is. We’ve had winners in the past submit traditional stories to the contest.

Not relevant anymore please ignore

For me as a baseliner I think this theme is very narrow. While I have to fit the capsuleer theme in my work, capsuleers don’t need to. It is very discriminatory.
However, I’ll see what I can come up with since I really enjoy writing and I have already a great Idea ^-^

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I’m going to enter something in the Academic category this year.


I’m a baseliner too! I’m a part-time writer and I’ll be one of the judges this year.

Every year, Directrix Daphiti holds this contest, mostly via this here Summit forum, which as we know is technically a capsuleer channel. Obviously some of us regular folks find our way here from time to time, by one mechanic or another, but overall, if you throw a data chip into the Summit crowd, you’re probably gonna hit a capsuleer. Ms. Daphiti is just addressing the general audience.

It’s kinda like those perfume ads that are clearly targeted at women, but hey, some guys like to smell like citrus or cherry blossoms too! Doesn’t mean that they can’t!

Anyway, the stuff that ends up getting written about oftentimes has little or nothing to do with capsuleerdom. Sometimes folks write about space, or their homes, or their lives and hobbies. Check out last year’s entries to see what got submitted.

For example, there’s a great article about kendu (a sport), one about the origins of Itamo Naval Rum, and the winning story was a goofball account of two capsuleers visiting a local school for Career Day. So don’t feel constricted–even if you feel like you have to stick to the theme letter by letter, there’s still lots of room for creativity!

(Says the chick who makes a side living writing capsuleer porn. :wink: )


Looking forward to potentially entering this year.


Thank you for the clarification. :innocent:


As I mentioned on the Summit, I plan to enter this year.

I’ve begun writing a memoir to be submitted upon its completion.

I do keep a diary normally. I find writing about things to be a good way of organizing my thoughts and figuring out how I feel about things. It does feel a bit different writing something like this that’ll be seen by the general public, though.


A thank you to ARC for their 1 billion isk donation to the prize pool! it is being applied the first place prizes per their request.


A thank you to Franco Phonaga (Call sign: Francophobia) for his 5 billion isk donation! Prize amounts edited accordingl



This being is considering to re-launch his scientific document, maybe doing just a small edit with words but the project is still available.


I encourage you too!

Also we now have enough submissions for me to start a list. I’ll do that this weekend.


Just wanted to let you know, that I’m still working on my story. Can I submit different things as well?
For example an additional technical article?

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Multiple submissions are allowed

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On behalf of the Hedion Monastery, I submit this humble reflection on a subject that is rarely contemplated, but of great importance to the Amarrian people.

It is our earnest hope that any worldly proceeds generated will go towards much-needed refurbishment efforts within the chapter house.


Encouraged by a very dear brother-in-arms I would like to enter “The God Beyond The Gate” and “The Woman Who Loved a Ghost" from this thread: Storytime

The second is clearly prose, but we debate whether the first is theology or fiction, and I’d like to impose that call on the judges.


Entries acknowledged!

Also the OP has been updated with the Eight Entries to date. We’ve definitely have fewer entries to date than in prior years so I encourage more submissions!


uuuw, my story is finished… I’ll draw some nice pictures for it, so it should be up in like 3-4 days =^__^=

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