[YC 122 NECWC] [KC] The Gravity of new eden

And, finally, here is my complete (and even more than complete due to recent events) analysis of the two years data we collected. It was a long and complexe process. I hope it will be clear enough.

If you think any data is missing, you can always contact me and I’ll see with the rest of the Khazad Consortium what can be arranged.

Article I mention in my analysis:

First Gravitational study

Spectral Analyser of Mr Sentinel

Looking for Animal Expert

Gravitational study at risk

early analysis

((OOC: my entry is, of course, the PDF linked in the post ^^. i hope it is little better than my first try 2 years ago ^^
I’m really sorry for the late entry, but IRL kept interfering ^^"

While it is mainly based on real formulas, works and theories, there is of course a little bit of “techno babble” but I tried to keep it as realistic as possible.
On the same vein, I did used all the ingame data I could use without cherry pinking them.

I hope it is at least funny to read, if a little bit educating, well, that’s a bonus :slight_smile: ))

EDIT:: ((OOC: Even if it’s my entry for the writing contest, it is also a IC analysis that I would gladly discuss ^^ ))


Nice work, but you should remove the apostrophe from the title (‘its’, not ‘it’s’).

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