Large scale analysis & potential funding need

Today started a large scale analysis of the space time pseudo tensor of new eden ((ooc link)).

It’s a followup of my own two year study of wormholes formations mechanisms. I need large amount of data and I can’t get them on my own.

I have allocated some personal budget to it, but the board of directors of the khazad consortium denied my demand for official support, and funding.

While I’m not “poor” the scale of the analysis may be too much for it.

As yet, I funding is good, but would the need arise, I kindly ask for a donation for scientific purpose, all funding will be traced, either by reward sent to participants or returned to their owner is not needed in the end.

Of course, the data will be uploaded regularly here, in case anyone want to use it for their own research. I will also provide my own conclusions.

thanks you for your time.

Umbre Fallenstars


We have raised a lot of funds during our charity auction. I think your research regarding the Triglavian systems might apply to our funding policy. I’m not sure, but I’ll pitch your Idea to the MDAA board.


How much funding are we talking?


My resources are relatively limited, but I’ll provide what I can should you end up struggling for funds in this endeavor. I’ll also dust off the core probes and get you a few free scans when I have the chance.

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Since for now I got no participation except my own, I’ll change the rewards.

Check your in-game mail

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