Large Scale Gravitation Analysis [closed]

fluff for the mission, if you are interested in the actual goals, scroll down a bit :slight_smile:

From today, the Khazad consortium start a large scale analysis of the effects of invasions and stellar manipulation.

Following the publication of my two year analysis on Wh formation and the recent new step in triglavian’s invasions of new eden, I decided to start a more complete analysis of the state of New eden from a gravitational point of view.
The first objective is to confront my first analysis to a larger set of data.
The second is to better understand the effects of the stellar manipulations on the Mass-Energy Ratio of new eden.

You can find the early results here
Alone this will not be feasible in a timely manner, that’s why I’m asking for help here.

Thanks to the following donors, the project can go on:

current bounty available : 1.5 B

this is not intended to be a full time activity, more like a side source of ISK. Would I have more funds, I would gladly increase the rewards, but sadly my funds are limited ^^"

Goal => Scan as many as possible systems to get an average on WH appearance rate.

  • 2M per HS system analysed
  • Additional 5 M bounty will be provided if the system is currently under any states of an invasion.
  • Additional 10 M reward if the Wh connection name is provided in invaded systems
  • double reward system for the 20 first submissions each day.

If more than 3 players submit data, a daily reward of 30M for the player submitting the most entries will be given.

What I need to count the scan as valid is a screenshot where we see:

  • completely scanned list of the signatures in system (100% is not required as long as we know the exact type of anomaly => orange)
  • the system name
  • the hour
  • the overview (it’s the warpable in space objects like the jove observatories, interesting locations, etc. I don’t care about citadels and such)
  • post it here.

bounty will be payed only if the current pool is large enough, check it before posting if you want to be paid.

It’s technically for roleplay reasons, but hey, I thought anyone could participate ^^

thanks for your time.


Interesting idea. :+1:

The rewards seem a bit low, though as you state it is more of a roleplay thing and as such for the excitement than the rewards. Could still be good for new players even from the rewards perspective if they explore anyway and/or want to practice probe scanning.

Good luck.


I would like to increase the reward but my funds aren’t that high ^^"

It’s okay not everything should revolve around ISK, sometimes you just have fun even if it is terrible ISK/h, a game should not be a second job instead a fun activity. Besides if someone scans down stuff anyway (e.g. explorer) this can be some extra even for an established player, just some extra or people can do it for the roleplay aspect alone.

If you want I can offer a Gila BPC for the person submitting the most valid screenshots as an incentive for participation. Though you will have to be the judge who that person is or if nobody participates you can have the BPC yourself for the concept. Just let me know who to contract it to once the event concluded. (I am subscribed to this thread but to make sure send an EVEmail to me as well.)


a huge thanks you o7

and I agree that a game should be that: a game ^^

Doubling the rewards.

adding a daily reward of 50M for the player submitting the most entries.
Adding a double reward system for the 20 first submissions each day.

You can also try promoting the event by the following methods:

  • On reddit (r/Eve if you haven’t did so yet that is)
  • Rookie chat (might ask a moderator if permitted as rookie chat has special rules)
  • In NPC corp chats (especially the starter npc corps)
  • At starter and career systems local chats ( which are the starter systems + the next section lists the career systems)
  • And maybe some other player channels in-game as well
  • By asking streamers and bloggers to mention it in their streams / on their blogs (they might be helpful and do it who knows)
  • Similar to the previous you might contact the The Scope creators and/or other such player run news organizations to include it in their next news feed (as this event has a roleplay aspect to it might get picked)
  • Local chat of trade hubs (Jita, Perimeter, Amarr, Dodixie and so on)
  • EVE related discords
  • Might even mail out of game or on reddit / twitter / other social media CCP / a community manager, sometimes they help promote things if they find it suitable so worth a try (especially considering the roleplay aspect).

Just keep in mind if it gets popular (no guarantees ofc) then you will need to have the budget to fulfill the payout for all the valid submissions. :wink:

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thanks for the help ^^"
I don’t go on reddit but will definitely try What I have not already done :slight_smile:

Well I wasn’t sure if this was where to do it, but you said to post here ingame. I guess im the only one doing this so far. Does this mean I automatically the double rewards for first 20 daily? lol
I gotta take a break and make some food, so here is what i got so far. I wasnt sure how to submit the Trig invasion, so i zoomed in on the starmap to the you are here icon and it shows the system name in Non-Triglavian Script.


Welll looks like new users can only put one image per post. so here comes 19 more replys

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ok this is a horrible way to do this. i can only upload 3 scans. then somone else has to reply to me to do more.
thats 17 that i cannot add… Maybe a designated offsite image site would be more ideal.

1 Google later:

Not sure how this site handles external links. I was thinking imgur but did a google search for a site that lets you upload batch images without an account. Maybe you would have one in mind Google gave me

Heres the links for all 20.
OMFG: ok New new users can only put 2 links per post. This is really not a good way to do this. I will just post the image links to pastebin. and you can get them there I guess.
A better way of submitting entries is desperately needed for this to work well.

Here is the pastebin with the image links.

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I wasn’t aware of such restriction.

I’ll make the necessary payments for what you published and work on an alternative solution.

Thanks you a lot for your participation (and yes, even if the first 20 entries are made by the same player, the 20 bonus apply ^^

Have performed a quick scan of Harva, found no wormholes but a lot of Sansha. Payment not required.

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I have done a few small scans today, might get more later. Afraid I couldn’t fully complete Harva but hopefully that doesnt make the scan less valuable, also hoping you don’t mind repeat scans. Dont need payment for Harva.

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repeat scans are not a problem, at my discretion, but based on the time difference and signature difference.

thanks again for your help o7 will pay tomorrow

EDIT:: paid (6 entry x 2M+ 5M for triglavian system) x2 for daily bonus = 34M

Let me know if something isn’t right

Got as many scans as I could before my brain decided it had enough, with a few edencom controlled systems. Let me know if you’ve any issue with these.

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Impressive data collection series !

21 entries ! I decided to award your effort by doubling everything rather than the 17 that should normally be!

Payout: (21 entry x 2M + 2 invasion system x 5M) x 2 = 104M

Did a survey in Archee and traced the wormholes.

XYT-586, wormhole X702, leads to Hare with 0.2 sec.
TMW-154, wormhole K162, leads to ESC-RI in null sec.

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Another set of scans for you:

Also looked at Harva again, while I don’t think a screenshot would be worth your time I thought I should mention it did have one wormhole that linked directly to the hisec system Mohas.

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