[KC] Gravitational study at risk

Hello the summit o7

I don’t post here very often since my field of study ask to do long and boring procedures, but, to be short, it’s been two years of collecting data on the link between gravitation and points of Gravitational Harmony (PGH or wormholes in their vernacular phrasing)

our research facility are based in the J171805 system that present the advantage of having a red giant not far that “flatten” the gravitational waves of the system, rendering it exceptionally stable (on two years of data, the “static WH” formed more than 75% of the time in a smaller than 1AU sphere).

And since a few weeks, our gravitation’s readings have been subject to changes, we pinpointed the change coming from our static, It seems that some area of spaces are subjects to gravitational fluctuations, which could be disastrous on the long term balance of new eden (without speaking of more practical effects like the perturbation of gate functioning and a possible increase in jump accidents).

But I digress, sorry.

The point of this message is that our facilities are currently under attack from a null sec corporation.

While the main personnel have been evacuated, we lack the time to dismantle correctly the data collectors/processors and would mean losing all curent data on those gravitation fluctuation.

the only solution we have is to move the entire racks on at a time, but we lack the logistic to do it before the structure timer end.

I kindly ask for your help on this matter.

We are of course ready to pay for each saved rack.

Thanks for your time.

Umbre Fallenstars, CEO of the Khazad Consortium


our structures will be destroyed on sunday evening.

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