[KC] Raravoss Gravitational study

The latest Scope video confirmed the part of my previous work on gravitation and Wormhole stability.

The khazad consortium’s board of director have granted me the budget to launch a new gravitational study in the Raravoss system.

As an entity, the Khazad Consortium is pro endencom only for the civilian’s welfare.
As a scientific operation, this project is NOT affiliated to either side of the war, only trying to understand the technology and science behind the transmuter.

I don’t have the time to manage the “field” part of this project so we chose to hire an external corporation to do it.

We chose the White Pearl Corporation. @Veskin_Sentinelis working there and has kindly proposed to use a modified pattern of his spectral analyser. This heavy plateform is going to be deployed in the system and should be collecting data for at least 48h.

We should have enough data after that to proceed to a new analysis of the system and make better hypothesis on the changes raravoss is seeing.

Either you be a kybernaut or endencom supporter, the scientific truth should be of help to you.

While I personally don’t engage in the conflict, what you do with my work is up to you. In my opinion, knowing what we are dealing with can only help people make better decisions, whatever the path they are on.

I ask all capsuleers interested in science to help White Pearl maintain this project afloat. If you want to support this project, please contact me, we are always in need of supports.

The longer the laboratory will stay up, the better the outcome will be.

Fly safe pilots o7

Dr Umbre Fallenstar
Scientific Director of the Khazad Consortium.


I do not know if the issues are related to gravity, but there are certain events going on that may also be of interest.

  • Preliminary report by Zainou indicates Triglavian bioadaptation technology deployed on Sakenta III
  • High intensity activity on Ichoriya I detected by Aegis Special Recon Force according to CONCORD Sources

Sakenta III is a temperate planet, and if Triglavians decided that the best course of action was to adapt the population, something will probably manifest itself soon.

Ichoriya I is a storm planet, could this have any sort of connection/interaction with the changes happening at the star?


Thanks for your input Ms Tsukiyo.

While the situation on sakenta is a source of preoccupation, I cannot do much on this part…

I’m in contact with some scientists more at ease with biology than I am, so I can only send them what little data we have.

For the situation on ichoriya, I’ll dig this further.

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Will be a little busy these days, finishing calibration work on the modified Spectral Analyzer. If things go well, the structure will be operational some time next week.

Thank you for this opportunity Mr. Fallenstars. Let’s see what we can find.


Correction. We had an unexpected success with the calibration. So we managed to anchor the analyzer sooner. Actually today.

Gathering data. Data stream looks steady.


Early analysis seem to show great variations in the Mass-Energy Ratio of the system of raravoss, leading to increased apparition rate of gravitation anomalies.

The space time pseudo tensor seem to be under some sort of pressure, probably from the sun’s altered state.
Civilian reports in the area seem to indicate that random pockets of deadspace now spontaneously appear and disappear rendering difficult the transport of civil crafts.

If my calculus are corrects, larger craft should not be impacted, for now.

A possible theory is that the triglavians seek to create stable pockets of deadspace, even maybe abyssal deadspace in normal space. It would be on line with the theory of them trying to open stable “gates” toward deeper parts of the abyss.

For raravoss tho, the (ex)blue sun is still too powerful for the triglavian to correctly use those deadspace pockets.

I hope to deploy today smaller spectral analyzers in other systems to survey them too.

If you are interested, please contact me.


The tower’s 48 hours mission is complete. Data from the data drives has been transferred in full.

We found some interesting anomalies, Dr. Fallenstars will brief you on this later.

And it appears that we need more data. Planning to deploy smaller - Mobile Spectral Analyzers in various locations.

And since most of our corpmates are pretty busy with dealing with invaders, we will be looking for volunteers who would deploy and manage the Mobile Spectral Analyzers. Working on the details with Dr. Fallenstars. Will have a more solid offer soon.

The tower will be un-anchored soon.

Thanks to all the people who support the project!


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