State of Raravoss

I flew to Raravoss on a Corvette and took some photos. It seems like the Triglavians are harvesting the Sun. The sun is turning red-black and there is a structure over there that is directed at the sun. I am not sure what it is really for. There is also a gate I think being created at the moment. Pretty much the place has turned to PvP hell after dropping to 0.3. Don’t fly expensive ships at all. I flew a Corvette. One gate has sentry guns. I blew up after warping to one.

I am sharing this for everyone. What do you think will happen to Raravoss?


Triglavian High Sec


What is this structure near the Sun at Raravoss?


Could this be a new gate?



The system has already fallen from 0.6 high-sec status to 0.3. I dont think capsuleers will be welcomed here.

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Pretty pictures.


They’re like the Borg.

Thats a bit presumptuous.

Unless you mean Trig-aligned capsuleers arent normal.

I don’t mean it that way. I meant to say all capsuleers - either EDENCOM’s or Pro-Trigs - are not welcomed. It’s like no man’s land over there right now.

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Ah I see.

I expect they just dont want to be disturbed while they remodel the place to be more… Abyssal.

Im sure a giant pyramid station will arrive soon full of wonders to enthrall.

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Illuminati station is a go.


I am also wondering what kind of structures Trigs will anchor over there. What thrilling events are unfolding? Who knows.

And there’s that ominous sun structure I come across. I am pretty much bothered on that. Is it causing the sun to go red-black? Is it consuming it? Are the trigs harvesting it? So much mystery hmmm…


At least the Trigs figured out a way to reduce sun glare…


I think proper name would be Triglavian Low Sec. CONCORD not having any presence there. For some reason CCP cant change the sys sec rating on the fly, and it shows as high sec incorectly, with a small arrow beside it, which is confusing.

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I think you misunderstand

TRONKORD havent been installed yet.

Its Lowsec atm.

Itll be Triglavian High Sec once they finished changing the light bulbs in the star


Those who believe Trig propaganda, when they fulfill their role, will be betrayed and their corpses will blot out the sky. Trigs want only resources, they already have enough clademates…

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Really? So where are their corpses?

Y u think it should? After Trigs prove they are better than Edencom and the rest of capsuleers, why they would want to go the way of those who were defeated?

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Because you cant have a Trig Starter Area without TRONKORD