Raravoss Has Fallen

As of 04:50, Raravoss has officially fallen to the Triglavian Collective and entered the Final Liminality state. I can at this time confirm that the following has occurred:

  1. The system’s security status has reverted to 0.6.
  2. EDENCOM remains active in the system enforcing CONCORD laws and regulations.
  3. Triglavian stellar harvesting appears to be continuing.
  4. Sovereignty of Raravoss still shows as belonging to the Amarr Empire.

This is, admittedly, not what any of us expected to happen. As of now, no further changes have been observed in the system. I am sure that, should that change, this thread will be updated.


Wait what?

Seems to be the case. Maybe an increase in CONCORD support was needed to cover the withdrawal of EDENCOM and Empire forces? It’s strange.

I’m sure the exact ramifications of our failure to save the system will be made clear shortly.

I’'m disappointed in myself. But I’ll have to keep it together and move on to defend the other threatened systems.

Tonight is terrible.

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Quite frankly, I am as surprised as you are. This is not at all what we expected. I expect, however, that Ms. Elkin is correct, and we will see the ramifications of this total loss sometime in the very near future. The Triglavians, having taken their territory, must now deploy themselves to hold and exploit it, rather than conquer it.

You did all that any one person could be expected to do and a great deal more, to which I and others could readily attest. As you have said, it is time to move to the next system and make sure this does not happen again.


A little underwhelming…maybe something else will happen…

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(( just an OOC note, but this is confirmed to be a bug by CCP Convict on twitter. The final liminality didn’t properly happen. CCPls, ruining my immersion, etc etc ))

I hear that there were quite a few concorded Triglavian supporters, which is hilarious honestly.

Maybe a last strike by concord before the system falls?


:red_circle: Are there still Trig beacons in system with trig forces that you could attack?

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No. There are no longer any active Conduits in the system.

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:red_circle: What about the beacons Major Empire Cynosural Field, Observatory Flash Point?

:red_circle: The system is still displayed as high sec with just a small arrow indicating more danger. Maybe Concord should think about a system update with proper danger indication instead of misleading information.

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The Triglavians have mobilized and made new changes to the system. I can confirm the following:

  1. The security status of Raravoss has been reduced by 0.7 to an effective -0.1 rather than true -0.1.
  2. Excepting the Stellar Fleet Deployment Site and Dazh Porevitium Transmuter, no Triglavian sites are present.
  3. Stellar harvesting continues.
  4. Sovereignty appear to remain with the Amarr Empire.
  5. Stargates appear to continue to function.
  6. Extractive Super-Nexus deployment within asteroid belts continues.
  7. Cynosural jamming appears to remain in effect.

Any further changes observed will be noted here as they are discovered.



Then make DED and capsule developers remove them from my capsule ui.

Following policies set forth by the CRC Communications Policy, 2 messages have been removed from this thread for being Out of Character.

Thank you,

~Alexandre Arthie

Alexandre Arthie,
Directive Enforcement Department
CONCORD Assembly

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Every time the red light comes on in my UI, I make my slaves dance and mate. It’s good fun. You should try it.

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Don’t cut yourself on all that edge.


So let me get this straight.

This BIG threat EDENCOM keeps touting is now abiding by Concord law enforcement?

Edge? My good lady, what are you going on about? What’s the fun of slaves if you can’t make them… do things? Would you like to see what they can do? I have a few good mercenaries I could lend you.

Oh great. Now we probably have to put up with the effing triangles forever. In my own space too, that’s just fantastic.

I’m not sure whether I should be scared or bored. I feel like my part of the galaxy is about to die the most uninteresting death ever.

I might go and impale myself on a trapezoid.

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Oh, wanna make an art instalment out of it so your next body can watch from another perspective?

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‘CONCORD security response and penalty level in this system has decreased by 1.6 to an effective value of -1.0.’
This is the “info” associated with Raravoss – lovely time visiting there earlier today. What does it mean? No concord action or just 15 minutes before they respond? High sec still, but you can shoot anybody and no recriminations? So if the Triglav invaders convert high sec to null (or low) sec, shouldn’t we be converting low-null sec systems to high in systems where edencom forces are victorious. Seems fair.

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