[LUMEN] Statement on Raravoss and Edencom

The loss of Raravoss, situated in the heart of the Empire six jumps from Amarr to the Triglavian invasion, is a disaster on a par with Vak’Atioth, the Elder invasion and the Loss of the late, sainted, Empress Jamyl I to the Drifters.

Worse still is that this disaster was enabled by hundreds of Concord licensed capsuleers, some of whom are graduates from Imperial capsuleer schools and/or were subjects of the Empress and/or so-called loyalists to the Empire.

We in Khimi Harar call for the MIO to investigate this treason - there is no other word for it - by subjects of the Empire and request that the Theology Council strike from the Book of Records the very mention of their existence.

Further, mindful of the Empress’s call and express command to each of the Royal Heirs to support Edencom, LUMEN reiterates its support for Edencom. Effective immediately, all LUMEN pilots who assist Edencom will have complete SRP, to the extent funds allow, for the loss of approved doctrine ships, regulations for which will be promulgated internally.


I am pleased to see Kimi Harar taking this threat seriously. I hope that other citizens of the Empire will look to the example you set and unite to destroy this threat to us all. Thank you for your work and support for the efforts to repel this new and terrible enemy.


Oh, I wish.


All of the cluster is being attacked by the triglavians, I don’t think wishing the empire to lose systems and people to this invasion is becoming. I was in Horaka defending the republic against the invasion because the support of EDENCOM should come before cluster politics. Once the trigs are defeated, we can go back to our petty squabbles.


I did not in fact express such a wish.

The wish I expressed was merely that given that Raravoss is lost, it would be neat if it at least worked like Vak’Atioth did.

My people’s freedom is not a “petty squabble”.

There can be no peace as long as your attitude to the struggle of the Minmatar is like that.


Just have to echo Else here: I don’t think you’re going to get a whole lot of traction arguing that we have to come together and put aside ‘petty’ concerns like ‘do I get to exist or not?’—because the Amarr position really does seem to have shifted back to ‘not’ in regard to the Matari people—in order to fight for the Empire’s right to exist.

Just a thought.

And another: The Empire learned restraint in the wake of Vak’Atioth, and cooperative co-existence with other nations. I don’t see why hoping Raravoss’s loss can at least produce some beneficial side-effect is ‘unbecoming’.


I’m guessing God was on break then?

I don’t track when a potentially fictional extra-dimensional entity does or doesn’t clock in or out at work.


Think carefully about what you said. From the Minmatar point of view, they have been fighting a war for their existence, for decades if not hundreds of years.

You are a Civire, would you appreciate if someone called the First Gallente War against the Caldari, a “petty squabble” ? When the Caldari people were not just fighting for their right to secede from a political structure, but also for their existence, against the xenophobic genocidal Ultra-Nationalist regime ? Would you call that a “petty squabble” ? Does it not inflame your anger to hear it described as “petty” ?

Your point about the survival of New Eden as an entity could have been expressed far more eloquently, and without infuriating those who might stand with you in your time of need.

“For whosoever shall lay his life down for his Lord
He shall be taken into the arms of God
And forever consecrated will he be”
When Minmatar are willing to stand with you against the Triglavian threat, to risk, and to lose their lives alongside you, it is rather unbecoming to insult them by describing something so dear to them as “petty”.

The disaster at Vak’Atioth showed the sword of the Imperial Navy is not unstoppable.
The Elder Fleet Intrusion, showed that the shield of the Imperial Navy is not always held ready.
The Scourging of Raravoss, right now, shows the shield can even be broken.

For two thousand years, the Imperial Navy has been the ultimate guarantor of the continued existence of the Empire. This is the greatest test it has faced for many, many years, if not centuries.

The Scourging of Raravoss shows that for too long, the people of Amarr have been complacent. Arrogant. Believing their faith already proven, and slacking in their duties as the Chosen.

Remember the Scriptures. The words of the Prophet Kuria about meekness. The words of Saint Junip, about Garum and Zakara. The words of the Prophet Anoyia, about always striving to be better. And the Book of Missions.

“Surround yourself with the faithful, Stand together, for there is no strength like it under the heavens.” - The Scriptures, Book of Missions 71:21


I would like to just point out that EDENCOM is part of cluster politics. EDENCOM guns and fortifications will not biodegrade once the campaign is over.


I’m sure we’ll figure out who to shoot to get out of that mess and I’m sure I’ll find a way to make ISK from it.

We’re pretty much aware where those EDENCOM weapons will be turned against when you’re done with the Triglavians.

Ok, look, I just have to ask: how can anyone be told about the prophet ‘Annoy ya’ and not think this is literally something made up by the religious establishment to make people miserable?


I was trying to explain to someone about not trivialising things that other people find important. Then you make this little joke. I don’t think that was too helpful.


It helped me.

Laughing at the expense of Amarrians seems to often help Minmatar.

Some things are of such gravity that if you do not laugh, you’ll cry.


I’m half Minmatar, the other half of me is the joke I’ve come to appreciate.


Learning to laugh at yourself can only help you, too, Aldrith.


The first war ended due to first contact with the Amarr, who were mutually agreed to be a larger threat.

So that’s a really, really bad example.