[ARC] Official Statement Regarding Raravoss Incident

Arataka Research Consortium has long been dedicated to knowledge-finding and research regarding the Triglavians and Drifters. We encourage our members to seek out new information daily and add it to our collective knowledge of these forces. We have maintained an anti-Triglavian stance, and many of our pilots have been fighting these invaders already, sustaining a strong presence against them taking over New Eden.

As many of you know, one of our corporation members, Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci, was seen in Raravoss, aiding Triglavian Forces in their attempted capture of the system. After an internal investigation and speaking to Mr. Anteovnuecci myself, the following decision has been made regarding the incident.

Mr. Anteovuecci has been formally warned about his behavior in Raravoss. He has been told if he continues his perceived aid, regardless of the research reasons behind it, there will be further consequences issued forth. At this time, he has not been removed from ARC. We have considered all sides of this incident and have not undertaken this decision lightly.

We hope that with further knowledge, we can find a way to defeat this invading threat.

Thank you for your patience during the course of this investigation. A confidential internal memo has been issued as well to our corporation and alliance members clarifying ARC’s stance on the matter to prevent further misunderstandings of our goals against the Triglavians.

We hope we can consider the matter closed and move forward with the united goal of taking on the Triglavian forces.

Formally submitted by
Lasairiona Raske
ARC Diplomatic Liaison, Internal Auditor


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