[ARC] Reaffirmation of Arataka Research Consortium's Position

As the threat of the Triglavians grows day by day, Arataka Research Consortium would like to formally re-assert its position. Although we continue to host exploratory fleets, in order to better our understanding of the Triglavian forces, we are not a combat-based organization, and as such, not equipped to coordinate military operations of this scale.

We would like to place our backing behind the EDENCOM Defense Initiative, coordinated by Captain Darkezero, and encourage any capsuleer pilot wishing to engage in defensive action against the Triglavians to contact them. Any fleets we sponsor will be in direct support of EDENCOM. We are happy to guide any capsuleer pilot to the appropriate fleet.

Arataka Research Consortium will continue our research, providing as much knowledge as we can to help EDENCOM and New Eden defeat the Triglavian invaders.

Lasairiona Raske
ARC Diplomatic Liaison


The EDI has in very short time since founding become a force to be reckoned with. I wish to congratulate them on this achievement and on garnering the esteemed Arataka Research Consortium’s direct and formal support.


I accept the Triglavians as a lost tribe of humanity and respect their desire to return from the Abyss but, my (admittedly limited) understanding of the conduit technology they use to move between the Abyss and New Eden tells me they could easily have colonized the now deserted systems in Jove space rather than invading Empire space against the will of current inhabitants of the invaded systems. This would have allowed the construction of star-gates and the establishment of diplomatic and commercial relations between the Triglavians and the existing empires of New Eden.

The decision to invade already occupied systems must be resisted and I support the EDENCOM initiative to repel the invasion.


Well, glad to have the big brains formally backing the side of real, actual people. Hopefully we have an economy left to fund your research after the Pirates create a recession across New Eden by bombing Jita daily.

  • Is it really deserted? Have you been there to know it?
  • CAN they go there?
  • If they could, would it have what it takes for them to live there?

The Jove are gone.

They seem to be able to open conduits anywhere in K space. The Jove regions are part of K space.

It had what was necessary to support the Jovian 3rd empire and they were a human civilization. Should be no different than empire space.

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Alexandre Arthie,
Directive Enforcement Department
CONCORD Assembly

An idle thought, but presume for a moment they don’t know that they can. This would make sense considering from that vacant space, no “filament dives” have been made. They may simply be following the entrance traces to find their way out, in a sense.

After Sansha first entered, so did many capsuleers. They may simply have determined null-security space and J-space to be unsuitable or undesirable.

It’s possible - but the Triglavians will need more than a few scattered systems in Empire space if they are to maintain a significant presence in the game - they need a region and we just happen to have a couple of vacant ones available …

Bear in mind that Jita is a type O1 blue star and the Triglavians seem to have an affinity for blue stars - pirates may be the least of our worries!

To be more specific, they like blue stars with the very strong exception for the type O1 blue stars. People seem to forget this quite a lot in their eagerness to see Jita burn.

Sakenta, which has just now fallen to Triglavian conquest, was an O1. It would seem that whatever kept them away while surveying is not relevant for their harvesting efforts, and they are just fine setting up around such stars.

Well if that’s true they might as well be taking everything they can get.

…I don’t know how I’m going to sleep tonight.

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How does one join the fight?


The EDENCOM Defense Initiative has a communications channel open to all. As the Consortium has expressed their support, you may wish to confer with them for assistance in connecting. Barring that, I would invite you to contact me personally and I will gladly assist you in joining the fight. I’ve even personally led the way for a few fleets, though my leadership has been greatly reliant on the wisdom and expertise of others, either by observation or direct conversation.


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