It is time to disband EDENCOM

I was once proud to fly the EDENCOM colors. I am still proud of each and every system we saved from falling into the New Darkness. It was not an uncomplicated call, by any means, to make those allies, but in the end, I regret not one day under that flag.

In the past month, however, EDENCOM has failed to defend the systems they fortified against the Triglavians. If anything, their presence attracts the threat and makes the systems we supposedly “won” in more dangerous.1

EDENCOM does not re-deploy to the systems under Triglavian attack anymore. Systems on major routes, such as Perimeter, go undefended by EDENCOM forces.

EDENCOM regulations stand in the way of the Republic Fleet, Tribal, and other national forces taking direct action against Triglavians in their own territory. This means that most systems under Triglavian attacks are left completely undefended.

The technology the Amarr Navy used in their success against the menace has not been shared and put into use among other nations. While Amarr fly with the Caldari now, the technological disparity remains.

EDENCOM higher echelons are filled disproportionally with Amarrian personnel, and EDENCOM fortresses allow piling up of foreign troops and resources in Jark and Sasta on the border of the Republic and the site of last Vindication Wars, and in Teonusude and Gelfiven, on the route between Thukker Tribe space and the high security Republic.

As a latest, if maybe minor but personal insult, I have reports of foreign EDENCOM entities having attempted to suppress perfectly legal and legitimate biotech research of mutaplasmid interactions, claiming such research needs an explicit permission from the international governing body. Needless to say, they have no power to ‘request’ any such thing anywhere, capsuleer labs do not need permissions, and least of all do we need an EDENCOM permission in Skarkon, which is Tribal territory, occupied by Triglavians.

In short, we’d be better off without EDENCOM, and there is very little benefit from them for us. It was useful for a while, but it is time to abolish the institution or at least greatly diminish its role and powers and returning the resources and command decisions in Tribal territory to the Tribes. This needs to be done before it grows into an entity that serves more to suppress the freedom of the Tribes than to contribute to it.

1 If you do not believe me, compare attacks by Triglavian entities in the past two months in Gelfiven (at least six separate incursions) and in Faurent (zero). Former is an EDENCOM Fortress. Second is a system that we fought in, but where the Triglavians withdrew before EDENCOM established permanent presence. Neither system is a target for C279 wormholes. Amount of through-traffic is similar.

(SoE / EM research complex on Skarkon II)


It’s about damn time. Even from the other side of the fence it is clear that EDENCOM is not worth the continued funneling of resources, not for the Republic at least.

As for this:

I might just be able to help.

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I’ll… forward the offer. I know the scientific community tends to be pretty open-minded about international collaboration when offered, but I am not sure how they’ll take that, operating on a Svarog-controlled planet as they are.

After looking at the evidence, it’s sad to say, but you are right. Spirits, we autopiloted in Gelfiven multiple times, and counted on the system to be liberated. Why were there no public warnings about Triglavians still roaming that system?

The more I think about it, the more closed my hearth becomes.
Why is Edencom not helping out in Atgur and Aldik? Haven’t so many of our people died trying to defend those systems? I agree with you and thank your for sharing this with the public.

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I…respect the CEP’s decision to continue supporting EDENCOM, but this message still resonates with me. The Caldari State has been plagued by Triglavian raids ever since the invaders retreated into their Pochven region, and the State Navy is powerless to protect space traffic due to the very same red tape that binds the forces of the Republic. While disbanding the organization would be a bit extreme, some change is in order.


Thats tragic… but I agree.

As depressing as it is for me, I must agree with the sentiments expressed in this thread. The state EDENCOM has been in since the invasions ceased has been horrid to the point of being almost farcical.

Triglavians run rampant not just generally throughout the four empires, but even in systems in which EDENCOM was victorious. EDENCOM, having stopped responding to attacks on their Gunstars, offers little resistance to the Triglavians still roaming these old battlegrounds. Additionally, the pieces of trash that aided the Triglavians get off more or less without repercussions because EDENCOM is incompetent and for some reason, which I’m sure has to do with EDENCOM-related red tape, the various navies don’t engage them (or the Triglavians even).

With tensions between the empires seemingly escalating once again, I assume EDENCOM focused cooperation is likely to break down, further impairing the organization. I could even see situations where EDENCOM is weaponized against one empire or another (and let us not forget that the Provost Marshall is not a neutral party in that regard).

We need effective action against residual Triglavians and the capsuleers who supported them and at this point, EDENCOM is hindering our chance of getting that.


Doesn’t surprise me at all. Good thing that there are capsuleers who step up when EDENCOM fails.


Oh, trust me, Capsuleers, especially in the State, were basically the only reason that we managed to “save” four systems there, instead of none at all. EDENCOM had always been woefully unequipped to face the Triglavian threat in all areas outside of the Empire. I don’t think that it’s hyperbole to say that capsuleers did all of the heavy lifting in conflict with the Triglavians, while countless numbers of ill-equipped citizens of the big four empires were sent out to die, with nothing being gained from their deaths.

I find it pathetic that after all the assistance that capsuleers have offered, EDENCOM still fails to defend New Caldari Prime of all places from Triglavian assault, and restricts the State Navy from acting upon an imminent threat to the Caldari homeworld. And yes, they’re an imminent threat, even if they’re not engaging baseliner vessels. Five thousand displaced State citizens died as a result of Triglavian aggression on a NE-RI vessel piloted by Ms. Tereven, an associate of mine in the State. Right next to the CEP station in New Caldari, a place which should, I’d assume at least, be the absolute safest place in the entirety of the State. Five thousand deaths that could have been avoided if the State Navy had the approval of an agency that has, as stated, been completely unprepared in all areas except the Empire, to respond to the Triglavian threat.

While I’ve attempted to offer as much support as possible to EDENCOM in the hopes that they would actually serve as competent protectors of “secured” space, it is increasingly evident to me that they will never be able to act as such.


I’ve been to Bawilan and Adrallezoen when wormholes from Archee or Ala were active there. For Fortress systems, it felt awfully like it’s already been overrun, with most of EDENCOM’s fleet holed up near the Stellar Observatory. The few scout vessels brave enough to stand guard at the acceleration gate could only pray that a roaming fleet doesn’t just come in and overwhelm them. It’s very disturbing that an organization formed to repel the invaders just… stopped doing anything…


Considering that the Triglavian Collective still remains a prescient threat, EDENCOM is seemingly shifting to a more offensive stance, and the Big Four could use more reasons to cooperate peacefully with one another, not fewer, this statement is ridiculous on its face in my opinion. However, the way you framed your argument may have merit in its subtext.

I have a counter proposal: EDENCOM remains intact, but that the Minmatar Tribal Oligarchy withdraw its contributions and no longer be protected by it.

Look who’s talking.

Yes, one of the chief architects of the capsuleer offensive to assist with the reclamation of Floseswin IV would rather cooperate than fight.

Well that’s reassuring…


Let it be stated for the record that I, too, would much like Edencom to share all technology and research, deploy to systems under threat, and refrain from piling up foreign forces in Minmatar key systems and interfering with national and local defenses. Co-operation would be preferrable to this.

Surely you, of all people, get it that we do not always get what we want.


EDENCOM doesnt share technology so easily. One have to really work to even get a glimpse of something.

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No, we certainly do not always get what we want, but giving up and turning your back on others is not the way of dealing with the emotion called disappointment. The normal first response to a poorly functioning system is to attempt to fix it, not abandon ir destroy it.

EDENCOM has not even existed for a full year, yet still managed to achieve victories in most battles fought in what was nothing short of a full-scale war against the Collective. Unfortunately the Caldari State suffered greatly due to its maladapted fleet doctrines, but three our of four nations left relatively whole is still a success story.

EDENCOM has a future going forward if conflict with the Collective or any other large-scale emergent threat is on the horizon. If there are problems with its function and effectiveness, they need to be identified, analysed and addressed. Calling for its disbandment is nonsense, unless the indended effect is to divide New Eden further.

So, what are we looking at, here?

After all that passed during the invasions, you have the guts to preach to me about fixing it and the power of co-operation?

You had your chance, Lord Consort Shutaq-to-Newelle. You said no.

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The colors suggest it was EDENCOM structure. Deployed from Orca. It was briefly tested near one of terrestial planets ( Pertnineere VII ) in low sec EDENCOM fortress.

I dont know if it was working as intended or not, but I think I know what it can be. I suspect it is something I also started working on fairly recently.

I think this structure can be used for wormhole manipulation.
Soon after the structure deployment, the wormhole signatures vanished from scanner. Can be coincidence, but three at the same time?

The lighted areas on structure I think are what I have concepted in my design as SDVs (Spatial Dissipation Valves), converting the irregular spacetime patterns continuously into radiation energy. The ring around looks like sensor array, it was rotating around structure.

If it is what I suspect, inside the structure must be something I have no idea how to make, and what is at least years of research away for me, getting into wormholes and scanning irradiated Talocan structure remains for clues and answers.
I hypothesised a spatial manipulation core, but it would require mastering hypereuclidean mathematics and spatial manipulation in degree not understood today. Basically mythical Talocan tech but somehow working, not a heap of corroded, radiated scrap like found in wormholes.

This is what I think.