Increase in Triglavian Clade Activity

As per recent news reports:

I am aware that most capsuleer attention is currently and understandably focused on intra-Yulai tensions between the great nations, but reports that one of the cluster’s greatest current threats appears to be increasing its activity, still only a couple of years removed from a devastating full-scale invasion of New Eden that required the combined might of all Yulai signatories to repel, would seem to me to be a matter of considerable concern.

What do you all make of this? Should we begin preparing for the worst?


We did that well last time without any organization.

Imagine the next wave, when Edencom needs to contend with multiple capsuleer led clades.

It’s not just Pochven, Anoikis is being harvested to benefit the next wave.


The best preparation would be to help us with our common enemies, such as Drifters, and you’ll have nothing to fear from the Collective.


Indeed, it would be best to not waste our resources on an escalating conflict between CONCORD constituents. To this end I propose the following shows of goodwill:

  • The Amarr Empire immediately relinquishes control of the Arshat installation to a truly international research operation
  • The Amarr Empire withdraws from contested territory to beyond pre-Militias borders and will make no further efforts to control Minmatar territory
  • Sarum and other Amarr forces withdraw from any planets, stations, and similar in said space
  • Individuals removed from the above territories while under said occupation will be returned home, or where that is no longer possible, their kin informed of the time and cause of their death, and appropriate blood money paid
  • The Empire ceases to call Republic space their “provinces” and allocating Amarrian leaders to it

How is that for a start?


Prepare for the worst but don’t provoke it seems like the clever thing to do. I don’t think it benefits literally anyone to spur the Collective into retaliation (something that the Intriguerre spokesman even explicitly warned would happen), especially given the current political climate.

The Collective can be dealt with once the means to do so have been found, either through new advances in relevant tech, or a non-violent resolution.

For now there are far more immediate threats to deal with, such as the loss of a prototype transmuter facility to terrorist forces.

The Triglavians attacked the empires out of necessity and in service to their own conflict. Do you trust the likes of Shakor and the terror cells under his service (pardoned or not) to be as apathetic towards the empire if they figure out stellar transmutation?

Go off precedent here.


How many solar systems did the Drifters steal? How many tens of millions of people have been lost by the empires to Drifters?

I lost my notes. Please fill me in.

I have to agree that the loss of the Arshat transmuter to the Amarrian terrorist regime truly remains the greatest threat. They’ve already proven their capability to turn it against us, and with their proven desire to destroy our people and history; the trigs getting restless hardly seems a notable threat.

You can rest assured Remilia that the TLF will take every action to disarm them of the threats they pose and ensure their foul creations are held in safer hands than theirs.


It is a tragedy that peaceful scientific facilities conducting research imperative to understanding stellar transmutation in the provinces of the Amarr Empire have been captured by violent brigands of the Shakor terrorist regime who in their bloodlust will no doubt seek their subversion towards violent ends, however such bellicose actions by Shakor and their cronies should not stop the Empire from continuing to defend all of humanity from the Triglavian threat through the aegis of EDENCOM.


Prepare the end, but do not poke the hornets’ nest until our forces overwhelm them by 3 times.
Send scouts and probes.

Built in an active warzone you complete buffoon.


I see that it has taken predictably little time for some figures to try to derail this topic with needlessly provocative rhetoric. Much as the temptation to respond to the more egregious statements in kind is exceedingly strong, I will do my best not to give in to it (though, I will admit, in passing, that I do wonder whether a certain Sebiestor’s request for individuals removed from the CEMWPA conflict zones to be returned extends to those Amarrian subjects forcibly removed from their Holders’ care during the so-called ‘Liberation Flights’ earlier this year. I assume not.)

Now, back to the purpose of the thread. It would appear that more concerning news has already begun to circulate regarding further Triglavian activity:

I fear that the Collective may be taking advantage of this moment of discord between the great nations as an opportunity to advance their nefarious designs. I implore those capsuleers loyal to the Yulai signatories to leave their discontent over matters within the CEMWPA conflict zones in the CEMWPA conflict zones, and not sabotage efforts to coordinate any neccessary measures to keep the Collective at bay. Disunity here could spell the end of our nations before we know it; we must let reason prevail.

That rebel provinces of the Amarr Empire are in rebellion does not change the legitimacy of claims Holy Amarr has to the territories and peoples of those provinces, which includes constructing peaceful research facilities intended to further understand the nature of the Triglavian threat.

The only buffoons I see are those who continue to engage in hyperbole and wild speculation regarding Imperial research while providing nothing in regards to definitive proof of what harms such research has caused.

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Well, so much for that, then.

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What do you think happens when you remove the child safety lock of a door, thus clearing the way for your intruder ?

That’s exactly what Amarr is doing right now, but no one wants to listen to the voices.

I’ll summarize this briefly in a video.

All eyes on Jita 4-4… this winter… Winter is coming, and Triglavians too…

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The cluster faces multiple exogenous threats, and you hold our safety hostage to your petty political maneuvering? This is why the Minmatar are unable to be an independent state actor and must rely on the Gallente so much for support.

The fact is, the Amarr should be allowed to continue their research unmolested. Every second the Minmatar impede progress leaves New Eden that much more vulnerable.

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I agree. If a truly international research operation could be created, without partisanship, they should surely take control of such revolutionary research operations. That said, I have little faith in the empires’ … ability to work together on anything. And in the meantime, I do not oppose the Amarr’s attempt to increase resource production through revolutionary means, as long as appropriate safety measures are taken.

This is by and far too complicated for the Amarr to simply back down. An agreement must be made, to the agreement of both parties. I do not oppose the Minmatar’s call for undisputed sovereignty. However, one must respect that, for a long time, the Minmatar and their space were under the control of the Amarrians, some of whom have surely laid roots there. And one cannot ask for blood money to be paid solely to the Minmatar dead. War is not one sided. There are aggressors, on both sides. There has been a price to pay, on both sides. If the Minmatar and the Amarr could work out an agreement, both sides would be much better off. Pride truly blinds.

To conclude, I will say this. Minmatar, Gallente, Caldari, Amarr. We stand opposed. Divided. And as such, we are weakened. There are threats. Sansha’s Nation. Drifters. Triglavians. We united once to stand against the Nation. Can we not do so again? Can we put aside our petty disputes and stand against that which threatens us all? For the safety of all?

  • Shasta

It wasn’t my side who started calling your systems our provinces, hijacked an internationally gained piece of technology, or built experimental star-altering deviced in your space. So. Maybe you should’ve thought of thouse exogenous threats before starting things?


We united not only against the Sansha, but also against the Triglavians, more recently. The Amarr Empire took the spoils of that war and turned them against us. Now you ask us simply to ignore this, and help you again and just put that betrayal aside as a “petty dispute”. Are you for real? How many times exactly do you think we should just let you do the same before the grudge turns from petty to actual?

You will also notice I asked for blood money for the people taken in Sarum’s recent invasions, in case they cannot be returned, not for every death in the war. I do not feel that is unreasonable, myself.

Belittling the very real issues will not bring mutual understanding.

This story does seem to be opening on what might be a much darker chapter.

As I think you already know, Elsebeth, my world is unlike my mistress’s or the Lord Consort’s or that of the Amarr generally in that its god is named Consequence, and it is a blind and senseless thing with no regard for human judgments as to morality or justice. It simply blunders onward, mindless, thoughtless, innocent only because it has no understanding of what it contains or what it brings.

If it had a mind-- if it knew what it did to us, the suffering it wreaked, and did it regardless-- it would be a horror. But it does not, and so it is a wonder, and sacred.

I can’t blame you for your feelings. But this begins to feel like a tragedy we’re all writing together.

And I think we may all get to know my “god” very well by the end.

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How gracious of you not to blame me for my feelings.

I am sure the guy you punch in the face is very happy to hear you do not blame him for hurting, either.

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