To all true Matari! Danger stalks our people!

Sons and daughters of Matar,

The history of our time is written in blood. By resisting the Amarrian reclamation of Floseswin, by destroying the armies they sought to use to press-gang our brothers and sisters into bondage, we were fighting for our very existence, our freedom and the need to prove for all to see that we are strong enough to protect our homes and our people.

However, that message has not reached all ears. Even now, as the dust settles on Floseswin IV, The Triglavian Collective, cold, soulless, bereft of tattoos, caring for naught but blood-sport, slink out of their Abyssal holes to prey upon those whom they perceive as weak and divided! Through their conduits, they come into our systems to despoil them, leaving not even the suns that have blessed us with light and warmth for uncountable generations unmolested! I have traveled the cluster and seen the state of darkness that prevails in the systems they leave in their wake:

Some of you have called EDENCOM an Amarrian plot to subjugate our people. I do not claim to possess the political savvy to say whether it is so, nor is it my place as a warrior to argue political matters, but having fought both the Amarr Empire and the Triglavian Collective, I will say this: If the Amarr Empire is a cancer, sapping our strength and corrupting our children, then the Triglavian collective is a stroke, appearing when least expected, and leaving nothing but death and suffering in it’s wake. In this dark hour we cannot let well-deserved hatred for an ancestral foe which has brought us nothing but pain blind us to the mad beasts on our doorstep.

Therefore I say to all true Matari: Stand up, stand up and fight! Fight for our republic! Fight for your tribes, your clans, your families! Fight for everything you hold dear, before it is lost! If it is a test of strength they want, then let us grab them by the testes and hurl them back into the dark whence they came!


Since you refer to something I have too suspected, and considering where you link, let me state this:

I am absolutely 100% certain that EDENCOM Defense Initiative is in fact not an Amarr plot.



Outstanding addendum, sister from another mister. Onwards to victory!

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Thank you for this statement! I’ve been in Aldik and I swear by the spirits, it’s the most terrifying stuff I’ve ever seen. Visit Aldik and see with your own eyes what the Triglavians are doing there if you have any unease with Edencom.
Not 100 barking slaver hounds could hunt me back into that System.

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Nice words…

Amarrians, Concord, Edencom and the Triglavians are all enemies of freedom and legitimate targets in to Ushra’Khan. Neutral capsuleers in the warzone will as usual be KOS no matter what colour Amarrian flag they fly.


Pol, get over your hard-on for shooting absolutely anyone you can, huh?

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I am an EDI pilot. I have never once taken an order from anyone. Strong suggestions, sure, but in EDI all have the freedom to fight as they wish.
And in certain cases, to die as they wish, when certain suggestions are not heeded.
Nevertheless, EDENCOM Defense Initiative has never claimed any kind of control over their pilots. We have capsuleers from all Four Peoples, men and women from both sides of whichever war you care to pick.

I will do what is right, no matter the danger, but I must ask you to reconsider your stance, cousin.

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I can’t argue against your point regarding Amarrians, CONCORD/EDENCOM, and the Triglavian Collective all being enemies of our people, if not directly, certainly indirectly.

But I will state as clearly as I can that the organized anti-Triglavian initiative currently putting in arduous and difficult work to defend Frerstorn are not only not enemies, but are very likely to be commanded by some of your oldest allies, so perhaps making contact is in order, rather than blustering on IGS?


No blustering Altaen, just stating some facts. It is a warzone after all. Our Allies are blue and therefore would not be engaged.

Yes, it’s a warzone. One of the warring factions wants to destroy Minmatar sun’s and slaughter Minmatar people. Another of the factions (the one I’m aligned with) is fighting to prevent this and protect our people.

As a former militia pilot I understand that sometimes “shoot first, ask questions later” is the only workable option, even if it means you occasionally shoot people who did nothing wrong and whose purpose and objectives you support.

That being said, I have two questions for you:

  1. Do represent the Ushra’Khan alliance in an official capacity?

  2. If so, if a capsuleer is 1. engaged in visible combat against Triglavian forces, 2. not in the process of performing any action that hurts the position of the Republic or its ally the Federation in their respective militia wars, 3. committing no aggressive act against any Ushra’Khan member, or any member of the Minmatar or Gallente militias who did not aggress him first, and 4. not otherwise committing an aggressive action against the Republic, then, under Ushra’Khan’s rules of engagement, is the anti-Triglavian capsuleer a valid target?

If the answer to both of these questions is “Yes”, then I will have to set the Ushra’Khan alliance ‘red’, for being avowed enemies of the Republic and the Minmatar people.


Please. This is not what we need. Let diplomacy work first. For the record, no, Pol is not not U’K diplomacy.

Pol, brother, take a step back. I do love you but political nuance is not really your strong suit. If the triglavians invade, no one will have the system but them - not we either. People are trying to help. Let them.


Not being political, nuanced or otherwise Else… Just stating facts. If people are “helping” in the warzone and are blue to Ushra’Khan there will be no issues, if they are neutral they are legitimate targets as we don’t ask people what they are doing before shooting them.

Its not that hard to grasp and pretty normal operations for a FW alliance as Jesoph said “Onwards to Victory”

I’ve flown in fleets with members of Electus Matari, in anti-triglavian operations in Minmatar space.

So, EM is blue to U’K (I assume, primarily for the sake of argument).
I, am neutral.
So, I’m flying a Scythe, and repping a couple EM ships during an anti-Trig operation.
And in comes Pol, and seeing that I am neutral, blasts me, because I am neutral and EM is blue. Thereby denying the EM ships the benefits of my logi efforts, and causing the anti-Trig operation to fail, and a Minmatar system to fall into the gripping appendages of the Triglavians.

Well, if that’s the way you want to do things. You do you.

For the public record, Ushra’Khan diplomacy has been notified and is working on the issue. Until a statement from the alliance, I advice everyone to not be provoked when provoked.


But how can one not be provoked when confronted by Pol’s magnificently smooth and round head ?

Valerie I would never shoot you nor would I engage a EM fleet actively engaging Trigs. But there a lots of examples were a neutral capsuleer on Trig or Edencom side in warzone could be engaged by Ushra’Khan. This isn’t something new, I was just clarifying incase some neutral thinks they are safe in the warzone because there is some half arsed invasion.


Well, generally, the Trigs attempt a three-buttocked invasion, rather than a single one. So not really half-arsed.

Good case for NRDS, it’s much more welcoming to 3rd party help AND you simply mark Red when a neutral proves otherwise, for next time. Would be cool if U’K would try it again.


I admire the bombast and sense of drama, and I agree with some of what little substance there is; like all pronouncements though, context is all.

Your allegiance is to an organisation who have spent over a decade undermining every prescient or responsible choice the Republic has taken; who by direct action, support of Muritor’s Defiants, and by their indelible influence upon the Bloody Hands of Matar have been inestimably damaging to the prospect of any lasting peace.

Now, as the seeds your own organisation helped to plant bear fruit, you stand beneath the bloody hand, with no clear sense of irony telling the rest of us to defend the same Republic your predecessors so frequently condemned from a threat they played an outsize part in bringing to pass.

The history of Ushra’Khan is not only written, but steeped in blood, Minmatar and Amarr; while Pol Macsliebh is a grotesque caricature of everything the Republic’s enemies would make of us, you are worse, knowingly or otherwise you are sanitising the atrocities of your past and present comrades.

Context is Jes has been fighting the triglavians pretty much all his waking time since the invasions started. He’s a new capsuleer and if I have it right, straight up enlisted from coming of age.

Don’t know if he even had his Mark when the whole Muritor madness went down.

I am no fan of the Bloody Hands, but even I have more grace than this.

We can quarrel about whether he flies with the right outfit when this threat is over.