Solved: The Purpose of the Minmatar People

For as long as I have been a pilot, I found no question more vexing than the purpose of the Minmatar. Why did God create the Minmatar? Why does he allow them to exist? Why did he allow them to rebel? Fortunately, by the grace of God, I have waxed great in Wisdom, and I am now able to provide definitive answers to these questions. Answers, I must warn, which will provide no comfort to the wayward and the abolitionist:

I. To be Mistresses to the Amarr
Even as much as they be twice rebels against God, tainted by sin unto their very bones, nevertheless has God made the Minmatar easy on the eyes of the Chosen. Is the beauty of the Minmatar only a test of faith? Must the Chosen burn with desire for the Brutor, Sebiestor, and Vherokior, desire ever un-consumated lest we fall into sin? God forbid. God offers us the Minmatar as a reward for Reclaiming, and what’s more, every moment a Minmatar womb is filled with half-Amarrian unborn — half touched by grace — is a moment that womb is not filled with pure-blooded Minmatar filth. Let us partake of the Minmatar, therefore, confident we do so in accordance with God’s will.
Nevertheless, remember that we are a feudal people, a people of primogeniture and sacred flesh, all of which is lost when our bloodlines are tainted by the sin of those twice-rebels against God. The Chosen must have no legal children with a Minmatar, and if they do have children with a Minmatar, let those children be put far away from any Amarrian inheritance; nor may the presence of a Minmatar mistress be permitted to interfere with the Chosen’s duty to provide themselves legal heirs of pure blood, nor may the offspring of a Minmatar mistress be permitted to stir up jealosy among the Chosen’s heirs.
Finally, only Amarrian men may enjoy a Minmatar mistress. For an Amarrian lady to take the filthy seed of a Minmatar into her sacred Amarrian womb — a womb whose purpose is to produce pure Amarrian hiers — is a sin which cries out to heaven for vengeance.

II. To be Slaves to the Amarr
Could any people be more perfectly designed for slavery than the Minmatar? By the strength of the Brutor, we are built cities and starships and towering churches that we might worship God in surroundings that elevate our thoughts toward Paradise. By the intellect of the Sebiestor, we are given new weapon systems that we might extend the Reclaiming to all the stars in the heavens. By the wisdom of the Vherokior, we have healers and magicians who defend us against occult attacks and curse our enemies. All that is left for the Chosen to do is fight and pray, and it is fighting and praying that most glorify God and most satisfy the hearts of the Chosen.
Here it may be objected that Minmatar Revolt demonstrates that people’s unsuitability for slavery (or even, as the abolitionists tell it, that the Revolt demonstrates that the Amarr have failed the Minmatar in some way). The truth is exactly the reverse — by their Rebellion, the Minmatar have condemned themselves and all their posterity to slavery without any hope of manumission. For as one of our best known Scriptures says,

The gates of paradise will open for you one time only; woe to the soul who dares to knock twice." - The Scriptures, Book of Missions 5:14

To accept a Minmatar back into the Faith is to accept the legitimacy of knocking twice. The only thing to which a Minmatar might aspire is slavery, and the Minmatar Rebellion was actually a gift from God — the gift of a permanent slave people.

III. To Glorify God in their Destruction
The Scriptures are so full of genocidal exterminations of the Udorian people that to deny that is glorified in the destruction of the Wicked is difficult even for the most determined wayward abolitionist. So also is denying that the Minmatar are more Wicked than any civilization the Chosen have ever encountered (due to their Rebellion), and thus that God is more glorified in the destruction of the Minmatar than any Wicked ever.
Must the Chosen, then, give up their slave people for the glory of God? God forbid. In his own time, God calls all Minmatar to a place he has prepared — a place called Hell — where he will be glorified in their destruction. Although the wayward and the abolitionist deny the reality of this Hell or reduce it to metaphor, Hell is actually a place of conscious eternal torment in literal fire, a fire that burns with the glory of God. The Wicked — the Minmatar — are fuel for this fire. Therefore, even as much as the Minmatar desecrate God’s creation, the Chosen should always console themselves by knowing that all Minmatar — no matter how wicked, no matter how vile — will glorify God in a never-consumed flame that ever swells as more and more Minmatar are added to it.

Thus we can see that the Minmatar are a permanant slave people given to the Chosen — to the Amarr — as Mistresses and Slaves, and when their service in those roles is complete, God condemns them to Hell, where they glorify him in everlasting destruction. Amen. Amarr Victor.

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Keep it in your pants and seek professional help.


You are one sick son of a bitch, aintcha.

So, @Teolisi_Joringer , a long time ago, in another thread, you questioned my motives on account of which organization I joined upon becoming a Capsuleer.

I think that if you give this thread a once-over, you might begin to understand why I did that.

It is madness like this that leads me to believe that the Floseswin war was not a one-off, and that the price of sitting on the sidelines in high security space is too high.

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If one thing we can infer is that gods creations are detailed, each individual however lowly surely has its own purpose, however simple that might be.
To discuss the purpose of a whole race might be entertaining even educational, but in every form it would be a gross oversimplification.
As for the use of specific Minmatar, while it is true that some level of deviancy is accommodatable, especialy smaller ones if those are the help of avoiding more significant ones, there are many outlets exactly for these types of inclinations, far more dignified and honestly, cleaner.
Even if one is insistent on pusuing it, one should not mention it, many would like to keep their non-nauseated state.

Well well, Mr. Nauplius. Faith is one thing, but science is another, and they shall never contradict each other. If your science starts to prove something that can’t be proven, it becomes pseudo-science. If Faith starts to claim something that was otherwise refuted by science, then it’s not a religion but some sort of awkward sectant cult!

Do you know what math tells you? If you change the order of additives, the sum doesn’t change!

It’s a bit different with biology, but still the meaning is the same. Whenever you crossbreed an Amarr with Minmatar, you won’t get simply “50% Amarr” or “50% Minmatar”, you get a Chimera, and F1 hybrid whose genotypes, indeed, would constitute 50% of each, but as a result will be NEITHER. It will be an abomination, and which genes will express will depends on which ones are dominant and which ones are submissive. And, no, Mr. Nauplius, being Amarr won’t mean having all genes Dominant! Otherwise all F1 hybrids between Minmatar and Amarr looked like Amarr! Whether they could look like either or like none of above!
Moreover, you’ll never know which genes the Chimera will offer for future procreation. They cold give birth to purebreed Amarr or Minmatar, or make even more Chimeras.

So I hightly recommend you to NOT do these things at all! And if you would like to allow such atrocious indecent and inhumane act from one side, it will be logical to allow it in the other.

What you have posited is nothing short of thinly veiled racism draped in the livery of holy cloth and packaged behind self-righteous religiousness.

It is not glorifying to God, it is not honoring of Scripture. It is drivel spewed forth from wicked lips as bile.

It is a disgrace.


Well, if this is the truth, then how comes not ALL of the Minmatars have rebelled? To my knowledge, a lot of them stayed loyal to the Empire, some as slaves, others as citizens. Shouldn’t these people be honored for their decision, and instead you want to punish them by lowering their social status back to slaves. Where is truth in that? Where is justice in that?

Speaking about gifts from God, weren’t 9th generation slaves released by decree of Her Majesty Empress Jamyl Sarum I ? Wasn’t this Will of God? And now you wan to undone this? Please excuse me, I am not an expert in Imperial Faith or Theology, so I have to ask you, how would you explain this? Wouldn’t it be Heresy or otherwise going against the God? Because I see this sentence in direct contradiction with facts that have happened already and were accepted by Imperial society.


Indeed, it is for these reasons, among many others, that what was posted was a pile of heretical tripe in deviation of Empress, the Theology Council and Scripture.


God revealed what he thought of the late Empress’s illegitimate manumission when he permitted a band of demons to “one-shot” her.

Guilt and punishment in the Amarr Empire is collective and generational. One individual Minmatar’s turning back to God is not enough to cleanse that Minmatar of the massive amount of guilt he or she has inherited from the Rebellion.

If anything, it illustrates my misgivings perfectly, the intensity of your reaction to his madness mirrors the intensity of my reaction to the madness of those who stand under the Bloody Hand.

You can go ■■■■ right off.

Dude, what ever you are taking. You should share with your friends, it really must be one heck of a drug. Maybe then the Amarr would mellow out…


Why is anyone replying to this? It’s Nauplius ffs. We all know the contents of his threads…


Mr. Nauplius, please remember how the curse works. If it had been lifted you’d think there’d have been some effect on me by now. I don’t think I’ve gotten darker since then-- less-so, even, maybe. Certainly I haven’t found bitter feelings any easier to hold.

I’m maybe not the best judge of that, but this kind of thing … remember, the curse works by making you think very highly of your own reasoning. It’s not specific to a certain set of beliefs; it’s aimed at ego, driving you to trust your own ideas before the Theology Council or even the Empress.

Just like this.


Oh my sweet summer child…

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I make due obeisance to your rank and honour, Strike Commander.

May I express my gratitude for this public acknowledgment of the sacrifices made on behalf of God and the Empire by so many of we Faithful. Many of my own gene batch have given life and blood for the glory of God for generations and not one has betrayed or rebelled against lawful authority. I am not the first, nor will be the last, to be given manumission for our service.

I do not expect this to be acknowledged so publicly by my overlords and betters (it would not be seemly) but to have once such as you, a hero of the Caldari people, do so is deeply humbling and inspiring.


Where to start, where to start…

You raise up some interesting, if flawed, points in this badly researched opinion piece masquerading as a sermon. Let’s raise some of those points.

Primogeniture and Amarrian Succession Laws

Emphasis mine. Primogeniture is defined as the act of inheritance where all of the deceased’s assets, titles etc etc are passed down to the eldest child. Such a practice was common across pre-space flight monarchies across human societies, from those that existed on Athra before the Amarr conquest, to the ancient Gallentean royal household to name a few. However, this system of governance does not, and has never been the default position of Amarrian succession laws. The Royal Heirs, for example, have designated heirs from across the wider family, from cousins to nephews and nieces, and Holder families each have wide latitude to decide upon Household laws and conventions regarding succession to estates and hereditary titles.

Example case: House Gallius operates on a modified Partition system, where in the children and/or grandchildren of deceased offspring can inherit partitioned shares of the wider estates controlled by the Head of the House. The Primary estate, Gallius Holding, which serves as the seat of the family passes down to a designated Heir of the Head of the House, or where an Heir has not been designated it follows Primogeniture. In this way, there can only be one recognised Head of the House, controlling the Primary estate and familial mansion, but each child can expect to receive some portion of the wider familial territories. These laws of succession started through traditional custom, guided by the principles of Scripture, but have been codified, among other requirements expected of the Household, in the Lex Familia Gallius (Law of the Gallius Family in the local dialect of Asham Azor) by Lord Abrahmed Gallius. As the word of a Holder, this text carries the weight of law upon our family members, with disputes being arbitrated by the Head of the House.

From the example above, and with the example of the Royal Heirs and many, many, many other Holder families through history, we can see that inheritance practices across our great society are far, far more complex than your uneducated commoner’s assumption presumes. I highly recommend the ancient treatise on Holder rights and responsibilities by Cardinal-Inquisitor Ibda Mashun. At a few hundred chapters long, it should prove some good light reading for you.

Sacred Flesh

This is just wrong. Completely and utterly wrong. The Royal Heir Families under the writ of legal canon and Scriptural guidance regarding Imperial succession are the ones under the defined legal requirement to follow Sacred Flesh. Let us not forget that Sacred Flesh specifically, explicitly, deals with Cloning and not Bloodlines. The Tash-Murkon family, and by extension our Imperial Majesty Empress Catiz I, are known to have Udorian ancestry, but so far back as to genetically speaking be negligible. However, if we were to assume your uneducated commoner’s perspective of succession were to be correct, then it would have been utterly illegal for the Tash-Murkon family to be lifted to Royal Heirship, and just as illegal for Her Majesty to be allowed to ascend to the throne, due to the merest drop of Udorian heritage from many millenia ago. This is not the case. Further, my own succession was uncontested by any legal authority of the Empire or my liege, Lord Sarum, on the basis of my own partial heritage, further disproving any notion of Empire wide requirements on bloodline purity. But, again, Sacred Flesh as a doctrine has nothing to do with bloodlines and everything to do with Royals being disbarred from cloning.

I highly suggest educating yourself on this subject by requesting copies of Civic Court rulings on the matter of disputed inheritances from Holder Families regarding disputed heritage. Again, the some ten thousand odd cases over the last few millennia that can be most quickly assembled for you should prove some interesting light reading, where in you’ll find it’s direct parentage and disputes over familial inheritance laws that prove to be the most common issues, and almost never a dispute over one branch of a family’s supposed bloodline impurity compared to the other’s,

Sticking your nose in other people’s business

Finally, you some statements regarding whether children born of an ethnic Minmatar and an Amarrian should be permitted inheritance.

First of all, I refer to the above arguments regarding your ignorance surrounding the independent nature of Holder family succession laws and the doctrine of Sacred Flesh. In short, a child legally recognised by the Holder Family will, Household laws and Imperial bans permitting, be entitled to consideration for succession following the rules of their family. Their mixed heritage does not by default play any part in this process, unless the Holder family explicitly decides it should.

Second of all, I have to say how utterly rude it is for you to come here in a public venue, spouting your legally deficient and utterly ignorant opinion about the rights and responsibilities of a child not yet born. How dare you. How dare you come here, in public, and question an Amarrian’s right to determine what is in the best interests of their children and family. That is a private matter to which you, an ignorant commoner, have absolutely no say in, and it’s judgemental idiots spouting clear heresies like yours that vilify hard working Amarrian parents. Next you’ll tell us all that spinal column restructuring implants, the kinds commonly used to treat a wide range of medical issues through all free classes of Amarrian society, are sinful. Or maybe they’re somehow ‘harmful’ because of the ‘psyonic waves’ they produce or some other hookum ignorant fools spout these days.


Mistress Morgana’s decursing ritual was powerful beyond measure. I am reasonably sure that the way I am now is the way I was meant to be. Perhaps the warm and fuzzy environment of SFRIM and your mistress has obscured your return to evil?