Outrage in the Veterans Community

Recent developments in the Amarrian capsuleer militia have caused great turmoil in the Imperial Veterans League. It appears that large alliance Local is Primary has allied itself with so-called “Kybernaut” alliance Stribog Clade. This is a shocking development that has the navy veterans and survivors community in flames.

As we all know, last year’s triglavian invasion resulted in the loss of Harva, Raravoss, Kuharah, Niarja and several other systems as well as countless losses amongst the navy personnel. The Sarum military circuit chapter, which suffered the highest losses in that conflict, was particularly vocal in their criticism.

Captain in the Imperial Navy and minor Holder from Raravoss, Khemode Hanaya, speaking on behalf of the Raravoss sub-chapter summed it up best:

“We lost almost the entire fleet defending, and then containing Raravoss right up until the gates shut down and these… These eggers just go and invite the enemy with open arms!? They have lost sight of the empire from the height of their immortal hubris! They didn’t have to sacrifice their family and friends for the good of the Empire.”

The theology committee has started drafting a prayer to the Theology Council and Lord Ardishapur and Lord Sarum as the heirs of the concerned military circuits to raise the issue to the attention of the competent authorities.

By His Will and as His Sword and Shield,

Nahtal Azaph
Acting Secretary of the League


Prayers. Speeches. Petitions. Behold, the caliber of service offered to the throne by self-described loyalists and veterans in our Empire.

Words are wind, and do little to induce our hostiles to abate. Pulse lasers, on the other hand, have proven very effective. Until such a time that we are instructed otherwise by an actual imperial authority, CTRLV will happily add Stribog capsuleers to our ranks in our crusade against enemies of the throne, be they pirates, minmatar, or pseudo-loyalist heretics.

Furthermore, if actual veteran loyalists are upset by recent developments, I anticipate that I’d have already heard of their displeasure, as most such individuals are presently residing in CTRLV.

Mikal Vektor
Supreme Commander of Allied Amarr Militia Forces


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
YC 123.12.13

FLOWROUTE SIX - Celebrity News And Gossip

= = = = Begin Excerpt: = = = =

. . . . . exposition and sales convention for the combat-minded today through Thursday at the 4-4 Commerce Concourse. As usual, the annual event draws a colorful crowd of mercenaries and pirates from all over the cluster to shop for everything from small arms to interstellar combat ship weapons systems. In a rare appearance outside of the so-called “Space Hell” of Pochven, notorious kybernaut Sahara Jackal was spotted shopping for planetary troop armaments in distressingly large quantities.

Ms. Jackal confirmed the truth of rumors alleging that she personally led a contingent of kybernauts to help defend a Local Is Primary citadel in the Metropolis region. “Yes I did, and you can check any capsuleer killboard registry you like to verify,” she stated. “Why is that so shocking? Did you think my beloved husband Kranacoi [Halvora] joined the Caldari Militia to support Am/Cal interests without my express knowledge and direction? The Militia forces of all four empires are engaged in an activity that is well-understood by the Triglavian Collective. It’s Proving by another name. The Collective and the Empires have taken a step back from open warfare. In so doing, they created an open space for cross-cultural sharing and edification.”

Ms. Jackal added: “Besides that - any engagement that involves shooting at [capsuleer alliance] Dock Workers constitutes a ■■■■■■■ public service.”

Ms. Jackal has been the “Paramount Executive” of Stribog Clade since July YC 123, when her predecessor reportedly disappeared piloting a Proteus-class vessel in abyssal space. . . .

= = = = End Excerpt = = = =


I think it’s rather immature to point out at someone siding with such insignifican threat as Kyberanuts while certain traitorous elements in the Empire dared to side with Minmatar alliance.

It’s like pointing out on a stick floating down a river ignoring a huge log… oh, on which also several drunk naked minmatars are signing Republic hymn while shaking Khumaaks and weapons.


At first glance this fills me with much wrath, but i think it best i consult Lord Shutaq on the matter. There are deeds being done for the empire that far outwiegh this and while it is not favourable, it could be a good thing.

Erica can’t resist the pun…

I believe that’s called LiP service.
And it appears the Kyber-a-nuts as Commander Kim calls them are getting it in this thread.

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Insignificant threat? How many high security core worlds has any of the Big Four invaded lately?

Now, I’m the last one to jump on someone for questionable allies. It’s a complex cluster and no one can stand alone for long. Needs must.

But to pretend a complex choice is simple by belittling the strength of a hostile force is foolish, and pretending a hard call is less hard because someone else in the cluster has surely done the same or worse is foolish.

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I didn’t say Triglavians.
Just Kyber…nuts.
A minor pirate-like group.

Though as for Triglavians themselves, they ARE a threat, yet this threat is way more passive (after the end of Triglavian war, when they were actively invading) than the same Federation or Republic, who are still trying to invade our worlds.

But once we eliminate Federal and Republic threat we’ll take care about Triglavians. At the moment they aren’t the problem.

What a way to sadden your fanclub and that of Remi’s by so putting down her organization.

But I take the compliment and run with it, I guess.

Honorable Citizen Ms. Remilia Malitia is a soldier of the State, officer and patriot!


I am sure she is. And the fanclub draws a breath of relief seeing you still care.


First of all, that’s still not my name.

Second of all are you, a vocal supporter of the Republic, really going to present the invasions of High Security systems trying to make the Collective seem like the biggest threat?

Only difference between the Collective and your terrorist government in that regard is that the Collective doesn’t target their allies with their invasions.

You will either have to recognize that capsuleer groups are not the nations they may pledge loyalty to or align their goals with, or shut up with that hypocritical garbage.

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I did not say the BIg Four not invading more core worlds lately is for lack of trying.

This was about threat assessment, not about morality.

Threat assessment from the Empire’s point of view?

The Collective took 6 of their systems.

The Republic took 278, without counting the continued incursions in contested territories by terrorists.


Well, it’s understandable that someone fighting for the Republic will try to make an appearance that their Republic is way lesser threat than Mr. SomeOtherGuyOverThere. It’s needed for their military campaigns against the Empire.

It’s way more concerning when someone from the Empire (or at least claiming to be so) says that. Because that means they’re either too dumb to see clearly (and for some reason fell for Minmatar brainwashing - though there’s very little chance someone is soo weak minded, dumb and gullible, considering how strong Imperial Rite indoctrination is, and how logically weak minmatar ideas are) or simple Shakorite plants.

Triglavians took high security core worlds last year, with attack mechanisms that are still poorly understood, with the combined forces of the four nations resisting, and only stopped because apparently they decided to stop, not so much because of a successful Amarr-only defense that forced them to stop.

We took 278 systems, yes - of border provinces, a lot of it barely utilized and worse defended, in a well-planned and luckily-timed one-time hurrah over a century ago. We stopped because we had no option - and look at Derelik now. Since the Elder Fleet, the Amarr have a provable capability of stopping us from taking more. And we barely scratched Colelie. Comparing our recent escapades to what a Triglavian invasions did is laughable.

Again. It is not about whether we are better people or whose past sins weigh more. It is about raw threat assessment of who to shoot first, today.

Do I wish we were the greater threat? Oh, how I do.

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I’d basically attribute that to strategic positioning of both fleets rather than sheer numbers. I probably will need to better analyze the grid when it happened to make a statement of how that fight could be won by minmatars, but for now I’ll just keep is as a hypothetical, because I lack data.

What is more important, Colelie for me never was an example of tactical inferiority of Republic commanders, or even of Minmatar firepower in comparison to gallentean, but as an example of why you never should trust minmatars and ally yourselves with them.

But, anyway, I feel like I am getting too much off topic, so I’ll try to get back on the ‘rail’.

I would attribute a desire to BE a threat as a significant portion of being actual threat. And in that you’re fine example! While triglavians - they simply show lack of interest or initiative to do anything against us or our Imperial allies.

Though at this point I’d like to make an explicit addition (considering nature of these boards and very high chance of some arrendiots jumping in and claiming I was saying that a pet furrier with a knife is the major threat if it wants to murder everyone) that the desire shall always be backed with ability. And the Republic is certainly not toothless - otherwise we wouldn’t be fighting you.

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Well, I am hardly trying to deny that the Minmatar Republic is a threat to Amarr Empire. Neither are our Edencom partners in the Empire in any way trying to deny to me that they are a threat to us. There is nothing unclear or any duplicity on the diplomatic level here.

Again, it is not about morals. It is not about liking each other. It is about threat assessments and who to shoot first.

Take it from someone whose people have dealt with the Amarr for hundreds of years: that is the only attitude you can take with them that will keep you alive.


Well, yes!
Though again, there’s a difference between shooting Kybers and TLF and between shooting Republic and Triglavians. To be honest, I don’t even think Kybers have any practical ability to do a lot of harm to our Empires unlike Triglavians themselves. And if we compare shooting Republic (or Federation if you may) against Triglavians, I imagine it this way:

Whom are you going to hunt first, a sleeping at winter bear that is laying in his den, hugging a huge barrel of mead he stole from you last summer, or way smaller wolf who every day jumps over your fence and kills your sheep (or steals your slaves)?

Well, maybe, just maybe you could consider actually living in peace with the Empire and forgetting the crimes that were committed by people that died hundreds of years ago?

Not fighting and co-existing in peace while living each other way without stepping into each other garden gives you way better chances of actually being alive (because, honestly… I expect the Republic eventually to be steamrolled and terminated by Imperial golden fleets - and likely with our help).

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These are the questions we each must answer, and the questions our governments also are answering.

I believe the opinion of my government can so far be summarized by this meme:


Even if you dismiss the fact that crimes against Minmatar people are still committed in the Empire every day, and assume no new ones have been committed since the Rebellion, the Republic is only 143 years old. With Amarr Holder lifespans, some people who were adults already and who we fought to gain our freedom are still alive. There are people in the Empire who consider my home, me, and my family their legal property and more who keep on calling our regions ‘the Rebel Provinces’ only expecting to conquer them back.

Honestly? So do I. The only difference is I expect it to happen regardless of whether we fight it or not.

Would you surrender, if you thought it was inevitable that the Federation wins?