Kybernaut message to Capsuleers

Dear Capsuleers,

I want to draw your attention to the following video that was released at 2000 Eden Time today. It is expressing a message of the Kybernauts to the cluster and especially other Capsuleers:

((All Credit for the video goes to: Buhhdust Princess (Organizer) / Sicor Vulpens (Voice) / Edvantage (Editor) ))

The Video was uploaded to GalNet a few dozen times and will probably be backed up a bunch more in case of Edencom or aligned forces trying to take measure against its propagation. It is also broadcasted by Kybernauts in the local channels of systems with an active Triglavian presence. I feel it is important to add this piece of information to the wider conversation as I feel that pro-Triglavian voices have been underrepresented at the IGS in the meanwhile.

If the voice-over is hard to make out, I can provide the following transcript:

We are Kybernauts loyal to the convocation of Triglav.

We seek glorification via guidance of the flow of Vyraj.

We reject the antiquated and oppressive control of Concord and their Empire subordinates.

Glorification awaits all Kybernauts willing to throw aside the shackles of their previous loyalties and join with our brothers and sisters in the convocation. We will extirpate all who stand against us.

While many prefer to characterize the Kybernauts as a loose coalition of Triglavian Sympathizers it is undeniable that we see a rapid development of structures within the movement, not only in military operations but also in social interconnection and identity building. I am very interested to see where this young community will morph into.

Digitally Signed
Scius Falkenhaupt


The last thing we need is more genocidal maniacs posting on the IGS.


See, this kneejerk-reaction is exactly the type of strawmanning and stereotyping that is the problem. Instead of actually focusing on trying to understand a foreign culture, they are directly subsumed in a faceless mass of “genocidal maniacs”. No interest in any actual asessement of motive or debate of arguments. q.e.d.

This is exactly why we need additional voices and perspectives for this issue.


When the foreign culture is to devour stars and attack systems, people and planets, I don’t exactly have time to try and “understand it.”

There were three ■■■■■■■ temperate planets in Vale. You monsters helped the Triglavians murder billions in that system alone.


Progress demands sacrifices ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

I was not directly involved with the liminal proving of Vale, but from what I can attest to from other triglavian activities across different systems is that there was no intentional actions against civilian populations. Neither in regards to space installation like stations or citadels, nor in regards to the planets in system.

Any and all engagements I was witness to were between Triglavian expedition forces and the EDENCOM defense fleets as well as associated Capsuleers and Kybernauts. It is evident that the Triglavians have a long history within the cluster.

I wouldn’t outright dismiss, for example, the possibility of the empires of today having build their civilization on ground the Triglavians see as rightfully theirs (“Ancient domains”) and regarding the empires as unlawful occupation forces. And I am quite sure that even if they had valid claims, the empires would probably prefer to not accept them in favor of their own position of control over them.


■■■■■■■■. We’ve known for a year that Triglavians have been hitting stations and planets and recent reports (read the ticker here) have confirmed that the Triglavians have been landing on planets, ceasing evacuation efforts.

Besides, there’s that whole devouring the star thing… The planets sort of need their stars to maintain life.

Just because you only personally attacked military targets doesn’t mean that you didn’t enable attacks on civilian ones. The blood of billions is on the hands of all who support the Triglavians.

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If we go by that logic, the supporters of EDENCOM and by extension the four core empires indirectly support polities that have a bodycount that is a few magnitudes higher.

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Those of us who fight for EDENCOM are trying to protect the people you’re murdering in the invasion systems.

But yes, people bear responsibility for their actions. For quite some time as a capsuleer, I directly supported the Amarr Empire and helped enable a lot of terrible things and as a result, I have more blood on my hands than I can likely ever wash off.

Now, while I can not be currently classified as a loyalist to any empire and think CONCORD to be fully incompetent at best, I have a duty to do what I can to save as many people as I can from certain death at the hands of the Triglavians. In short, I’m trying to do better than I have with the rest of my life.

I am fighting for common people who may live under corrupt governments. You are helping an invading military force slaughter them.


I can respect your dedication to your ideals. But I do think the blame you try to apportion solely to Triglavians is not so easily to direct as you make it out to be.

From all we know, we were the first side to invade their systems. I may remind you that the first confirmed direct contact was made when a CONCORD Cruiser broke into Abyssal space using stolen technology. Followed by tens of thousands of additional abyssal invasions crried out by capsuleers. I can not put a number on the dead because we are not aware of the exact crew numbers of Triglavian ships, but if they are at all similar to our own, New Eden based Forces have murdered likely millions of inhabitants of the Domains of Bujan.

Despit this fact the Collective has not designated us as targets that need prompt elimination, even though I could see such a stance as justifiable. This is in contrast to their sensible choice to regard Sanshas nation as a target that needs to be eliminated with extreme prejudice. The Collective even went so far as to assign certain classes of hive drones sentient treatment.

For us, they launched a series of trials and scouting missions. They did send messages as well. Their operating fleets did treat empire forces as hostile, I am not denying that, but I would argue that they were quite justified in assuming hostile intent on our part. I for one have not seen any effort by CONCORD or any of the empires to actually formulate any sort of reply to the triglavian missive besides the one mounted on a military vessel.

As such, while I feel that the triglavian way of going about their liminal proving and assorted tactical operations could be handled better, I reject the notion that they are solely to blame for the current hostilities while the New Eden forces are innocent victims of groundless aggression.

As an Addendum:
Leaving aside the wider consequences, EDENCOM direct actions have already a lot of overreaching and directly detrimental side-effects. I will just mention two here:

(1) EDENCOM has basically single handedly created supply shortfalls in many parts of already disadvntaged low-security space by disrupting itnerstellar trade on a large scale through widespread cynosural jamming (Without any relation to any established risk model for Triglavian acticity nor any visible result in denying Triglavians entry into the system).
(2) EDENCOM in cooperation with Upwell is pushing a new line of weapons that is by all accounts prone to friendly fire and has not gone through proper testing procedures. Rumor has it that a staged demonstration (as such, the best possible, most controled condition) of the system has heavily damaged present journalists.

If I fear something from this conflict it is the length EDENCOM might be willing to go to in meeting the Triglavian challenge with overwhelming power and without proper consideration of alternative solutions. Given the history of the leadership of the organization, I think we haven’T seen the last escalation from their side just yet.


Alright, typically I try my best to stay in my lane on the IGS and don’t spend much time posting in other threads,

But i got some questions, no accusations of your intentions, just questions and maybe an argument.

What the hell are you Trig supports even fighting for?

Enlighten me then, what are there motives exactly? What have you understood about this foreign culture? Have you taken the time to learn how to speak whatever language it is they have? I’ve seen many people learn how to write with their alphabet, but I don’t see a single soul who knows how to even pronounce anything they write.

Know of any cuisine the Triglavians have? Food is a big part of any culture, every nation known to New Eden has their own specical dishes that re common staples in their local regions.

What about art? Music? Media? Any kind of artform the Triglavians practice and produce content for?

Any sports?

What inside knowledge of their culture do you supporters know that us ‘outsiders’ aren’t aware of?

I’m a continue so you can just hit all these questions in one go

What is the Vyraj and why should i care for glorification by it? I see people chant about it’s greatness but don’t tell me a damn thing about what the point of being glorified by it even is. Why do you care for glorification by it? What’s the end game in this new religion?


You have options then

You have the Guristas, i highly recommend them - They’re fantastic people when you get to know them and they don’t have to milk any stars to break away from CONCORD control. We’re free as birds out here in Venal my friend.

Angel Cartel - Very spicy pick i know, but a very competent organization that has some fancy tech to boot. They’ve been around a very very very long time and have stuck it to the Empires and CONCORD longer than you and I have been around. Due to this vast span of time they’re even developed their own culture and dialect practically.

If you wanna break away from CONCORD, you’ve had the options all this time to pick from. I don’t NEED the Triglavians to get away from CONCORD, I can get that for FREE from the Guristas.


Capsuleers are basically megawealthy demigods. You’re focused too much on the capsuleer economy when we’re fine. What effect do you think the complete destruction of planets has on planetary and baseliner economies? We’re more than fine and can deal with some annoyances during a dire time like this.

I already said CONCORD was incompetent. Releasing a potentially faulty weapon line isn’t nearly on the level of genocide.

I’ll have you know, I was against us entering the Abyss and messing with them. That being said, two wrongs don’t make a right. Additionally, that’s sort of just more evidence that capsuleers are a menace.

It is possible that those of us who kept “diving” into the Abyss might very well be at fault for the invasions. It’s also very clearly those of us who are helping the Triglavians now are enabling them to destroy star systems. Allowing us independent capsuleers to exist was probably a mistake.

To be fair, the Abyss has been advertised by the Triglavians themselves to be very much a deliberate conflict arena of sorts. A literal proving ground, controlled and contained, and definitely not capsuleers getting unfettered access to destroy serious structures.

It’s absolutely not the same as permanently damaging stars, and by proxy the planets orbiting them.

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What genocide? The Triglavians offer us a chance to be free from the shackles of the Empires. We should welcome our ancient brothers home with open arms, instead of this pointless fighting!

The planets, dummy. It’s explicitly been talked about right here, so maybe take the blinkers off your eyeballs and look at the words that have already been written before making stupid remarks like that again.

Though I suspect you and your ilk choose not to read, or see, or hear anything of the masses ‘sacrificed’ so you can stick it to ‘the man’, so, whatever. Carry on being a blind, deaf asshole.


No one knows what the long term effects the transmuters will have on stars and people can be evacuated. I don’t believe the lies that come out of The Scope.

More of this nonsense. Proving is what Trigs are all about, right? They want us, as capsuleers, to prove ourselves to them.

Who in the hell do they think they are, telling us that we have to prove ourselves to them? We’re Empyreans. We’re effectively immortal, taking from the talking points that some pro-Trigs have laid out. All they’ve done, in my estimation, is die in droves to my missiles and drones, and cost me about one fiftieth of all the ISK I have getting lucky on one of their patrols that I can make back in a week from a Serpentis drug lab raid. They are arrogant invaders, and from what I’ve seen, the majority of their capsuleer support have acted as little more than cheap, low-rent copies of the most embarassing among the Sani Sabik that take the blood drinking a little too seriously.

I’m sure they’ll take some systems. They’ve suckered enough traitors to humanity in to their ranks. They won’t take it all, though. Try as they might, their end goal of wiping out humanity as we know it will never come to fruition, as has been proven with the numerous systems fought to EDENCOM fortresses and minor victories.

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The Triglavians have done more to combat Sansha, the rogue drones, and the Drifters than everything your precious empires have done collectively in all their years of alleged resistance to these threats.


Translation: I don’t care about reports that the Triglavians are attacking planets and stopping evacuations, I still think it’s somehow an easy task to quickly evacuate entire solar systems of people because I don’t want to be accountable for the consequences of my actions.

Translation: The power, money, and freedom granted to me by becoming a capsuleer has made me entirely oblivious to the existence of the baseline population. So because I still have some rules, I’m happy to kill as many people as I need until I have no rules.


Long-term? How about immediate effects? The color of a star is based on the temperature at which it burns and the chemicals it’s made of. This means that when the Trigs do their transmutation crap, they’re changing the amount of light and heat the star is putting out.

You know, that stuff that propagates at the speed of light? Roughly 8m per AU? Do you think temperate planets hold onto their heat all that well when the sun suddenly darkens? Do you understand what the follow-on effects to that are in just the first 48h?

You’re a bunch of self-important idiots, abetting the callous murder of billions of baseliners all so you can have a place where you think you’ll be free of CONCORD. Tell you what! You want to not deal with CONCORD? Come out to null. Let’s see your precious Trigs try their crap someplace where we’ll drop titans on them. Let them bring a World Ark out here, so we can see just how many doomsdays it can survive.

Neither you, nor they, have the balls to do that, pathetic, weak little puffed up cowards that you are.