[KYBERNAUTS] Noemata and Prayers of the Kybernauts

In the wake of the Kybernaut victory in Niarja, I was contacted by the leadership of the Triglavian Initiative for the purpose of transcribing the prayers of us Kybernauts, the noemata we subscribe to, and the goals we seek to achieve.

While this message was originally transmitted to EDENCOM’s leadership - more specifically, Kasiha Valkanir - for a more proclamatory purpose, I personally feel that it serves well in illuminating the motivations many of us have in siding with the Convocation of Triglav and the Detached Executive Troika, Zorya Triglav, in the ongoing liminal provings:

We, the Kybernauts in Sobornost with the Convocation of Triglav, cast forth this declaration.

With the procession of Niarja into Final Liminality, triune threshold has been attained for dazh liminality of target Immanences Gold, Glory, Fruitful, and Divine. This attainment under guidance of the Detached Executive Troika for Sublimation of Poshlost Flow comes in the gift of Kybernauts processing in communion sobornost with the Convocation of Triglav.

But do not mistake the prayers of the Kybernauts as desire for wanton chaos.

EDENCOM seeks to maintain the status quo - but this aim is in its very nature a hesitancy, a fear. If order is made rigid, things may indeed be kept from becoming worse - but there will never be an opportunity to grow, to step forward.

Zorya Triglav seeks to further their own mysterious goals, to claim and transmute our very stars into a form suiting the designs of the Triglav. The uncertainty of their prayers and actions evoke fear, and the dangers many cry to be their intent may indeed come to pass. But for all their actions, their creed offers a chance to grow, and a vital freedom. Once forced to take refuge in the hellish depths of Abyssal Deadspace, the Triglav developed a philosophy of proving and winnowing, taking only the best possible option in any situation, as anything less could lead to their demise. In the Collective’s philosophical aim known as the Flow of Vyraj, we glimpse the unlimited potential of unbound human will.

Under the Triglav, those who assert their will are unrestrained in their desire to reach upwards. No machinations of society chain them to the earth, no subjugators bind their mouths and hands, standing atop them so that they alone may strive upward. Nothing stands above; instead all stands beside. Every idea, every technological development, every being - all may only find glorification through proving against their equals, all utterly free to prove their worth.

Under the Empires, only those who claim the seats of power can achieve change, achieve growth. Those who do not, are molded into components of the machines of corporations, of empires - only free to pursue that which benefits their masters, only able to subsist at the mercy of those who demand their service. The Caldari are born into the service of their megacorps; the Gallente are given the illusion of freedom, only thriving by serving or stepping upon one another; and the Amarr subjugate themselves entirely to the unseen and unfelt will of a higher power of a different color, only to subject those beneath their own feet to the cruelest domination of all. Only the Minmatar, even through all their human difficulties, are on any nebulous path toward what the Triglav have themselves achieved. As fiercely individual and factitious as the Tribes are, they act together as one in the face of external threats, for the good of all Minmatar; yet even here, their oppressors encroach in the form of the EDENCOM Fortresses.

And under you, Provost-Marshal Kasiha Valkanir, EDENCOM unflinchingly upholds the agents of stagnation. You, a clan cousin of the chief of the Nefantar Tribe, Eleca Valkanir. You, who cut ties with your clan when they defected to the Republic, resolving instead to stand under the banner of the Amarr Empire. You who believe that, for all its evils, the Amarr are a force for good, through the rigid order set in stone through faith.

A frozen river cannot flow forward, but the Empires obstinately build themselves atop the ice. We Kybernauts see the cracks forming. Freedom from mortality brings with it a desire to step forward - and as mortals continue to breach the threshold of apotheosis, with a pace growing exponentially in the wake of the Ascension project and the advent of Alpha clones, the pressures of the forward tide will build without end. They cannot be held back in perpetuity; without a release, the ice will inevitably break.

The Triglav have breached the surface of their no-longer safe domain to reclaim a foothold in the cluster they once inhabited. Their greatest enemies are the same as ours; they seek to erase the slavemind hordes of Nation, and to rise to meet the stoically ruthless Vigilant Tyrannos. The direction which they believe to be the only proper path, their Flow of Vyraj and their upholding of the sanctity of will - and on this horizon, we glimpse an outlet for the building tide, a pressure release for an ever-growing population of boundlessly aspirational immortals.

We Kybernauts believe this to be the only way forward. You believe differently.

Let us winnow the flow of our wills against one another; we pray for the illumination of all truths in this conflict, and welcome the full might of the forces you command in proving against those of the Triglavian Collective, and of our own.

We are Kybernauts.


Guide and grant the flow and be fit for glorification.

Obstruct and mortify the flow and you will be extirpated.

The flow will guide us forward.

Stagnation is the alternative to Liminality.

The correct choice is obvious.

We are Kybernauts.

Dazh Liminality progresses.
-Kybernaut Rusty


:red_circle: Sponsored by Triglavians.

I laughed at this statement. Under Triglavian rule, only the strongest can hope to achieve power, only those who follow their flow may be allowed to live.

I laughed at this even harder. Let’s see: What happened in Raravoss? Complete silence, complete obliteration of all settlements and people there. Everyone who dared to *prove their strength against the Trig Shits" was obliterated. So much for that claim.

This individual claims that under Edencom and Empire rule only those in power would be allowed to achieve change. Under Triglavian rule, even if you have power but it goes against the only allowed flow, you are not allowed to make change happen.
They also conveniently forget the numerous instances where people who were not in positions of power made change happen. Jamyl for the better of New Eden, Tibus Heth for the worse of New Eden. Even once feeble corporations like Ishukone greatly contributed to change for the better.

It is quite remarkable that only the biggest rejects of the Empires opted to join Triglavians. And Triglavians willingly took this scum in and now they boast about their strength, after all they did in the past was murder, subterfuge, steal, betray and annoy upstanding citizen.

It is exhilarating how ignorant and self-contradictory Triglavians are.

Can you be salty even more ? you have almost beat nala in that camp

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Oh? Really? You claim to have knowledge of this? If so, pray tell - go convince everyone of your “truth”.

Raravoss’s planets remain under Triglavian occupation. There have been no communications from the locals. The Amarrian industrial installations have fallen silent.

If all there was to it was that the Triglav simply wiped them out, then what of the system’s Holder?

Qilfim Ur-Sarum, Holder of Raravoss, Reportedly Seeking Asylum in Federation; House Sarum Response to Inquiries: “There is no such person.”

Majority of “Indentured Workers” Evacuated from Low Population Harva IV’s Chemical Processing Plants on Coasts of the “Quasi-Temperate” World

The holder of the system FLED. The Amarr have stricken his name from the book of records. He did something that incurred such a punishment as that.

We now have evidence that the Triglav are not trying to keep the people of their claimed systems from leaving; and for those who cannot leave, the Triglav beginning to bioadapt the populations to survive the coming difficulties that the effects of a transmuted star will bring. They are not wiping out populations.

The Amarr wish to hide what happened on Raravoss.
The spaceport on Raravoss III was destroyed; nothing like this has happened elsewhere.
In Harva, they immediately evacuated their slaves following attainment of Final Liminality
Would you like to know what I think happened?

My kin, the Minmatar people, are subjugated and abused by the Amarr; if the Triglav claimed a system where the Amarr are holding me as a slave, and the Amarr order the enslaved to fight for those who abuse them, I know what I would do. There is nothing but despair under the foot of the Amarr; as unknown as they might be, with the Triglav there is the potential for HOPE.


So you are admitting that bioadaptation is occurring at the hands of Triglav.

Oh wow what a terrible crime, the triglavians, trying to save civilian lives is a war crime according to you.


Hah, tell me where I ever denied such a thing?

This was known to be coming from the very beginning.
The Triglav see the transmutation of these stars as such a priority that nothing else can stand in its way; at the same time, however, they are taking active measures to compensate in some way for their actions.

Months ago, it was discovered that some populations of small colonies had been abducted by the Triglav. It was later discovered that they had been moved to environment domes on harsh planets, where they had been bioatdapted by the Triglav for the purpose of SURVIVING harsh environments.

The environmental changes the changed stars will affect will be drastic with time, and harsh.

If the Amarr had been claiming stars in a similar vein, I sincerely doubt that they would make any concessions for local populations; and what’s more, the Triglav are not preventing people from leaving.

Those who find a way to leave are allowed to do so; those who cannot leave are ensured survival through the same methods the Triglav use to keep themselves alive in the hellish domain they were forced to trap themselves in long ago.

For instance: if I were a slave on an Amarr world and I was offered the chance to escape to another Amarr system, I know who I would choose to stay with.


I am not Amarr. Your comparison is irrelevant and cannot be used to justify your actions.

Forcing bioadaptation on civilians IS a war crime.

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Destroying an entire system’s ability to sustain the life that already lives there is a war crime.


Zorya is way too mercifull with the amarr

I would have just kill all amarr people in the system

No one deserve to live if you are dealing with slavery

I assume you would just kill them all no matter which empire. Your disdain for Caldari in particular is palpable.


You have no idea how that “evacuation” was conducted. This one line news ticker phrase holds no information on how difficult this process might have been. You overstate and blow the “generosity” of the Triglavians out of proportion beyond imagination and reasonability.
Furthermore, Triglavians only allow people to live if they subjugate themselves under their rule without any opposition. Any form of resistance is met with violence and destruction, as the occurrences in Vale and Caldari Systems show.

The fact that they have to use bioadaptation suits and measures to allow people to survive on worlds that allowed people to survive before without such measures just goes to show how terrible Trig Shits are for any living and thriving environment.

The hope that you see in living with Triglavians is nothing but an illusion born from your own ineptitude and inadequacies. We will see if Trigs have any use for such a worthless reject in the end or if you will not just end up in their fighting pens as entertainment for their elites.

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Ok disgusting pet of Amarr, hey how many slaves have you injected with vitoc today? And the Amarr only allow billions of people to live if they don’t oppose them. How exactly are the Trigs any worse, I’m actually pretty sure they literally give all the Mitari slaves on Amarr planets freedom once they land there. You pretend as though they are terrible monsters while the Empires do far worse things on the daily. Your ignorance is palatable.

:red_circle: Not sure, are you in my holdings? If you were, I would send you back wherever you came from because I do not need such a toxic and ignorant being in my vicinity. As for my actual holdings: I do not need Vitoc for my workers and employees. They work for me because they want to and because of their capabilities, not because of their bloodlines or race or because of coercion.

Unlike Trigs, who are incapable of changing their nature and attitude, humans are capable of this feat. While the Empires improve and steadily overcome their dark times, Triglavians have trapped themselves in an eternal loop of selfloathing and darkness, which they now want to impose on the Empires. That being like you are drawn to this kind of madness is hardly a surprise.

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“They work for me because they want to” what an absolutely disgusting thing to say. Nobody chooses to be a slave, or be under a holders control.

:red_circle: Oh really? Tell me, darling, how do you earn your living? Stealing and theft? Which, by the way, means you are subject to gang bosses.

I see myself as a Liberal Holder and grant my workers and employees ample freedoms. Truth to be told, it is still the exception and not the rule, but in contrast to your inflexibility, ignorance and toxicity, I am interested in positive change for humanity.

Subjecting people to Triglavian dictatorship or their bioadaptation so that they can survive in their self-inflicted environmental degradation is nothing that I wish to happen to my valued workers and employees.

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Great news! EDENCOM reconstructed a bit of message from the triglavian internal communication. Here is the result:

The sound was lost but transcription deciphered was something about, and I quote: “too edgy”.

Do what thou wilt after a majority consensus of the troika shall be the whole of the Law is not edgy :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I suppose that wasnt about majority consensus then.