From the Kybernauts of New Eden to The Triglavian Collective


We are the Kybernauts of Pochven.

We speak for the Kybernaut organisations Kybernauts Clade, Stribog Clade, Interstellar Triglavian Collective and Triglavian Unity.
Hear the words of our prayer, and heed them.

Lack of communion winnowing sobornost Kybernaut support for the weaving of Pochven.
Lack of communion rendering existing Kybernaut fortification infrastructure untenable.
Lack of communion has permitted Poshlost element intrusion in the domain of Pochven.

The winnowing of the discourse has concluded.
Immolation noema realization on affected Kybernaut infrastructure is to begin in advancing-time.
Immolation noema realization on all unfit Narodyna infrastructure is to begin in advancing-time.

The Convocation of Triglav outside The Struggle is exhorted to cease the mortification of Sobornost Kybernauts.
Sobornost Kybernauts request communion militant for the extirpation of Poshlost Kybernaut fortifications.
Sobornost Kybernauts request advancing-time communion with the Convocation of Triglav outside The Struggle.

The Collective is exhorted to resume ideological proving restrictions on the utilization of Pochven conduits.
The Collective is exhorted to fortify poshlost capital element destruction reward distribution against Poshlost element interference.
The Collective is exhorted to augment its infrastructure in Pochven.

We speak for the Kybernaut organisations Kybernauts Clade, Stribog Clade, Interstellar Triglavian Collective and Triglavian Unity.
We are the Kybernauts of Pochven.

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Every time I read these I think: They understand what we say just fine. Our (published) translations of what they say are what suck.

This pig latin nonsense only makes it harder for everyone to understand what you’re trying to say, including probably the Triglavians themselves.

That’s all.

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Alternatively, the Collective could instead immediately return the twenty-seven stolen systems to their rightful owners and, moving forward, respect the frameworks established in the Yulai Accords and the legislation of the Yulai Convention.

Otherwise I can assure you that things will only continue get worse for you from here on out.




See, this is what gets me. You hitch your wagon to a group that says you have to always be proving yourselves, and that failure means ‘extirpation’.

You do stuff, they say ‘good job’, and somehow, you think that means you’re done proving yourselves. They’ve made no statements about Cladistic Proving ending. They’ve made no statements about ‘that’s enough, boys and girls, sit on your butts and enjoy, now!’ Rather, everything we know about them says that the punishment for failure is getting wiped out, and the reward for proving yourselves is the ability to keep proving yourselves.

Conditions of the test change. That doesn’t mean it ended. Things get harder. The struggle intensifies. Welcome to the next level: keep on proving yourselves, or fail the test.

You insisted that the Triglavians would make a wonderful new paradise.
Then you wonder why we laughed at you.
You wonder why we said you were fools.
You wonder why we insisted they do not care about you one bit, only that you obey.

This is why. Continue your sycophancy, your exhortations. Beg, like the pets you are, for your masters’ affections. Beg them to—and this is the most laughable part—“resume ideological proving restrictions”.

You had time to prepare. Then they made you more vulnerable, because that is how you continue your Proving: by facing more and more challenges.

To use a colloquialism: the going got tough, and you… got whining.

I won’t be shocked if this paean to weakness just gets you all marked for extirpation. Nor will I be sympathetic.

As for the Xordazh… yes, they’re big. They’ve also stayed in places where nobody can use those lovely titan doomsdays on them. The Trigs have carefully made sure you face more risk than they do. And in the process, like you, they’ve proven nothing in the end, but their weakness.

So REJOICE! People of Pochven! for the LIES of the Collective have been exposed! EXULT! as the shackles of your delusions fall away. LAUGH! as this ridiculously over-the-top section of this post drives home just how seriously I do not take you and your plight!

Welcome back to New Eden, Kybers, where just undocking has always been an issue of proving yourself up to the task.


All you are are posers. You are not triglavian. You will never be triglavian. Stop talking like the triggies. At least be honest and talk like normals. Stop acting like triglavians. Youre only fooling yourselves. They will never accept you. You will never be equal to them.

Edencome back. Eden-welcomes you. Eden is a great place. No more stumbling around in the poorly lit corridors, constantly stubbing your foot because you cant see 2 feet in front of you, or 10 inches below you. We have well-lit corridors. Our beaches actually have suns and sunlight. Edencom is just better.

Right on cue, eh, Culome?

Once more, you show everyone that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Not about Proving, not about Sobornost Kybernauts and the motivation behind their actions, nothing.

Please, I know you absolutely adore to listen to yourself talk, but do try to keep out of things you are clearly unfit to comment on, will you?


Keep on showing off that weakness.



Oh, Arrendis. You never fail to make me laugh.

It’s so adorable of you to think that we didn’t know exactly what we were getting into, from the beginning.

Do you think any of the kybernauts are fooled by you? We know damn well that you’re not even talking to us with this silly diatribe. Your audience are the capsuleers yet to make a decision about the merits of the Collective’s ideals.

And what is your message? "Don’t join the kybernauts, everyone! If you join the kybernauts, you’ll be constantly challenged to exceed your limitations!"

By God, that sounds like work! Heaven forfend that anyone actually choose the path of continual evolution over the safe and staid road to stagnation!

By all means, Arrendis–keep warning off the weak-willed capsuleers for whom the idea of eternal growth by ever-increasing challenge is anathema. They belong in the ranks of the Minmatar and the decadent corporate empires of nullsec, just like you.


No, my message is far simpler:

Don’t join the kybers, because in the end they’re a bunch of whiny bitches who can’t hack what they signed up for.


Oh really. Can’t hack what we signed up for? Are you making us quit pochven? I think you might be mad because you know what we are doing… Will work :slight_smile:


I don’t have to make you do anything. You’re the one posting whiny bitchfests about how life’s gotten too hard and demanding the Trigs make it easier for you by restricting the gates again.



As always, you presume far, far too much. You know less than nothing about us. You have only your own limited imagination about us to guide you.

We aren’t asking the gates to close because Pochven has gotten “hard.”

We’re proposing the idea specifically to ■■■■ you and your allies who dare to trespass on the Triglavians’ conquered territory.

You and your kind are enemies to the Collective and enemies to the loyal kybernauts who believe in the cause. You deserve no quarter in Triglavian space.


See, this is what makes you funny. Even the Abyssal Proving Grounds, areas far more securely under Trig control, saw their enemies being used as challenges to those undergoing proving. Why would they want to restrict ‘trespass’? That’s the challenge you have to overcome.

The one you’re failing to overcome.

No quarter? We’re not the ones asking for the Trigs to provide refuge and haven. You know, asking for quarter. That’d be you.


You dont get to speak for all Kybernauts. You dont even get to speak on my behalf, part of ITC though i am. You are in no state to make demands to the Collective, and frankly, if you have grown so weak as to make these demands maybe you have simply proven yourself not worthy enough. No-one told you to make the Domain of Pochven your home. If you dont like it, leave and grow fat suckling on the empires’ breasts. Glorification was what was promised, and all that was promised. The Collective delivered. Personally, I have only been enjoying the increased opportunity for proving. It is the very reason i am here.


You keep ignoring what I actually said in favor of your disingenuous misreading of it.

So let me say it more plainly:

We’re not asking for mercy. We’re suggesting a mechanism change because ■■■■ the enemy capsuleers in particular.

And one more thing–unlike you, the Collective has understood from the very beginning that a wide diversity of thought and intention exists within capsuleers. Not all of us think that the gates closing again is even needed. I’m one of them. On the other hand, I expect that if the Collective decides to shut you out again, the wail and cry of your little EDENCOM friends will be hysterically entertaining for weeks. And that is something I would very much enjoy.

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One that would just happen to make life for you so much easier, right?

Spin it all you like. Even other kybers like Ruubz there can see what pathetic little whiners you all are.


Again, like I said, I don’t agree personally.

Have you skilled up Reading Comprehension to I? You might want to look into that, Arrendis darling. :wink:

No no, of course you don’t agree. That’s why you, the head diplo of Stribog, is letting someone else claim to speak for Stribog. Because you know, I let people I don’t agree with claim to speak for me all the time.

And you’re not asking… you’re praying. You know, that thing that means ‘asking’, but only in the context of simultaneous submission by the meek.