Desperation of defeated Kybernauts

I have seen now, how EDENCOM strikes fear in Kybernauts, now its obvious for me.
Kybernauts and Triglavians are losing the war, and grow more desperate every day.

Especially after liberation of Avesber from triglavian invasion forces.

So, after a big amount of successes of EDENCOM joint forces, after securing another system - Avesber- on the new, extended path thru space, intended to revitalize many trading hubs, Kybernauts must have realized ultimately that they now only have slight chance of success when:

  1. They invade a Caldari system.
  2. Its not a priority system for EDENCOM, or 0-sec pirates disrupt the battle.

…and they realized that the future for them and their fauvorite scum - Trigs, looks very grim with each day passing. Citizens of every empire are becoming more disilusioned, realizing what a creature Trig is, and what it truly represents. But instead of Kybernauts doubling their propaganda efforts, they resort to the losers weapons that truly fits them, The Terror Tactics.

So when invasion came to Urhinichi, which is point 1 and 2 in this list above, Pro-trigs - realizing they are constantly becoming weaker and their actions less effective - had to resort to hate-fuelled crime, described by CONCORD as “ganking”. But, Kybernauts must have been very surprised, seeing that the terror tactics doesnt work on EDENCOM forces, especially the members of humanitarian support wing of EDENCOM that includes the most virtuous members of EDENCOM. What is obvious also, Kybernauts actions put them on the lowest level of any civilized and uncivilized society.

Trigs and their supporters have showed their true, defeated, enraged monster face, truly offputting and ugly. Realising their chances are growing slim every day and EDENCOM is growing in numbers and power, Kybernauts used suicide terror mechanisms reserved in battle only to those who already lost, those without any chance of fighting back on equal terms.

To the disgust of general public and State citizens, Kybernauts hate-fuelled terror tactics were used on the limited, but strong elite force of EDENCOM that bravely fought in a dreadfull environment of invaded Caldari space. Efforts of these EDENCOM soldiers, and medics, saving many Caldari citizen lifes, were making Trigs and pro-trig capsueer efforts gradually less effective, nearly stopping them even when Kybernauts mobilised everything they were able to mobilize for such a fight. What Kybernauts did, will in the annals of history put a mark of shame on the every monster-trig-supporter face.

At the end, EDENCOM, succesfully adopting elite tactics, stopped the Kybernauts in their tracks, terrorist were not ultimately able to achieve their goal. The trap they set up on one of battleships didnt work as they expected, battleship was saved, and with tail between their legs, terrorists fled from battlefield, like rabid animals, hunted by everyone. Battleship which was saved by EDENCOM will be presented for eternity as the proof of EDENCOM strength and valor. All terrorists were disposed of like trash they are, by CONCORD and EDENCOM. Ultimately the Kybernauts failed at the terror tactics too, which is a grim news to them.

I would also like to mention, that the financial support for EDENCOM allows for any ship Triglavians and their supporters destroy to be replaced immediately, more ships enter service each day. Trigs on the other hand only prepared a lot worse future for them in each of systems they will appear.

EDENCOM will fight more bravely and with more impetus, and Pro Trigs actions will bring to them only retaliation that will turn all the Trig and pro-Trig capsuleer ships into ash.

I look forward to reading inevitable public responses of shamed Pro-Trigs, if they dare to show, seeing that their pathetic tactics and desperate intentions were thoroughly exposed in this report. I wlll gladly see their worthless propaganda, and complete lack of virtues, and ignorance, which will inevitably bring them further down.

SHAME on Kybernauts, who thru their actions sealed their fate in New Eden and the terrible future that awaits them in retaliation.

Glory to EDENCOM.
Victory is Inevitable! :v:

Photo: Victorious Avesber Joint Ground Forces enjoy the warm morning light of the
saved Star.

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Kybernauts should rightly be ashamed of their open support of the Triglavians. They are sacrificing innocent civilian populations for power, for knowledge, or whatever else their individual motivations might be. As someone who has not only participated in fighting them, but also FC’d against them on numerous occasions as well, I welcome your enthusiastic support from driving them back.

That said, to condemn them for so-called ‘ganking’ is… questionable, to say the least. We supporters of EDENCOM have engaged-and will continue to engage-in so-called ‘ganking’ ourselves. In fighting the Triglavians and their Kybernaut collaborators, we have rightly left open any and all tactics which will achieve our goals. Feel free to call them ‘terror’ tactics, ‘hate-filled crime’, or anything else you care to. If I must engage in piracy, terrorism, or any other ‘unseemly’ actions to eradicate the Triglavians and destroy their allies, I will do so-and I encourage everyone else to be willing to do the same, if not more.


Beware he who fights monsters , lest a monster you become . As you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you.


While I appreciate the sentiment, I hold no illusions as to what I am, and admit it freely. I am already a monster. We are nearly all Capsuleers here on the IGS-and each and every one of us, essentially by definition, is a monster already. To believe otherwise is willful ignorance of our very nature.


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You’re a complete idiot, The Kybernauts and trigs cannot lose because they never had any systems to begin with, we have already won and the fact that you so called “defenders of new eden” have lost 18 systems with well over a trillion souls is pathetic.


omnomnom your tears are delicious.

Also your SRP doesn’t cover all your loses, no pirate/faction are ocvered they’re paid as T1 variant and up to a max of 250mil for a BS.

Please keep crying.

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It’s funny how edencom says they SRP all ships when their wallet is getting pretty empty atm, I mean they cant even afford to pay for their t2 logi that they lose.

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Hey Edencom maybe if you didn’t lost so many ships you wouldn’t need to have an SRP wallet, I mean us kybers made over 21 bil in Niraja. with each member showing up getting 100 mil just for a few hours work.


Such enthusiasm and ferocity these young pilots have.

In this world
Hate never yet dispelled hate

Do you ever stop and observe the ripples of the stones you cast in our common river?

When one sits in meditation,
one sees the people coming and going
over the avenue bridge as trees
growing deep in the mountains.

:red_circle: Red Dot sponsored by Triglavians.

Thank you for proving my points that Trigs are not liberators of humanity, but in fact genocidal destroyers of humanity. Good that trigs themselves revealed this to the greater public. It was high time that they saw their own nature as everyone else had long seen through it.

Hey maybe I would be pro empires if I realised that they were decent but they aren’t. The gallente rape female caldari prisoners of war and have no issue mass killing caldari citizens. The Caldari are homophobic and punish you for even slightly deviating from the state. The Amarr are obviously terrible and the Matari are terrible for acting like the amarr describe them, Their society bases all of your value on tatoos you have no control over, and they kill any amarr they come across.

I said they lost 18 systems with over a trillion souls, I didn’t say those trillion plus souls are dead…


While this story paints a shining star of EDENcom forces, they are themselves becoming liminal. Fleet communications of edencom forces were disrupted, not by kybernauts, but by sunken morale and desperate attempts to leave the system. Some edencom pilots even calling in to question, the capability of their fleet commanders.

Edencom do not fight for honour, survival or the chance to “liberate” their systems, no, they fight for cash. Nothing more than a bunch of useless, underpaid hired guns that are on the wrong side of a war that could have been avoided by acceptance and diplomacy.

I fear for you all Edencom, Liminality Progresses and currently, Edencom is not in our way.


The salt contained in this message shall feed the Clades. The Kybernauts thank you for your contribution to the collective.


:red_circle: Red Dot sponsored by Triglavians.

Considering evidence to the contrary by expeditions and examinations, what you meant is irrelevant. Trigs killed billions, subdued billions and now force them to live among their wretched, destroyed domains.

Yes and the empires conflicts have killed trillions in new Edens history, to support the empires is to remain complacent in a cycle of suffering.

:red_circle: Red Dot sponsored by Triglavians.

Not in the slightest. In contrast to Trig Shits who never stopped fighting and in the process destroyed their domains, New Eden empire powers have the capabilities to overcome these struggles. The best example was Empress Jamyl who set free countless slaves and started a process to reduce and ultimately end slavery, which led to so much conflict between Amarr and Minmatar. Emperor Heideran also is a shining example of how New Eden Empires can further peace and cooperation over conflict.
Funnily enough, the war against Triglavians can and will end up with even more cooperation of the Empires, especially if they do not want to lose systems.

Triglavians on the other hand? They do nothing but fight wars with others and among themselves, and they do not even see the errors in their ways. Whatever they do, it is not helping humanity - It is only causing more destruction and more downfall of humanity.

More Nestors will be extirpated if this foolish resistance to the flow does not cease.


Firstly you have no understanding of trig culture what so ever, their provings are not fighting themselves, their provings are for us. Sure they do have conflict within the clades, most famously being the choice of whether or not to accept rouge drones but so do the 4 empires. Secondly trigs are literally just doing what the 4 empires having been doing for centuries, taking territory to use for themselves.

Secondly Slavery still exists in the Amarr empire with Vitoxin still being used and Vitoc still being used to control slaves. New Eden is a hellhole for many and you cannot pretend that the empires are really trying to even reduce any of the threats. I mean afterall Sansha still abduct people for fun, Drifters still go into K-Space and Pirates still run rampant.


and wtf do you mean destroyed their domains? Their ancient domains are literally where the empires have set up. The Domain of Bujan are their homeworlds in abyssal space.