[Triglavian Invasion] EDENCOM Abandons Kino to Triglavian Invaders - Will Caldari Space be Left Unprotected?

On 06/08 YC 122, at approximately 13:00, the system of Kino - Lonetrek entered Stellar Reconnaissance.

EDENCOM and Triglavian Aligned Capsuleers (Kybernauts) quickly rushed to the system and began engaging with the Invading and Retaliating entities, respectively. The Kybernauts took an early lead in the system pushing it to 68% Triglavian influence before EDENCOM forces were able to bring the system back down to 62% Triglavian influence during the day. However, thanks to the efforts of dedicated logistics pilots, EDENCOM forces were eventually stalled and pushed out of the system.

At 10:57 07/08 YC 122, the system entered First Liminality changing its effective security status to low-sec. The Kybernauts continued to engage with the Caldari Navy but EDENCOM forces evacuated the system and did not return. The Kybernauts destroyed several orca class mining vessels in the ice-belts of the system as well as many other mining vessels, claiming full system supremacy.

One notable engagement that occurred while the system was in Escalating Liminality involved a stealth bomber being destroyed by a salvaging vessel. Six Caldari Navy Phoenix Dreadnoughts were destroyed by the Kybernauts during this time.

At approximately 16:30, the system entered Final Liminality and the star began to be harvested by the Triglavians. No reports of World Ark sightings at this time, though it is only a matter of time before the Triglavians deploy the formidable vessel.

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