[ARC] Important communication towards the Empires, EDENCOM and their supporting capsuleers


ARC is hard at work on another report with regard to the military aspects of the ongoing Triglavian invasions. This report will cover systems as they get invaded, minor Triglavian victories and the Final Liminality systems.

The collection and analysis of data is ongoing, and ARC expects that it is still going to take some time to complete and publish the report. Due to the implications of some of the findings, it has been decided that these findings should be shared ahead of the report. These findings are:

  • The time that Triglavian forces need to create new minor and major conduits in systems with a minor Triglavian victory has increased;
  • The number and size of Triglavian fleets in systems with a minor Triglavian victory has decreased;
  • The number of deployed Triglavian werepost sentry guns in systems with a minor Triglavian victory has decreased;
  • The time that Triglavian forces need to replace a destroyed werepost sentry gun in systems with a minor Triglavian victory has gone up;
  • There is at least a 24-48 hours period with extremely reduced Triglavian presence in space, after all Triglavian werepost sentry guns and Triglavian fleets have been destroyed in a Final Liminality system;
  • Triglavian forces seem to prioritize replacing wereposts in asteroid belts over other locations in a system.

Based on the above findings, it is plausible the Triglavian Collective are suffering a reduction in their overall fighting strength. In order to be able to keep invading systems, the Triglavian Collective seem to be forced to prioritize reinforcing and replenishing the invading forces at the expense of systems with a minor Triglavian victory and Final Liminality systems.
This would mean that once the (in case of Final Liminality significant) Triglavian forces in space are destroyed, little effort is needed to maintain space superiority against the Triglavian Collective. This presents a golden opportunity to break the iron grip of the Triglavian Collective on Final Liminality systems, evacuate people, and to disrupt Triglavian operations in both Final Liminality and minor victory systems.

ARC believes that if capsuleer forces destroy the Triglavian forces in space, the Empires and EDENCOM should be able to follow up and evacuate the people who are still stranded in Final Liminality systems and systems with a minor Triglavian victory. Once evacuation of the people is complete, much needed equipment, supplies and other resources could be recovered for the relevant Empire. This would benefit all of the Empires in general and the Caldari State in particular.
Should it be impossible to recover parts or all of the equipment, supplies and other resources, they should be destroyed to deny it to the Triglavian Collective.

In order for this to succeed, capsuleer support will be crucial in overcoming the Triglavian forces and securing space superiority to enable evacuation and recovery and/or denial efforts from the Empires and EDENCOM.

The biggest unknown is how pro-Triglavian capsuleers will react. ARC believes it is prudent to be fully prepared to fight against pro-Triglavian forces, despite the largest faction of pro-Triglavian forces having shown that, if certain conditions are met, it will not oppose humanitarian missions.


(ARC Fleet Commander)
(CONCORD Loyalist)


Wait, is this a proposal to destroy resources that would be used by Triglavians and the people that did not leave the planet?

Are conquered civilians included in the scorched earth approach?


You cannot expect everyone that’s under Trig occupation to even want to leave their homes. Base liners especially those that live on those planets have nothing in terms of capital compared to us meaning it’s not like they can just leave. So for you to just destroy any supplies and resources on those planets makes you far worse then the Triglavians.

I can’t help but wonder how you would jump to that conclusion when it is clearly stated that the evacuation of people comes before the recovery or denial of any equipment, supplies and other resources. This, combined with people clearly not being listed, should answer your question.


It was a question, not a conclusion. I asked precisely to confirm, for it seemed odd.

Thank you for the clarification.

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It is important that we capsuleers remember our place and that the final authority clearly lies with the Empires. It are their citizens and it’s their equipment, supplies and other resources. They will have to decide on how they wish to proceed if capsuleer efforts create the opportunity to act.

I believe that the Empires will not abandon their citizens by leaving them inside Final Liminality systems if they can be evacuated or to let them fend for themselves once they are evacuated.

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