Triglavians and Edencom decide to leave Avesber to it own devices

The local population and cooperating multi-national anti-triglavian forces decisively dominated the field in the first phase of the battle for system of Avesber. Breaking from their normal pattern of escalating the invasion upon their foothold in a potential liminality system being threatened, the Triglavians instead decreased their rate of attack. They seem now to have little interest in securing the system despite its great asteroid belts.

Apparently after a long string of defeats and failures in Minmatar space the Triglavians recognize the futility of invading Minmatar territory and would prefer to instead reserve their expensive Zorya’s fleets for better prospects.

Recognizing the weakness of the Triglavian push, and perhaps being aware of the concern about edencom’s amarian bias, edencom has stopped cynoing new ship into the system entirely, trusting the locals to do the job of securing the system.

I applaud this outcome and would encourage the Triglavian to learn this lesson well: “Never invade Minmatar space”


I think it’s more likely they finally realized Minmatar space isn’t worth invading seriously.

If only the amarri would realize this, all would be peachy keen…

oh well, caldari is our new spank toy, nothing lost here

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Except Avesber

yeah woooo, a mimmatar space, i am so sad that we lost that

Truly sad

Oh, look. A new liminality caldari spawn :slight_smile:

I love red herring too… :roll_eyes:

Breaking News: Triglavians discover duct tape is incompatible with their ship designs

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I don’t know. Some folks might joke that the Draugur is just a Kikimora duct taped back in one piece.

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