The Caldari Navy is a joke

Any capsuleer has tried to defend a Caldari system being invaded by the Triglavian Collective knows exactly what I am referring to.

If equally-sized fleets of Triglavian and Caldari Navy forces meet, the Triglavians will win every time. It’s so predictable, it might as well be a natural law. All-too-often, Navy forces just sit still as Triglavians blow them up one by one. They don’t shoot back, they don’t move to keep up transversal, they don’t even try to warp off and escape. They just sit there and die.

At this point, the general sentiment among many of the capsuleers actively fighting Triglavian forces, myself included, is to deprioritize the defense of Caldari systems. We have limited resources and can’t save every system. If we have to choose between defending a system where the playing field is even or one where our nominal non-capsuleer allies might as well not exist, we choose the fight we’re most likely to win.


Actually the Amarr have suffered the greatest number of invasions.

I am also very disappointed by the performance of the Navy. Where is the most modern fleet in the cluster? The one that can punch far above its weight and win against any of the other three powers? The Imperial Navy, the Federation Navy, and yes even the rag tag Republic Fleet Navy all manage to at least hold their own and inflict casualties on the triangular invaders.

I am, frankly, ashamed of the time I spent in the Navy and as contractor to the Spacelane Patrol. Something is rotten in the State.

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The highest number of Invasions and they fare the best against the trigs. Amarr Navy ewar and capacitor warfare proves very successful against the trigs. The damage absorption and repair capabilities are also better compared to Caldari Navy by orders of magnitude.

The most hilarious thing is that private enterprise fleets from Minedrill, Ducia and so on fight much better against these trigs than the actual Navy.

So far the Caldari Navy is a disgrace. An absolute disaster.


The Triglavians have proven themselves really good at hacking, apparently walking through high-end security systems like they weren’t there. Caldari tend to excel at electronics and E-war, but … maybe something got into their systems?

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It is true. I watched a 20v20 battle between the Triglavians and Cal Navy and it ended with 20 dead Navy with no Trig losses. Anyone can watch and confirm the absolute dismal performance of the Cal Navy Edencom fleets. The capsuleers siding with the Triglavians have an easy time in Invaded Caldari systems. Anemic…

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Especially when defenders can’t shoot at them.


I am beginning to believe that there is some intentional sabotage of the State’s defense operations in Edencom with regard to the Caldari Navy ship depoyments. It seems almost destined to fail, right from the beginning.


I blame the Achurans.

Given the performance of the State against the triglavians, the Empire needs to seriously reconsider its military expenditure and fleet size. It’s apparent that we cannot rely on the threat of the state to keep the current status quo vs. the Republic and their ally.

It is imperative that the Throne take the appropriate action and recall to active service all reservists and immediately begin a build up from naval reserve and all available yard capacity. We need to cover our flank if the Caldari State cannot have our back.

The wisdom of empress Catiz in her reforms is becoming more apparent every day.

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Only in proportion to the space they control. Quite unsurprisingly considering that the Edencom Marshal is an Amarr loyalist, they have also been vastly more succesful fighting them off.

Really begs the question should the State even be funding Edencom at this point.


Indeed. It is painful to see system after system fall to the invaders. EDENCOM is squandering the State’s resources.

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Obviously they need to invest in Ishukone hybrid platforms.


I hold no candle for the Caldari Navy, but I am astonished to hear of their seeming lack of basic familiarity with their own vessels and subsystems, a lack extending so far that they appear to be acting as a static meatshield.
Where did the formerly vaunted CN find these crews?
Perhaps they need to dredge their own Militia for new pilots and commanders, as whilst they can occasionally be hapless in combat, they will at least fight.

In the defense of Samanuni, I witnessed many Navy fleets engaging the Triglavians, and they preformed well enough and won engagements. Moreso than they lost.

I have not directly participated in defensive actions of other systems, though. So these reports confuse me.


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