Amarrians and Triglavians

So, since I’ve been contracted by some agents in Devoid, near where one of these invasions are happening, I felt I should ask… is there some reason that those Trigs have all of their active invasions in Amarrian space? Did they attempt to enslave the Trigs or something?

It’s been around six years or so since I’ve last left my home station so I might be just a little ignorant of all the recent troubles New Eden has been facing, but…

I thought it was bad when the Ammatars had two of these at once, but this seems a lot worse. I’d figure it indiscriminate if they were elsewhere as well, but they’re not.


I believe we would like to know as well.


Captain Clyde

The Triglavian Invasions are not limited to Amarr space in general. Statistically speaking, it seems to be similar to the distribution of Drifter Hive wormholes. It follows the distribution of planets across regions. Amarr is prominently invaded due to it’s expanse across the Cluster. The Arataka Research Consortium is presently working on a publication on that topic together with Ilm Gaterau. We aim to release a Triglavian Primer within the next weeks. So consider my statement preliminary.

So far we have seen only one clear discrimination of a New Eden faction by the Convocation of Triglav. This is Sansha’s Nation (and the Vigilant Tyrannos, but they are a different topic in this regard). Those are explicitly mentioned as primary enemies to the Conclave. As far we know, this has to do with the ‘hive linked’ nature of their ‘enslavement’ practice. I don’t have the time to detail this further for now, but there are probably others around who would be ready to expand on this, if necessary.

Anyway, thank you for your observation. I hope I could help at least a little.


Haria Haritimado


Statistically speaking, Amarr is the biggest empire, so if invasions are distributed uniformly, there would be more invasions in Amarr space in average.

But maybe Triglavians just love lasers.


Frankly, I highly doubt this is due simply to the size of the Empire translating to a higher invasion occurance due to the statistics of randomly distributed attacks.

This is purposeful. To what reason or end should be what you and CONCORD adress. Do not begin sidestepping the issue and attributing the obvious to random chance.


Noted. I suppose I’ll be poking around the invasion that’s currently in Enka and seeing if my drones can’t blast these dumb robots out of space like I usually do with the Sansha. Or maybe they’ll be smarter and not just charge at me with no plan in mind like the latter usually do.

Your assistance in helping me understand these things is appreciated, Ms. Haritimado. Guess I never realised how easy it is to just relax in a station and ignore everything that’s been going on in New Eden until I actually undocked for the first time in a long time.

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That’s just kinda more evidence that the Triangles are targeting the Empire specifically. I do kinda get the feeling that Derelik is the most disproportionately attacked region (and there was some thread a while ago where somebody had a bunch of the statistics about the attacks which confirmed that).

But back to the point, I am inclined to believe the Triglavian attacks aren’t random. But I admit that I can’t really back that up besides pointing at the map you posted and sharing my own experiences with the attacks around Tanoo. Not like the Triangles are good at expressing what they want from us outside of “proving our flow” whatever the hell that means.


The attacks around Tanoo have dropped off somewhat significantly, admittedly, some months past. To explain the situation to others, there was a point after the invasions started where Tanoo was subject to a Triglavian invasion, on some level, no less than once every other week. We had almost a continuous fleet presence to try to fight them off. Then, arbitrarily, at some point, the Triglavians simply stopped coming so often. We haven’t seen an invasion in Tanoo but maybe once or twice in months.

There is no denying they assail the Empire disproportionately, though, even taking into account that the Empire is relatively larger. While Derelik has seen fewer attacks, Genesis seems to have seen more than its share recently. I’ve no obvious explanation for why, beyond that it may be a function of resistance; perhaps they encounter less resistance, or perhaps more resistance and that is what they seek. It might be an avenue to research, at least. Perhaps our space is, for some hitherto unknown reason, easier to travel to for them. I couldn’t say for certain.

I don’t particularly have the learning to help figure these things out; I simply shoot them when they appear until they aren’t there anymore. But I appreciate the efforts of those that do, and wish them good fortune in perhaps bringing these invasions permanently to a close.

It is an interesting question isn’t it? Why do all these precursor humans seem to have it in for the Amarr Empire?

The Jovians gave the Amarrian’s a bloody nose at The Battle of Vak’Atioth

The Drifters (who seem to be some offshoot of the Jove) assassinated Empress Jamyl

And now the Triglavians (who some also consider to be a Jovian splinter group) seem to favour the Amarrian Empire for their invasions.

It does all seem too much for co-incidence.

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Lord Newelle

Please let me clarify that I did not use the word ‘random’ for a good reason. I don’t believe they are random like a flipped coin either. What I was trying to say is that the Triglavians’ intention might rather be to cover a certain part of space with invasions, ignorant of any specific empire affiliation. And that it is very hard to make an educated and empirically sound judgement by intuition or limited observation alone.

Captain Clyde’s initial post was about the interesting observation that presently all active Triglavian Invasions are in Tash-Murkon, Kador, Devoid, Genesis, or Aridia. This is unusual but absolutely not unlikely. Should this trend continue for several days or weeks, it’s worth probing deeper into this. So, it would in fact be very helpful to continue to report the change of foothold systems over the next days here in this thread.


Haria Haritimado

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So the Amarr are getting bit of their own medicine. I fail to see the problem.


Depends on what they’re ■■■■■■■ doing out there. Because unless the Trigs are actually wrecking havoc on the Empire, all the Empire’s getting from the Trig invasions is ■■■■■■■ paid.

The size of the Empire is a significant factor. Don’t discount that. But I highly suspect the other reason is the sheer amount of unrest the Empire has been experiencing of late, whether it be inflamed tensions in the warzone, increased attacks from Blood Raiders, changes in the manner of rule, internal and external dissension, and so much else.

Think about it. Remove yourself and your duties and attachments from the equation for a moment. If you were an external threat looking to take over New Eden, which of the four empires would you target?

You’re quite right of course, the natural target for conquest is the nation with the largest navy in the cluster and a nobility already in the process of rapid militarisation. We don’t know what they want, but I’d assume it’s not easy prey.

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I think it’s because we’re the ones with the greatest chance of outlasting them.

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I don’t expect the Empire to fall to the Triglavians, but the salivation at the idea in certain quarters is short-sighted and hypocritical. The proselytising by others that they should be assisted in the territory of one’s enemies, potentially suicidal.

And the expectation that your Empire’s military might has anything to do with why you’re the easiest targets in the cluster and thus able to survive an onslaught is the stuff that pridefalls are made of.

Here’s a hot tip: My comment wasn’t an insult. It was an observation. What’s more, my job is literally to keep the Empire from falling. My Circle’s goal is the preservation of life in the cluster–and for our research and calculations, the way to do that is (unfortunately) to support the Empire, because it is so vulnerable at so many pain points. If the Empire falls, we will all fall.

You still say easiest targets as though repeating it lends it objectivity. Pride is a vice I am prone to, but it takes nothing from how seriously I take the Triglavians, they have arguably the most advanced technology we’ve ever seen, unless that somehow happened at random; they are a people who strive for something. I do not believe that they strike at random or are merely opportunists.

As for your begrudged support for the Empire, you address in part the hypocrisy I mentioned, even if by some infinitesimally small chance we Amarr are the only obstacle to the Triglavian goal. Those who have preached loudest and most often in support of attempting to weaponize the Triglavians are the same people who excuse a willingness to burn the cluster with kinship to Minmatar serfs, trillions of whom would die if their gambit was successful.

And is this supposed to be an objective point?

My turn of phrase is perhaps a little hyperbolic, but I don’t think the people you know I’m referring to would deny their position.