Triglavian foothold systems: Patterns, Mysteries and Blue Stars

Triglavian foothold systems: Patterns and mysteries

It now coming up to the end of the second month of the Triglavian invasion and there are still more questions than answers. I decided at an early stage to follow the movements of the invasions and see if I could find any patterns that may help in the defence of New Eden. What I have found is interesting if slightly baffling.

I have used my recordings and other data to produce a report which can be found here

I won’t regurgitate the entire report as its a little too wordy, but I shall go over my key findings

  1. Many of the Triglavian invasions seem to be clustered around particular areas more of which appear to be Empire to Empire border zones. Some of the heaviest invasion presence seems to be around the Genesis/Verge Vendor border between the Amarr, CONCORD and Gallente, and the Essence/Sinq Laison areas bordering Caldari Space. There was also a significant presence in the Ammatar Mandate close to Minmatar Space.

  2. The Triglavians have been seen returning to set up footholds in a number of systems they have been previously expelled from. These systems so far are: Sasta, Endrulf, Chainelant, Barkrik, Gisleres, Osmon, Henebene, Jakri and likely Kakki and Koona. It is unknown what the importance is of these systems to the Triglavains, if they are indeed important.

  3. More than half of Triglavian invasions are centred around systems with blue stars, despite blue stars only accounting for 10-11% of stars in known space. With only one exception, these are made up of B0 and in particular A0 type suns. Their avoidance of O1 type blue stars despite being in nearly as high frequency as their B0 and A0 compatriots seem peculiar and perhaps deliberate. Most of the systems invaded twice mentioned in point 2 are blue star systems.

I have spent some time speculating in the report, from whether the Triglavains are hitting our borders to test how the Empires work together, to theorising the blue stars could be used for making easier jumps to and from Abyssal Space. But this is mere speculation

I now open the floor up to you to discuss, criticise, analyse and strategise



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How are they about F1 stars?

I can just propose hypothesis that they are interested in the starlight as a resource, most probably for a photochemical or photocatalytic purposes, or just gathering it as an energy - photon absorption materials usually have peaks at certain wavelengths.

For once I must agree with Ms Kim. Do we have any evidence of the Triglavians could have Solar Swarm technology or something similar?

Firstly the invasions do not seem to be spread out across Empire or even Highsec space. Rather much of it seems to be targeted at certain areas, seemingly border zones.

Heh heh heh.

F1 Stars?

Like those yellow/white suns, or like the spectral class?

Of the former there has been no World Ark appearance above those worlds although that may be down to their rarity, however you may be on to sometime, I will have to take a look. At a snapshot the only one seems to be Deninard, the rest are all mostly F6-9 that I can see. I believe they are avoiding bright blue suns like Seyllin was before the incident.

Where is an Astrophysicist when you need one, heh?

Sunlight as a resources isn’t a bad idea. Perhaps that explains those enormous wings on their World Arks. Or maybe those odd shapes at the back of the Ark (though also found elsewhere) somehow take the light in?

Sunlight as a resources aint a bad idea. Perhaps that explains those enourmous wings on their World Arks. Or maybe those odd shapes at the back of the Ark (though also found elsewhere) somehow take the light in?

Part of me is still mulling over this scope report and that quote from Dr. Santina Ygrai and the “a form of lasting resonance or attunement of the local space-time of the core regions of New Eden with the, so to speak, fabric of Abyssal Deadspace’s deep folds and whorls of space-time.”

Could the energy of these blue suns be part of this process? Wish the scope got my than a quote but that’s life

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F1 VI-type stars. Blue ones. There’s someone in this thread with an estate orbiting one.

Specifically, orbiting that one, yeah.

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Was not Seyllin an O1-type star for a time…?

Yes. Isogen-5 was only formed, and only effective in, Type 0 Blue Star systems. The explosion of Iso-5 is what lead to the Seylin incident, and the opening of the wormholes.


I wonder why they’re hitting the Amarr and Gallente more often than the Caldari and Minmatar? Is it based on population sizes or some other metric?

That’s a possibility, but there’s no reason for them to be hitting stars in Empire space if they were just harvesting solar energy. Not every system in the New Eden cluster is linked to the gate network (or were connected in the Jove’s case), there are plenty of stars that have never been visited by anything more than automated probes at most. Given the resistance the Triglavians face whenever they enter an inhabited system, they would probably find it easier to set up an FOB in one of the systems no empire has a presence in.

If they can build those colossal World Arks then it should be relatively easy to construct a swarm of energy-gathering satellites around a star, it would just take longer. One of the four empires could probably accomplish it within a century or two, but that would mean diverting immense amounts of time and resources from other, more immediate concerns.

It’s not a new concept, the empires do it all the time. Heaven knows I’ve seen plenty of enormous solar harvesters in various sites around New Eden.

And much of the Triglavian technology we’ve found requires Isogen-10 to make. There’s probably a connection here, but the answers elude me.


Forgive me for my ignorance but what do we know about the formation and use of Isogen-10? I understand it is found in ‘abyssal’ space but can it be found in Triglavian foothold systems? I hear they… mutate, for lack of a better word, ore from its usual form to a more exotic variety.

I apologise if any of that is nonsense. As one might imagine, ores are not my specialty.

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It’s possible that Isogen-10 mainly forms in Abyssal deadspace that’s “near”, mathematically, to the T0 blue star systems. Those places would also be a good place to build the World Arks and move them over to our space.

I’m almost convinced some of the distant, barely visible nebulae in the Darks I visit look like distorted copies of the regional ones of the cluster, too. They definitely have similar colours.

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Firstly I would not be too worried about those O1 (also called F1 or F0) stars at that moment as they seem to have been mostly left alone as per the results accurate of 30/07/121

Indeed that is what makes this all the more interesting as the O1 types are thought of as the biggest, hottest, most energetic in K space and instead they are more interested in the cooler and smaller blue suns (though they are still hotter than the other sun types).

Its like climbing a mountain and deciding you only want to go near the top but don’t actually want to hit the summit? Maybe the summit is seen as too dangerous and they don’t want to go there, and I mean accidentally triggering a Seyllin event may not be in their interests, especially if they are in the system. Or maybe the conditions in the smaller blue suns produce something useful or of interest to the Triglavains… which may I think you guys may be on to something with Isogen-10…

Isogen 10

Its said there is a relation between O1 Stars and Isogen 5… so could there be conditions within B0 and particularly A0 stars that either create Isogen 10 or have an interesting reaction to it? Looking at the description of Isogen 10 (from CONCORD?) may provide some clues

"This rare isotope of the mineral Isogen naturally forms stable bipyramidal crystals in the absence of the tremendous forces that typically form the more common crystal forms of Isogen, such as found in asteroids or moons. Crystalline Isogen-10 can form in space under the correct local conditions, typically requiring the in abnormal gravitation fields that are found in unusual configurations of space-time topology like Abyssal Deadspace.

Isogen-10 has been determined to be useful in the construction of light but strong materials suited to varying gravitational forces and associated accelerations. It is possible this form of Isogen could be broken down into other isotopes but they would likely be unstable, and such processes would run the risk of unleashing large quantities of energy."

Perhaps we need to look at the environment of Abyssal space see if there are connections or contrasts to known space and particularly these blue sun systems.

To those lucky ones who have been to the Abyss, what exactly is there to see? Any suns or planets or things similar to K space?


On the Ores, as Ange des Larmes pointed out there may be a connection, but I too am not a miner so I can’t tell the significance either
So far only Scordite ore seem to be effected, which is one of the most common types so I don’t think that part is surprising. They are all normal K space asteroids until being morphed by varying degrees of “neutron deposition from the chaotic radiations observed near Abyssal Conduits” though one of them only seem to form around the world ark proving ground (which seems to bombard the asteroids with the highest neutron bombardment.

Talassonite - Found around Minor Conduits
“Light neutron deposition from the chaotic radiations observed near Abyssal Conduits have morphed the mineralogical composition of this Asteroid type, suspected to be formerly of the Scordite family. Reprocessing it will yield significant amounts of Tritanium whilst also yielding smaller amounts of Zydrine, Nocxium and Megacyte.”

Rakovene - Found around Major Conduits
“Protracted neutron deposition from the chaotic radiations observed near Abyssal Conduits have morphed the mineralogical composition of this Asteroid type, suspected to be formerly of the Scordite family. Reprocessing it will yield significant amounts of Tritanium and Pyerite whilst also yielding smaller amounts of Mexallon, Zydrine, Nocxium, Morphite and Megacyte.”

Bezdnacine - Found around World Ark Proving Grounds
“Intense neutron deposition from the chaotic radiations observed near Abyssal Conduits have morphed the mineralogical composition of this Asteroid type, suspected to be formerly of the Scordite family. Reprocessing it will yield significant amounts of Tritanium, Pyerite, Isogen and Mexallon whilst also yielding smaller amounts of Morphite and Megacyte.”

Seems you can get just about every mineral from these ores… though usually these minerals are produced under very different conditions. I mean Morephite is supposed to be ridiculously rare but here you find it together with ever other mineral. One can see when comparing Rakovene to Bezdnacine the neutron deposition seems to remove the Zydrine Nocxium and instead leaves Isogen as well as higher amounts of Mexallon.


On another totally different note I have looked though the various bits of information (age, luminosity, temperature, etc) on each of the B0 & A0 high sec blue stars and could not find anything that interesting or any patterns at all. Yulai is the largest B0 high sec star in existence, and Endrulf (one of those systems the Triglavians hit twice) is youngest A0 high sec star by a long run. All very interesting but no trends, though I suppose this is one less area to look.

Anyway that’s all I have for the moment


Pay attention to the spectral class of stars from Drifter WH. Their type is 100% the same as Caroline Star. Nowhere closer to a supernova

I wasn’t saying that it’s their final goal. This activity can facilitate some of their operations and they could simply find them with minimizing function of cost of deployment.

They have these new minerals, we don’t get exactly how they operate, don’t we? These conduits with awkward shape. What if it helps them to synthesize them with proper light frequency, what if other light frequency gives lots of different products that they don’t need, or what if to work properly these minerals have to be excited to certain energy level to fall into resonance? There are many possibilities.

I thought I would given an updated as nearly a month has passed and a few trends seem to have set in. As it wrote most of this the, Triglavians were swarming outside my home station in Cistuvaert. An alumnus here I thought it was safe, a playground for the newest calsuleers before heading into the bigger world, but no where is safe I suppose. Well actually that not quite true, some areas are a megaton safer than other as your will discover below…

Invasion clusters and non blue stars

As stated earlier more than half of the invasions have footholds in systems with blue stars. What about non blue star invasions though? Well its actually quite interesting! While invasions of blue stars have been spread out across (High Sec) New Eden the non blue sites have been clustered into certain areas. Clearly they are interested in blue stars but it seems these areas hold enough interest to the Triglavians they are happy to forgo their blue star tendency. Now at first I thought these clusters were the Triglavians causing problems border regions to create friction between Empires but now I am not so sure. Below I shall discuss four of the most prominent ones.

Image 1: Foothold systems on 11/08/121. Each Marker represents a single site


There is a high number of invasions in Amarr and Gallente systems close or around CONCORD space. Most of the action has been in Genesis and Verge Vendor, Esscence and Everyshore systems in the areas closest to CONCORD. Looking at the area on the 3D map is interesting as it looks like they are creating a sphere of footholds around CONCORD, rather than just a circle. Given CONCORD’s prominent position in New Eden I don’t find the targeting of this location surprising, after all it was at Yulia where the Triglavians seemed to have first contact with New Eden.

Gallente Cluster on Border with Caldari
This one is a bit more interesting! Here there footholds in the areas of Essence and Sinq Liason closest to Caldari space, and even one, Colelie, on the border of Minmatar territory. There has even been a case of an invasion in Gallente Federation that spread across the border and linking end to end to a seperate invasion in Caldari State. Many of these border sites have footholds in Gallente space with perimeter sites in Caldari space, so is it possible the Triglavians are trying to trigger the Caldari (or Minimatar in the case )to step across their border and possibly trigger an altercation? Seems an odd thing to do but they do seem very interested in how we behave.

A second possibility is they just have it in for the Gallente? I mean we Gallente are all about individual freedom which could well be the antithesis to the Triglavian collective. Unlike the other Empires were many of the regions attacked are in the borders some of our well known core constellations are being heavily invaded such as Patrie and Thoulde. Both Luminaire and Villore have been made into perimeter systems for footholds while I don’t believe any other nations capital(s) have been?

Finally Thoulde does contain the system of Seyllin, so perhaps that may explain Triglavian interest in the area?

Ammatar Cluster
This one is even more of a mystery as the Ammatar Mandate is such as small entity, but for reasons unknown the Triglavians have so far invaded in and around the Ammatar core constellation of San Matar seven times, in particular Sasta which has suffered three seperate invasions. As a comparison they have only Minmatar Nation space seven times as well, but that’s a lot bigger territory, so I don’t think this is random. Again as the Gallente example this is a border region and many of the invasions have sprawled into Minmatar space so perhaps they wish to see what happens if the Minmatar cross the border. The Ammatar are a interesting entity in that they sided with the Amarr against the Minmatar (if we forget about the Starkmanir incident of course), so perhaps this goes against the collective sensitivities? Finally I believe this is the Highsec space closest to the curse region and perhaps the Triglavians have interest in Jove tech though I believe the Angel cartel would have stripped much of it already. Whatever the case given how badly the rest of the Empire’s have been hit with substantially more resources I can only image what a strain this is putting on the Mandate.

The Devoid Corridor Cluster
This one is less of a cluster, in fact its only three systems that are close by, one of which is a blue star which they like to invade regardless. However another of these systems is Sasoutikh and is one of the few stars to be invaded on three seperate which seems unusual for what appears to be a backwater that is mainly used as part of the corridor linking the Ammatar Mandate to the Domain region. In fact all three stars are in that corridor, so perhaps the Triglavians are trying to cut the Ammatar off from the rest of the Amarr Empire?

and back to blue

The Triglavians trend of going for A0 and B0 star systems have continued and they still make up just over half of all invasions as of the end of wave 20. Now however a far high proportion of blue stars have been hit, of all the Highsec Small Blue A0 suns systems 57% have been invaded, and for B0 this figure is 43%. As said previously the Triglavians seemed to have a slight preference A0 to B0 suns, though they have recently heavily hit B0 stars making the figures closer to even.

I still can’t figure out what is going on though I think our best guesses are to do with wormholes and jumping, and perhaps the relationship between Isogen 5 or 10 and blue stars. The Triglavians did hint at some new equitment or ship a couple of months back in a coded message, and perhaps this ‘thing’ can interact with blue suns for purposes unknown, though this is total speculation.
Again the only O1 star invaded is Deninnard, which along with Manarq are the closest O1 stars to Yulai, so perhaps it’s not entirely random that this system was invaded.

Systems invaded on more than one occasion

The number of instances of the same system being invaded on two separate occasions has increased, and the system of Osmon in The Forge has the dubious honour of becoming the first system to suffer three invasions, followed shortly after by Sasoutikh and Sasta. Perhaps they are choosing to strengthen connections to some systems over spreading their invasion over a larger area? I have already covered Sasoutikh and Sasta in the cluster section but does anyone know of the importance of the Osmon system?

Blue star systems not yet invaded and patterns

At this stage all I can really offer is predictions on systems most likely to be hit and where security should be prioritized. I have therefore provided a table below of all High sec A0 and B0 systems
The * indicates which systems have been hit and how many times

Name of A0 Star Region Name of B0 Star Region
Pahineh Aridia Chibi Aridia
Rohamaa** Black Rise Fovihi Derelik
Ohide* Devoid Barira* Domain
Knophtikoo* Domain Jerma Domain
Niarja Domain Raravoss* Domain
Caslemon* Essence Zhilshinou* Domain
Aydoteaux Everyshore Ignebaener* Essence
Jaschercis* Everyshore Angymonne Everyshore
Endrulf** Heimatar Carirgnottin Everyshore
Askonak Kador Agal** Genesis
Jakri** Kador Manatirid* Genesis
Koona** Kador Yulai Genesis
Miah* Kador Frarn Heimatar
Munory Kador Kamda Kador
Geztic* Khand Sonama Kador
Molea* Khand Kihtaled Khand
Moniyyuku* Khand Moro Khand
Jinkah Kor-Azor Shemah* Khand
Kino* Lonetrek Talidal Khand
Elonaya* Lonetrek Misha Kor-Azar
Aderkan Metropolis Aakari Lonetrek
Barkrik** Metropolis Anbald* Metropolis
Polstodur* Metropolis Elgoi Metropolis
Varigne Molden Heath Gedugaud Metropolis
Jarzalad* Tash-Murkon Hodrold* Metropolis
Mimime Tash-Murkon Goram Tash-Murkon
Ahtulaima The Forge Ahynada** The Citadel
Hentogaira* The Forge Kakki* The Citadel
Outuni *The Forge Ono* The Citadel
Vattuolen* The Forge Gekutami* The Forge
Ala Sinq Laison Mitsolen The Forge
Misneden Sinq Laison Osmon*** The Forge
Stegette Sinq Laison Otela The Forge
Stetille Sinq Laison Scolluzer Verge Vendor
Eletta Verge Vendor Sortet* Verge Vendor
Gisleres** Verge Vendor
Vaere Verge Vendor

In regions not part of the clusters mentioned above, Triglavians seem to hit blue suns almost exclusively and ignore other systems, as seen in Black Rise where the only system hit has been Rohamaa (in fact it has been hit twice). This goes so far for all of Minmatar space and most (bar two execptions) of Caldari space. So if the Triglavians were to hit Heimatar, a region the Triglavians have never yet set a foothold in, I believe it would be in the Frarn system. For Aridia, it could be either Pahineh or Chibi, and so forth. This should be taken with a pinch of salt however, as Triglavians can sometimes break the pattern as they have done with the latest invasion of a lone non blue system of Atoosh today.

Of the systems that could be hit I am particularly worried about Carirgnottin as both Duvolle Laboratories and CreoDron are headquartered there. I really hope they backed up and secured their data!

For civilians in these systems as stated in the report and in my (unprofessional) opinion the best thing is hunker down planet side rather than risk moving to another system as the Triglavians have been particularly ruthless when they come across any space vessels while they have limited success against planetary defences.

Who has been hit the worst?

Well the ones who have come have came out least harmed… if invasion footholds are a measure of damage, are the Minimatar who have only suffered seven invasions so far, roughly five times fewer than the Amarr and Gallente. Next would be the Caldari, who seems to have been invaded half the number of times as the Amarr and Gallente, though still a lot more than the Minmatar.

According to my data the Amarr and Gallente have been hit almost as bad as each other, but my data lumps the Khand Kingdom and Ammatar Mandate into the one entity. If they were separated, this honour would go solely to the Gallente


That Mysterious Shuttle
When the Geztic system was invaded I decided to seek out the famous ‘True Immortal’ in that mysterious shuttle that floats near the blue A0 sun. The description from my ships aura stated

“The only thing sensors can make out about this ship is that it has some kind of receiver that interacts with the star’s natural magnetic field. There is one faint life sign, similar to a human in cryogenic stasis.”

Now, this shuttle person is a well known mystery but I had hoped perhaps if the Triglavains may have interfered with this star enough for them to wake up, but sadly this has not been the case so far


I have tried looking in this in more detail but to no avail. The chaotic nature of Abyssal Space could mean all sorts of things but I figure from looking at the Conduit site ore, Abyssal space is probably rather resource rich and the Triglavains likely have access to the same minerals we do and more.

Conclusions so far and thoughts

The same trends since last month have continued though they have just became a little more clear. Most the invasions are either in in A0 or B0 Blue star systems, or and when not, they tend to be clustered around certain key areas. However we are no closer to figureing out their motives however and more importantly to handle this threat. I fear the worst though and though I recommend civilians stay planetside due to the vicious fighting in space, I wonder if we should be prepared for mass evacuation of certain areas if and when the time comes. We don’t need another Seyllin incident


I’d also like to note that these ores are not accessible via the marketplace or Neocom search, which I don’t recall being the case a few months back when these invasions started.

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Wow, amazing work with all that data. My reasons may be a bit selfish, but as somebody from the repeatedly hit San Matar constellation, I welcome any information we can get on the triangles. Hopefully the trends you found can be analyzed and prove useful for fighting them off more efficiently or figuring out how to get rid of them for good.

I’ve been saying that considering the amount of times the Mandate has been hit and its relative size, it’s impossible that the frequency is a coincidence, so thank you for all-but confirming how I felt. But we will stay strong and not fail at this test we’ve been given.

It’s also a bit interesting about blue stars. I think they’re pretty, but I wonder what the draw to them is for the Triglavians.

Either way, let’s keep going forward together and kick the triangles out of all of New Eden.


Well it looks like the Triglavians may be changing the game! Rather than hit more High Sec sites they have moved onto a trio of Low Sec systems, all in Amarr space. This comes almost exactly 12 weeks (or three months) since the World Ark phase started. We don’t yet know if that means High Sec is safe from future invasions, or that the Triglavians have just expanded their areas of operations. I shall continue to record data in my report in the meantime, though it may take some time for new patterns to emerge
I guess I may as well give an update on the last couple of weeks of the Highsec invasion as there were a few of things of interest. Firstly a new blue A0 system was targeted bringing meaning that 59% of all blue A0 systems have been a foothold site. I wonder if this trend will continue in Lowsec?
Ammatar space has been hit again, meaning they have been invaded slightly more than the Minmatar. One of the current low sec invasions is also Ammatar space, interestingly near the border with the Curse Region. Who knows, maybe in three months time the Triglavians will start targeting the Angel Cartel?
The Azaz constellation was targeted again, this time in a totally different system than usual. Perhaps Azaz could be considered an invasion cluster in its own right. Maybe they just like Takmahl art?
Finally we had our second O1 blue star invasion, which was itself in a rather interesting location, the Enka Constellation in Devoid. What makes Enka interesting is that is one of the largest high sec pockets, the the extensive lowsec space you have to pass though to get there is also an active warzone between the Amarr and Minmatar! Why is such a remote location got such good security, I don’t know, but the Triglavians set up shop here for an invasion so maybe its important. Or maybe its the opposite reason, if the star did go like Seyllin nobody would bat an eyelid.
Alternatively they don’t care about the larger O1 stars at all and this was just a blip.

That’s all I have got for the moment

New Ores you say? Do please tell? The only ones I have came across are those from the invasion sites, but perhaps there is more to this

Yeah, it’s really disconcerting how often it’s been targeted! If they are starting to only hit low sec we may start to get answers to the why however. If they are targeting mostly around the gate to Curse its likely they are interested in Derelik simply for its proximity to the former Jove Capital. However if they are invading sites around gates to other regions, perhaps they are more intent on causing problems for the Mandate itself

If there was one thing I thought that could help it would be somehow hacking into those monitors at the World Ark sites I have been banging on about, but I don’t think we capsuleers have the tools to do this. I mean someone even tried using the Entosis link to no avail. It doesn’t help that the explode so utterly when destroyed so there is no data to recover.

However I think they may be monitoring systems in a way which may explain their patterns