Observations while fighting Triglavian invasions

Greetings to everyone who has acces to the IGS. I’ll keep things short and to the point.

I am writing this post in order to share my observations with regard to the Triglavian invasions so far. I have been leading ARC affiliated fleets shortly after the invasions began. So far we have succesfully sealed a large number of major conduits and succesfully overcome the Triglavian World Ark proving ground on many occasions.

While fighting the Triglavian invasions I have made the following observations:

  • The more the invasion is fought, the smaller the roaming fleets become. As a side effect: roaming fleets reinforce Triglavian forces at conduits less as well;

  • The more an invasion is fought, the lighter the resistance at each conduit becomes with regard to the ship classes. The number of ships stays the same but there will be fewer Battleships and more frigates and destroyers;

  • If there is only 1 fleet active to fight the Triglavian conduits in a system, That fleet will have to deal with roaming fleets reinforcing the Triglavian forces at the conduits and also face heavier Triglavian forces at each conduit. They will be facing more battleships, battlecruisers, cruisers and destroyers instead of frigates;

  • Multiple roaming fleets have been seen to gather at one location. If not dealt with, the Triglavian ships gathered in one location equals what one has to face in the final waves of a World Ark proving ground or an even greater threat. This grouping has been observed to happen at Custom Offices but there are reports that Triglavian forces also gather at the sun. I have not yet been able to confirm the gathering at the sun.

I would like to stress that these are observations made while fighting the Triglavian forces. I do not claim them being facts. Further observations and confirmation will be needed.

For the sake of fighting the Triglavian invasions, I will share the fleet composition that ARC uses as this isn’t a secret. Hopefully this will help others that wish to fight against these invasions.

For sealing major conduits ARC uses the following ships:

  • 1 Leshak
  • 1 Vindicator
  • 3 Drekavac
  • 3 Guardians or 2 Nestors
  • 1 Loki
  • 1 Noctis to recover equipment and salvage

For the World Ark proving ground ARC uses the following ships:

  • 3 Leshak
  • 3 Vindicator
  • 3 Drekavac
  • 6 Guardian or 3 Nestor
  • 1 Loki
  • 1 Noctis to recover equipment and salvage

If you wish to fight the Triglavian invasions but you are unable to get the needed numbers, feel free to contact me.

CONCORD Loyalist


Your observations sound correct to me, based on my own experiences. They seem to indicate that at least in any one active invasion, Triglavian forces aren’t as limitless as they seem.

I’m interested in how three Nestors are able to stand in for six Guardians in an Ark fleet. Neither ship is easy to skill into, but based on the experiences of pilot acquaintances, the Nestor seems to have slightly less of a skill barrier. Can you really use fewer logistics pilots with a Nestor doctrine than with Guardians? That could be super helpful, as logistics pilots are hard to come by.


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