Triglavian foothold systems: Patterns, Mysteries and Blue Stars

I was talking about the ones from the invasion sites: Bezdnacine, Rakovene, and Talassonite. They used to be something you could see in the market, IIRC, but now they’re gone.

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This is what I expect, honestly.

Their attack patterns don’t seem like they could possibly be an accident. I fully believe the excessive number of attacks in the Mandate to be intentional. Either way, they’re biting off more than they can chew by messing with us.

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My true compliments to you Mr. Gaterau. This is exteremely important work and I urge you to continue with it.

While the raw data in itself is fascinating, the implications are disturbing to say the least. This data needs to be shown and correlated with what CONCORD and the Big Four are gathering, as the suggestions for the political stability and security of the cluster are dire. The Triglavian’s choices in targets are indeed not random, and the sooner the intent behind their machinations are known, the better.

Once again, you deserve honest praise for this work. If you need any support in the field, you may call upon me as needed.


I thank you all for your support! At the moment this has been a rather simple desk based data collection operation, however I may need aid in the future if a research opportunity presents itself

That and with the increase in Triglavian attacks I may well end up missing a few invasions so I may need ask what have missed!

Quick update:

As you are probably all aware the Triglavians have increased the number of invasions from what was usually 4 at a time, to 6. I don’t expect that figure to change any time soon but who knows in these early stages of a new phase. In the two waves so far 3 have been in Highsec, and 3 in Lowsec (so to answer my previous question, no HighSec is not yet safe).

On to the stars…

It’s been a little odd, lots of white stars of the F0 and White Dwarf (B5), which, though both rare and have similar colours, are completely unrelated to each other as far as my understanding of the Astrosciences goes.

There has been a single A0 Blue star hit and it was one of the ones I mentioned earlier as an example, Pahineh. Not sure that if that counts as prophetic or not especially as the pattern may have completely changed now, but I hope at least our warning meant some people got to safety. According to the latest scope update a RKN Taskforce arrived to the capital system Mishi, to fight the invaders so let’s hope for the best.

Otherwise there has been surprisingly few blue stars, so this may represent a change in the invasion, other than its increased scope, though I think we should have a better idea in the next week or two.

The attack pattern also seems so far rather different with mostly seemingly random Amarr systems hit. One of the invasion sites hit Clorteler in the Thoulde constellation so perhaps some aspect of the attack patterns are still active. If they are interested in Thoulde because of Seyllin we shall soon find out as there is nothing from stopping them hitting that lowsec system.

That’s odd but could that be more to do with the regional markets not having any at the moment?

Interestingly with emergent conduits now seen everywhere I think our markets will soonn be booming with Talassonite


Mr. Gaterau,

I owe you an answer to our earlier conversation so I put the little data I have just in here. That’s the distribution of invaded systems by solar classification which has been observed during project JuRE (all observed, invaded, and unique systems within a 7 day time window, starting YC121-09-01).

                        adjacent foothold perimeter
Sun A0 (Blue Small)            2        3         3
Sun B0 (Blue)                  0        0         2
Sun B5 (White Dwarf)           0        0         1
Sun F0 (White)                 0        0         1
Sun G3 (Pink Small)            3        0         3
Sun G5 (Pink)                  3        2         3
Sun G5 (Yellow)                2        1         7
Sun K3 (Yellow Small)          3        2         6
Sun K5 (Orange Bright)         2        0         6
Sun K5 (Red Giant)             4        0         5
Sun K7 (Orange)                3        0         3
Sun M0 (Orange radiant)        2        2         8
Sun O1 (Blue Bright)           1        1         3

I havn’t got the time to look depper into it yet. Maybe it helps your future studies.


Haria Haritimado


No, it literally doesn’t show up in the market app in the neocom, despite me linking it directly from a pile of ore I have sitting in my station hangar. In addition, when I input the names of the ores into the search bar I get nothing. It’s as if they’ve been completely removed from the database.

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Precursor can be interpreted as forefather. How about if the forefathers of New Eden have found a way to generate Gates to New Eden that only allow “Triglavian” technology through. Perhaps they are here to test us and allow those that are worthy back to Jove space after new permanent conduits are formed in systems that have been repeatedly tested and found suitable to form new permanent Gates in.

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Time for another update as I have enough data to mark some preliminary findings

We have had a few waves of the new invasion phase that includes Low Sec and things are rather different now. I am treating the low sec phase almost as a new start for the data as things are rather different now.

Firstly this blue sun trend has mostly stopped and the star systems hit are a lot more varied. As said before there are a number of white sun systems hit, probably more than there should be if systems were targeted at random, but not anything like the crazy frequency of those blue stars. To be precise white stars make up about 5.5% of all stars in Kspace but around 23% of invasion foothold sites since the start of this new phase. Early days though, we shall see if this continues.

Second the invasion has spread, but just to low sec but regions that seem to have been largely ignored but could have been attacked in the previous phase. Notably among these are Molden Heath, Solitude and Aridia which were mostly ignored up until now.

Though its early days Genesis has had the most invasions, so perhaps the Triglavians are still interested in it regardless of the phase.

Previously the Amarr and Gallente both had the most invasions with the Caldari hit far less often and the Minmatar barley hit at all. The Gallente seem to have taken less of the proportion of hits this time round, and the Caldari and Minmatar have more… but half of all invasions have been in Amarr space affiliated entities like the Ammatar Mandate and Khand Kingdom.

Sansha link?

As briefly mentioned at the end of a recent scope report it has been suggested that an “Attack on Seshi by Triglavian Forces “Could be Connected to Vimoksha Chorus Raids” Claims Source in AEGIS”.

This does not appear to be the first time this has happened. Remember the invasion of Nasreri, in Genesis, that was followed up shortly by a Triglavian invasion.

The question is do the Trigvians (sometimes) target areas hit Sansha?

Now if I understand correctly the former was an offshoot of Sansha’s nation and the latter is the nation itself so do the Triglavians distinguish between the two. Also Seshi was only a Perimeter system of that Triglavian invasion spread.

Whatever the case I shall try and keep an eye on incursion sites as well. There are two of interest at the moment, one in the Jakemhih constellation of Domain, the other in the Orshed Constellation of Derelik (I believe the Ammatar Mandate has been heavily hit by Sansha as well these days in general). When they clear lets see if the Triglavians move in.

Interestingly enough one of the current invasions, Oguser, is where a rumoured Sansha Agent of the name Krethar Mann is known to hang out. Doubt they would invade an entire area just for one agent though.

Random other

The Triglavians recently hit one of those High Sec blue stars in Sonama, Kador. This spread an invasion throughout a constellation called… Trigentia

Conincidence? Undoubtedly, but I thought I would throw that odd ball out there for the conspiracy theorists amount us

@Valiran_Teleros Thanks for the heads up, I shall try to go to one of the bigger markets and see what I can find


Now that is interesting, if you look at foothold systems it follows the High sec phase pattern, but if you look at the perimeter systems the follows the general colour frequency of the cluster (i.e. Lots of oranges and hardly any white stars, etc). I think then that the colour of the sun probably does not affect the wormholes in the slightest, but that’s useful to know. I still wonder if this system changing Triglavian Malarkey is causing the increases in uiWH numbers but I am more leaning on it being those Nefarious Drifters

Anywho thanks for this, I have a few ideas stirring in my head!


I think it is highly possible they are testing us and do intend to build permanent gates between our space and theirs, but there could be lots going on, it’s hard to tell at this stage


I thought I would give a quick update as I think the Triglavians will change their tactics in the next week or two. Why? Well it’s a bit tenuous but the Highsec only phase had 24 waves (a multiple of 3) and lasted for about three months while the current phase has had 22 waves, so… it seems we are probably due for a change soon (assuming the Triglavians still like their 3s).

I haven’t given an update sooner as there really hasn’t been a lot to show, the blue sun trend died down in the low sec phase although there was still a fair few systems with B0 sun’s invaded. Certain systems like Kakki have suffered a lot from these. Maybe these blue stars were useful for their initial invasion and acted as a beacon for their conduits and are less important now, or maybe the appearance with the appearance of the Stellar Accelerator they have future plans for them, we just don’t know.

In general in the ‘whose had it worst’ competition, the Amarr has been the clear winner (or loser) and this time round the Caldari have came second. The Gallente got quite a reprieve and the Minimatar were attached more frequently (though no attacks on Heimatar interestingly). I think it’s probably as much to do with territorial spread than any animosity with one Empire or another.

The invasions this time round were a lot more spread out than the high sec phase.

Here is the map of footholds near the end of month two of the Highsec only phase


And footholds so far to this day


Of course, with Lowsec taking half the brunt of the invasion, and there being more high sec space than low sec space, certain regions appeared to be hit disproportionately to their size, such as Molden Heath… though maybe there is more to it than that seeing as how certain low sec heavy regions like Black Rise didn’t suffer too many invasions.

Invasion concentrations

Probably the one of the more interesting parts, there have been some invasion clusters such as in the Ombil Constellation in Aridia, which are rather out the way but have been hit heavily. I wonder if these areas are easier to reach from Abyssal Deadspace or perhaps they are planning to return here with greater force with the intension of setting up more permanent footholds.

The clusters found in the highsec only phase seem to have died down however with no activity in Verge Vendor at all in fact.

Derelik continued to be heavily invaded, particularly close to the border with curse, though borders to nulsec seem to have had a lot of attention from the Triglavians in general, so it’s hard to tell if the Angels interest them or not.

In Kador the Azar Constellation seems to have been the primary target for the Triglavians in that region

Lonetrek… although a large region, seems to have been attacked quite furiously. Mind you, so did the Citadel and Forge.

There is more, but I think you can get a general picture.

#Concord Stations

The last major find is that nearly all CONCORD stations (though not DED) have been within an invasion site, though not necessarily a foothold. Of course, the lowsec stage over the last few months has been more spread out, but I do wonder if CONCORD is the mark.

I’m afraid that’s all I have, and most of it is speculation. At the moment the Khanid capital is under attack, so maybe it is not the time to think, but to fight!

Oh @Valiran_Teleros I checked the market for those odd ores, and did find some in the Forge but not other regions. I guess it just depends on what’s on sale


If the Triglavians are targeting CONCORD and not the 4 main Empires, would that potentially suggest that the key is the Jovian seat held by the SoCT?

They’ve reappeared on the market. I have no idea what caused them to disappear in the first place.

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