[ARC] Possible new development in the ongoing Triglavian invasions


I would hereby like to report that ARC has discovered a possible new development in the ongoing Triglavian invasions.

As previously reported , the Triglavians are deploying Stellar Accelerator structure types in the foothold systems of their invasions. At this time, ARC is aware that at least 2 of these structures have been confirmed to be deployed in foothold systems with a unconfirmed possible 3rd structure. Heavy fighting occurs near these structures by those who engage the Triglavian invading forces and those who support them.

When a Triglavian invasion has withdrawn, it has been confirmed that at least 1 Stellar Accelerator will still be present and active. As the exact purpose is still unknown but the possible consequenses are disastrous, ARC is destroying these structures whenever they encounter them.
Previously these structures could be warped to directly and there would a small force of Triglavians ship for protection.

Today, this was different…

After the Aharalel invasion was over, the presence of a Stellar Accelerator was confirmed. When warping to the location to destroy the structure, I instead arrived at a Triglavian gate. The gate was protected by a small Triglavian force but entry beyond the gate was limited to tech 1 cruisers and below.
A call was send out to form a fleet to investigate what was beyond the gate and to destroy the Steller Accelerator that was likely there.

Once the fleet was formed, we travelled through the Triglavian gate. On the other side, we encountered the Stellar Accelerator, protected by several Chislov Leshak and smaller Triglavian ships. No Zorya ships were encountered.
The Stellar Accelerator was fully constructed and operational. The fleet engaged the Chislov Leshak as they seemed to interact with the structure. The other Triglavian ships were also engaged and after driving the Triglavian ships off, the fleet engaged and destroyed the Stellar Accelerator.

At this point in time it is unclear if this is a new development with the Triglavians trying to protect their Stellar Accelerators or if this specific force of Triglavians was cut off when the invasion withdrew but they still continued to fullfill their objective.

Please keep an eye out to see if the same is happening in other invaded systems. If this is indeed the case, I ask that you share this information here.

I would also like to thank all of the captains that answered the call so quickly.


(ARC Fleet Commander)
(CONCORD Loyalist)


Why are you destroying these structures? Fear of the unknown? Of progress?

I was myself present in this fleet. The structure was pointed towards the sun and was affecting the physical proprieties of the star system on a quantum level.

A notable increase in drag on our Warp Core’s capabilities and a reduce in ship inertia and velocity. These effects ceased once the structure was shut down.

Whether the structure was placed to facilitate the Triglavian retreat or for some other nefarious purpose, it remains to be determined. I will conduct my personal research on this matter moving forward and if productive I’ll share my conclusions.


I thank the Fleet Commander and the ad hoc fleet for their quick and resolute reaction.

Regarding the decision to destroy the structures I would like to remind that we are still wittnessing a stelar manipulation for reasons or ends unknown. The similarity between the quantum manipulations caused by the Stellar Accelerator and the Triglavian Filaments are troublesome. Research indicates that they are preparing for spatio-temporal manipulations similar to the abyssal deadspace. Also, CONCORD deploys Observatories which are trying to decipher the riddle around those sun manipulations. They are regularly targeted by Triglavian fleets. Diplomacy has not yet suceeded.

This, in a nutshell, is the reason why we try to slow down any manipulation attempts on our stars until we, CONCORD, or whoever is capable, finally succeeds in solving the riddle.


Haria Haritimado


In all likelihood, Concord fears the Triglavian threat to their authority. We, as capsuleers, should be open to collaboration with the Trigalvians. There is no doubt that we have benefited from ship and weapon technology derived from Triglavian technology. It may be possible to derive benefits from the solar accelerators, rather than viewing all change as necessarily bad.

We should also accept a share of responsibility for these conflicts, since it was capsuleers themselves who precipitated the attacks by entering abyssal space at the beginning, killing and looting without regard for the Triglavians living there.

CODE. Scholar


Captain Xeux

Thank you for your reply. I agree on the openness for cooperation. We have actually tried to establish meaningful communication beyond the proving grounds several times. So, the protection of such vital things like central stars of our home systems just seems reasonable for now.

Regarding your second point I have to object though. The Convocation of Triglav established a malware in the Faster Than Light network that first enabled capsuleer ships to make use of the Filament technology and thus enter the abyssal deadspace. The deadspace pockets are, like the invasion sites, a form of ritual combat and testing. Many small hints indicate that, gleaned from decyphered communication or from the relics discovered there. I must say, however, that violence is the only known way out of those pockets we were invited to enter. We were never helped through or escorted out peacefully. It could be miscommunication though. Any hint to understand their motives are welcome.

However, I hear your words. And the possibility of meaningful communication is something we work on very hardly. And in no way would ARC exclude the possibility of mutual interests and non-violent communication. After all, we just met a second ago, measured on cosmic scale.


Haria Haritimado


Hi, what fleet format needed to do this site?

With four stations—2 belonging to Empire corporations, and 2 belonging to Republic corporations—in the system, in addition to any and all colonial and planetary resource-harvesting facilities in the system, there is little option. Altering the physical properties of the star means endangering the lives of millions of civilians and non-combatants.

So far as I am aware, the Triglavians have no legal authority to endanger those lives. Moreover, they claim none save for strength of arms. None of the people living in that system have attacked the Triglavians’ homes or familities—unless, perchance, you think operating a freight service like Freedom Extension is somehow an attack. Endangering the lives of innocents without even so much as notification or explanation is not progress. It is aggression. And it should be met with an appropriately disproportionate and excessive retaliatory force.

And if the empires would relax their damnable restrictions on travel, it would be.


Huh. There’s one of these things in Keri, a system in Genesis that I frequent. It’s been there for about a month or so. Knowing how well those Trigs can tear up even one of my Ishtars, I’ve made sure to avoid them until I’m actually able to do something to them. If there’s nothing substantial really guarding these things though, I suppose I ought to go over there and try blowing it up.

You’d think the Empire would care enough about their own soverign space to send people over to rid the system of it by now. Sure, there’s no habitable planets there, but there’s four stations, all Empire owned and fully staffed by Amarrian citizens in that system. I guess Imperial Shipment just doesn’t have enough clout to get someone over there to do something about it.


DED is paying quite handsomely to intependent capsuleers that close any Emergent Conduit they find, but the problem is that they open faster than we can react to them and they pose a great threat to capsuleers and baseliner vessels that fail to react to the Triglavians as soon as they arrive on grid.


The Triglavians scare me. I find the fact that they build structures around our suns worrying. Even more, because we don’t know the excact purpose of those structures yet.

They bring chaos. Their very existance is chaos. I’ve seen recordings from “Deadspace” and it seems like the space time in those areas -“pockets”- is very unstable and chaotic with extreme fluctuating gravitational forces. If this is where the Triglavians come from, we should be really careful about their technology. Including Disintegrators and Filaments.

Is there any data about stars in Abyssal Deadspace?
Maybe the Deadspace just exists in this unstable state, because they’ve done some experiments with their suns…
Komi shivers


Captain Komi

Indeed, the importance of suns for their stellar manipulation, maybe also within the abyssal deadspace, is a highly ranked theory. We had some discussion about the whole topic during our Yulai Triglav Conference last Year. I don’t think we have really advanced since then. The situation has more or less stabilized when it comes to Triglavian invasions. The number of Stellar Accelerators still in place in post-invasion phases is probably constantly raising.

Also, your question on abyssal stars is very intriguing. I think it was pilot Aria Jenneth or pilot Stitcher who first raised the attention to the fact that in the far distance of the abyssal deadspace dark planets can be seen. This is speculative though, since we have no data from probes or scanners on those celestial bodies. Planets are usually bound to stars. And indeed, stars are not visible in the abyssal deadspace. They could have been formed by other gravitational processes. But we lack any information on that. So: if there were any stars, where are they now?

Feel free to stay in touch if you want to engage in any further investigations.


Haria Haritimado


Uh-- ma’am?

… that’s not … actually the case. Stars are commonplace-- usually distant and faint (or maybe just faint), but present.

(Admittedly, that’s a particularly clear view. Sometimes it’s just a spark, way off in the distance.)

It might be that some “weather” hides the stars better than others. They usually show up pretty clearly in the Dark, though often the light’s too weak to make much of a difference.


Found a typical “distant star” shot. It’s maybe a little clearer, in that you can tell clearly it’s a star and not, like, something exploding. It’s plainly the main source of light for the whole scene:

Further edit:

Oo! Also, Abyssal planet:

As you can see, an actual proper planet complete with atmosphere, not at all an Abyssal hellscape asteroid dotted with crystal isogen devil-palaces.


Rather looks like the system’s star is behind that planet, with the light refracting through the atmosphere.

Yeah, I think it’s even kinda on screen. You can see the “sunburst” effect from behind that apostrophe-shaped asteroid, top center.

We all descended from the same ancient ancestors. We all have our planets and stars. It is time to stop seeing Triglavians as mindless killing machines, beyond our comprehension. I am sure they all just want what is best for their children. This solar technology is part of that.

So, pilot? The Caldari have this kind of tradition where “what is best for their children” involves a whole lot of harsh lessons, preparing them to deal with the crucible that is reality the same way Caldari Prime (fairly described as a “muddy snowball studded with trees”) taught their ancestors.

The Triglavians, far as we can tell, have a similar outlook, but so, so, so much more extreme. To see what I mean, try diving an Abyssal filament and understand that the Triglavians seem to see nothing particularly unfriendly about the way they’ll greet you.

They likely see themselves as wanting the best for our children, too. Just, their approach to child-rearing is maybe … kind of … what’s the phrase?


If they blow up or snuff out or steal one or more of our stars, and we fail to stop them, their attitude will most likely be, “Well? So, if you don’t like it, stop the next one!”


We are immortal, why does it interest us if the Triglavians take a few systems to perform some experiments and carry out their projects? I find that we have more in common with the Triglavians than these helpless empire factions that you wish to preserve. If you wish to fight for Concord and all of their bureaucratic foolishness, that is your choice.

However, if we are to fulfill our potential then we should learn to adapt to the harsh realities around us, rather than cowering under the wing of the biggest mother-hen in the universe, Concord. You are fighting to save Concord from this threat, but where is Concord when you need them? Even when Concord is already on-grid with you, they will not help you fight a Triglavian gate camp. Even more telling - the Triglavians do not consistently attack Concord ships, only capsuleers.

Just because you feel sympathetic to the empire factions, you must realize that your feelings are not necessarily reciprocated.

I don’t know of anyone who thinks of them as mindless killing machines. I think of them as people with a distinct and interesting culture. However, I also see them as people who are engaged in hostilities against unarmed civilian populations. Because that is what they are. I’m sure they have very specific goals. I’m sure they have motivations they feel are valid and righteous.

I don’t give a crap what those goals and motivations are. When they stop being a threat, I’ll be more than happy to listen. Until then, I don’t care. Until then, if I see one, I’m going to kill it.


If you have such sympathy for the Triglavians, pilot-- and I agree, they’re a lot like us-- you should have no problems with us fighting them for every inch. It’s what our strongest look for in a worthy foe, after all.

They’re testing us. They have no reason to complain if we test them back, and in fact they don’t seem to have a lot of complaints if we do.