-ARC- Further escalation by Triglavian invading forces

Fellow Captain’s,

It would seem that the invading Triglavian forces have escalated their efforts even further.
ARC can confirm that the Triglavians have started to build more Stellar Accelerator structures in the foothold system.

While being deployed in the Malma invasion, an ARC fleet has encountered two flashpoint sites. Both sites had a Stellar Accelerator structure. There could even be a third location as we also saw the Stellar Accelerator beacon, but we have not yet been able to confirm due to shipsize restrictions.

The ARC fleet has engaged and destroyed the Triglavian forces and Stellar Accelerator at both of the flashpoint sites. We will continue to fight the Triglavian invading forces in order to protect the people that live in the Empires.

Future updates will be given as they occur.

(ARC Fleet Commander)
(CONCORD Loyalist)


I have a horrible horrid hideous awful suspicion that we’ll find out exactly what the accelerators do when there get to be three of them around a single star.

… And then something new and exponentially worse when there are three of them around each of three stars.


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