[ARC] Breaking ++ Triglavian battle escalates in Amarr space

Fellow pilots

Earlier this day an ARC fleet engaged in the Kihtaled invasion faced very troubling escalations. While observing a new so called Observatory Flashpoint beacon we discovered that CONCORD and Amarr vessels were awaiting for reinforcement in order to protect a new observatory structure, deployed by CONCORD.

Its purpose seems to be the observation of the Triglavian’s star manipulations. Obviously this raised the Triglavian’s attention. At the Flashpoint, two gates were established, one leading to the CONCORD Stellar Observatory, the other one presumly to the Triglavian Stellar Accelerator. When we directed our fleet on grid, another neutral capsuleer fleet was just about to get engaged by the Amarr forces. Shortly after, this fleet entered the only gate left (the other one exploded), leading to the CONCORD structure.

This actually was deemed an aggression against Amarr and CONCORD forces. We followed through the gate and wittnessed the CONCORD Observatory destroyed. A Triglavian Dreadnought class vessel named Zirnitra was fielded against this structure and it could not be destroyed. Through the battle, also an Amarr Dreadnought got destroyed. All in all, CONCORD and Amarr lost and the Triglavians prevailed.

Sadly, we were not able to turn the tables and it was not completely clear why Amarr forces were engaging on contact. Actually, both, Triglavians and Amarr forces were hostile and the neutral fleet either deliberately choose to side with the Triglavians or they were rather unaware of the whole situation. We are currently working on more details and background information.

Our ad hoc fleet consisted of pilots from Test Alliance, Khimi Harar, IKAME; Uriel Anteovnuecci and Oliver Aurelius coordinated the operation.

Haria Haritimado


So. It has begun. Capsuleers siding with the aliens against humanity.

Yes, I know the Triglavians aren’t technically aliens, but they might as well be, for all they have in common with New Edenites.


A message from the Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle:






Any known repercussions so far for siding with the Triglavians?

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Huh. Up until now the “ancient domains” were considered to be Anoikis, weren’t they? Looks like they meant the New Eden cluster instead. Whoops. I guess this is our eviction notice.

Well, I have no doubt that someone will be be possessed of the alternative thought processes required to side with extradimensional invaders violating spacetime, national boundaries, clear communication practices and fashion senses. For all the issues I have with CONCORD, I do hope they plan on countering that with something more serious than angry opinion pieces on the Scope.


Mr. Lyehin

So far it seems that CONCORD is facing serious problems dealing with the situation. We have not heard from any reprimands but instead, Triglavians are said to have paid out loyality in ISK. This surely means that there is a major hack to the communications and probably accounting system. Given the translation above it seems that they are focefully pushing into our intergalactic comms networks and mess with how we run things. They establish themselves and are now - let’s face it - proactively recruiting capsuleers to fight the Amarr Navy and CONCORD. And they use one of our means: incentivesand compliment.

I assume that we will hear soon from officials how they evaluate the situation. I strongly ask you all to support CONCORD and the Amarr Navy. Also, please head out and seek impressions from other regions as well.

While the conflict in Kihtaled continues, Amarr has lost another Dreadnought but the CONCORD Obervatory was not destroyed this time.


CONCORD and Empires Mount Major Operations Against Triglavian Stellar Manipulation; Capsuleers Fighting On All Sides - EVE Community

Yulai, Genesis – CONCORD has confirmed that it has begun major operations to counter the threats apparently posed by Triglavian “stellar observation and manipulation efforts” in multiple systems across New Eden. The primary co-ordinator of planetary and orbital defense against Triglavian invasions, Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir said, “I can confirm that CONCORD is co-ordinating closely with member states in a broad effort to thwart Triglavian attempts to manipulate star system environments across New Eden.”

Provost Marshal Valkanir also commented on these reports: “CONCORD’s Directive Intelligence Agency believes the Triglavians are attempting to entice independent capsuleers into renegade actions that would suit the interests of the invaders. The Triglavians pose an existential threat to all of New Eden. We trust that capsuleers will continue their efforts to combat the Triglavian menace and work with local defense forces to this end.”

Questioned on the consequences of siding with the Triglavians, the head of AEGIS replied, “Any capsuleer siding with the Triglavian invaders is a traitor to civilization on a level with the dupes of Sansha’s Nation and the murderous followers of the Blood Raiders. We condemn them utterly and warn them that they are playing with the very future and survival of New Eden.”


So, what are people’s thoughts ? Does the Triglavian message suggest that if you side with the Triglavians, you might obtain their new dreadnought, which apparently outclasses existing dreadnought designs ?

I can see how some of weak resolve might be tempted by such a prospect.

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The dreadnought, if it truly does become available, will become so well beyond any Trig loyalist circles.

That said, blowing CONCORD straight to hell will definitely appeal to some folks.


Spider tanking dreads. That sounds fun to fight.


Been to Agal, right on CONCORDS doorstep and bore witness to one of the battles. A large ragtag fleet of capsuleers formed, and only seemed to dither for a few moments before going gunning for the CONCORD observatory rather than the Triglvian one. It was a slaughter, with Amarr forces routed in short order and their revelation dreadnaught only lasting a few minutes. Though Amarr reinforcements streamed in, a Triglavian Liminal Zirnitra Dreadnaught arrived and the CONCORD observatory was soon smouldering wreckage. At the end of the battle the Zinitra seemed to release a cache as a reward to the capsuleers who took part.

I don’t know why the Capsuleers aided the Triglavians, though I guess partly out of disdain for the authorities, but mostly as an opportunity to get hold of Zirnitra schematics. Perhaps CONCORD should create their own dreadnaught and share the schematics in exchange for loyalty because If this trend continues I think a lot of Empire lives are going to be lost and systems forfeit.

It may also be worth mentioning I haven’t so far seen any sign of those World Arks, but have still found a Triglavian Stellar Accelerator near Agal’s sun. I don’t know if the Triglavians are going to continue with these Accelerators or it is a left over from the last phase.


You mean those things that can’t spider because the Siege module disables remote assistance?

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As Fleet Commander for ARC, I hereby wish to make the following announcement:

ARC has been fighting the Triglavian invasions since they started to take place. We fight them were we can and we fight them to protect the people living in the invaded systems, regardless of race. ARC will keep fighting against the Triglavian invasions to protect the people.

Today I lead a fleet to attack and destroy the Triglavian Observatory in the invaded system of Kihtaled. Shortly after navigating to the Triglavian Observatory, we received reports about an incomming ship of capital mass. After a brief but intense fight we succeeded in destroying the Zirnitra class Dreadnought without suffering any major damage or any losses.

After the destruction of the Zirnitra Dreadnought, our fleet started to attack the Triglavian Observatory, receiving reinforcement from local Navy elements. Our combined forces made short work of the Triglavian structure.

We are currently analyzing the data and footage of this engagement. We have identified changes that are needed with regard to the equipment on our ships to improve our ability to deal with this new threat. These are currently being incorporated for future fleet deployments.
As ARC has done before, we will publicly report our findings.

On a final note to this I would like to encourage all those who wish to fight the Triglavian invasions to reach out to either me or other members of ARC or affiliated organisations. I will be happy to share my experience, include you into fleet operations and/or train those who wish to deploy against the Triglavian invasions.

(ARC Fleet Commander)
(CONCORD Loyalist)


¿Should we all be worried about all this situation?

Something huge is about to happen, something we can’t control.

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If that’s true, then they’re idiots. We have no clear idea what a Triglavian-dominated New Eden would be like, and if greed is their only motivation then they could have waited to see if the blueprints could be acquired some other way. E-Uni’s nullsec campus regularly pulls blueprints off of Serpentis capital ships they destroy, and the same could very well be the case here.


Holy ■■■■


Sounds a lot like “join us or die” and that the offer to join is only extended to the capsuleer class.

If you have anyone you care about other than yourself, no matter how you feel about CONCORD, seems like it would be a very good idea to support CONCORD and the empires in this fight against the Triglavians.


But what if Triglavian ones can do that ?

You know ? Instead of using the same siege mode as our dreadnoughts, they instead enter blyat mode ?


Then, as the ‘dreadnought’ is partly defined by its use of the siege module, these ain’t dreads. They’re just another XL hull.

They’re a dread that can remote-rep. I agree that’s kind of weird but Trig-logic is weird anyway.

Does it ultimately matter how they use them? Either there’s a niche for these things in capsuleer warfare, or there isn’t. Time will tell.

Personally, I suspect they’ll be much like every other Triglavian ship in comparison to their respective weight classes—peerless when it comes to sustained single-target damage output. Which sounds like a useful trait in a dread to me.