[ARC] Triglavian Stellar Accelerator - Triglavian structures outside abyssal deadspace

Respected Capsuleers

As it seems, the Triglavian invasions are escalating to another level. Structures of Triglavian origin have been reported in foothold systems, located very closely to the systems’ star. CONCORD’s threat assessment is quiet unsettling:


First raw footage showed that the idea of an acceleration gate is clearly visible from the structure’s design. It is focused on the star and you can trace a vector, probably pointing to a specifc point in space. Sadly, environmental effects prohibit a clear view of the region’s skyline.

The site is accessible through a Triglavian gate near to the sun. We have observed an erratic behavior. The gate appears and disappears randomly (or so it seems). The gate is guarded and appears on probe scanner as an anomaly called ‘Stellar Fleet Deployment’. Be aware that fast locking Triglavian ships might even catch cloaked frigates which try to initiate the gate warp immediately from decloaking.

ARC staff is presently working on the gathered data and we will hopefully see updates in the near future. Please share any valuable tactical or scientific observations if you like.


Haria Haritimado


Some additional views of the Stellar Accelerator structure type, in this case of one that has been marked as completed and “fully operational”. It is oriented so as to point directly at the star near which it has been deployed - leaning slightly back in this case - and the word “Xordazh” can be seen clearly on its hull.


I do not like the sound of that last sentence in the description. Triglavians trying to steal whole systems? Imagine if that really happened, whole systems disappearing from the map unless capsuleers get together to destroy these structures.

Has anyone tried to shoot one yet? Do they take damage?

From what we observed so far, the new structure routes energy from the star into the manipulation of system effects. There is the possibility to interrupt the Triglavian construction process before the structure goes online. In the case I wittnessed, it was roughly a 10 minutes time frame. The analysis said:

[13:48:29 ] > Our sensors detect the presence of Triglavian structural deployment teams. Drive off the guards so that their work may be more closely inspected.

[13:52:29 ] > The Triglavians appear to be concluding their business here.

[13:57:29 ] > Our sensors report that the Triglavian structure is fully functional, and their fleet is preparing to retreat.

Apparently, CONCORD asks and advices us to interrupt the construction within the given time window. This would assumedly prevent the increase of system environment manipulation.

Also, as it appears, there is a ship limitation for the entry gate to the site. Battleships are currently not allowed. But we need further information on all those details.

Finally, a Chislev Leshak was seen guarding the construction. This is a Battleship class vessel which CONCORD evaluates as one of the major frontline brawler of the Triglavian forces.


After dealing with the Triglavian ships at the gate, an ARC fleet tried to pass through the gate. We were unable as it seems that the gate only allows up to tech 1 cruisers and smaller ships to pass through.

(CONCORD Loyalist)
(ARC Fleet Commander)

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So, essential, they are able to conquer star systems in New Eden by folding them into their abyssal space pockets.

Well then.

Mr. Shutaq

After what I have seen from the Triglavians so far, I would not object to your conclusion as a possible final outcome of their ongoing efforts. And I am rather careful with exaggerations. However, for time being they are reinforcing their foothold in a system with dedicated structures in order to shape environmental effects. The system’s sun is probably the power generator. And by ‘environmental effects’ we are talking about massive manipulation of gravitatinal physics.

I want to remind at this point, that we had a foothold system in New Caldari already, a few days back. I really think that this is an urgent matter.


Haria Haritimado


The steady pattern of escalation is established, and we must assume they know how to not only maintain abyssal space, but also how to create new pockets of it. Whether they choose to use this power on systems from New Eden is a question in and of itself, but the lack of any real diplomacy occurring between them and the Big Four, as far as we know, forces us to assume the maximum possible hostile intent in such a case.

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These developments should be of high concern to all capsuleers, and I appreciate ARC’s continued free sharing of such valuable intelligence.

GMVA forces have had success so far combating Triglavian incursions into our areas of operation in Placid and Black Rise, but we will remain a vigilant watch for sites similar to these in the near future.

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We have for a while had some idea that the Triglavians held a scientific interest in the systems they set footholds in, and there was some indications they may have been interested in the stars, but for what purpose we don’t know. Originally I thought they were interested in mainly blue stars but the system Stellar Accelerator I visited was in Laah, a seemingly typical G5 Yellow system.

I wonder if it would be worth observing the suns during and after the invasion to note any differences


There is one in Kiainti (12j from Jita) if someone wonders.


While observing a foothold system with stabilized conduits, the Stellar Fleet Deployment location has not yet been sited, nor the Stellar Accelerator structure.

It’s presence might be linked or tied to the presence of a World Ark.


(CONCORD Loyalist and ARC Fleet Commander)


Confirming these same observations in Afnakat as of 0215 NEST, 10 October.

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Confirming same in Kubinen at scout and conduit stages

Perhaps we should check the distance of the Accelerators to the star at and see if they are the same distance (well between the warp to star and the Accelerator given we cant warp to the surface of the sun)

Finaly someone that post this so i can read it

As of 0210 NEST, 11 October, a World Ark was detected in Afnakat. One major conduit was visible in system; however, as yet, no Stellar Fleet Deployment anomalies nor Stellar Accelerator are present. A detachment of Triglavian pursuit vessels were on-grid in near orbit to the star and engaged immediately.

Thank you all, for your occasional updates and observations on the Stellar Fleet Deployment. I was wondering if your (non-) observations were the result of a longer period of time, say half an hour or an hour, of continued monitoring of the anomaly scanner. Or did you just isolated checks? I’m asking because on Oct 7th we saw this erratic behavior of the anomaly appearing and disappearing randomly.

In which case I’m afraid mine were a series of rather quick checks at the same system during scout and conduit phases, though I suppose the Accelerator could have appeared before or after I checked

However to I recall the site was rather easy to locate during the world arc phase invasion of Laah

The ship used for our patrols was a common Nohshayess Auxiliary configuration (Omen-class) for security assignments. It was definitely not able to sustain any appreciable contact with the invasion forces, and so we were forced to make very brief landings near the star to make observations, until maintaining our armor became untenable.

At present, I am unfamiliar with cloaking technology or how best to employ it in these observations. I will attempt to remedy that before my next patrol of the Khanid Military Circuit today.

UPDATE 0605, 12 October:

Since desk duties prevented my returning to Afnakat before the invasion forces withdrew, I followed up on the requisition of a small observational vessel and deployed to Mista, where another World Ark was detected. Gates were clear and, upon landing on-grid with the star, there was a significant contingent of invasion vessels present. The following is retrieved from the ship’s log:

This Triglavian installation appears to be manipulating the local spatio-temporal topology of the system’s central star in order to use it as a vast ultra high-energy particle accelerator, causing numerous strange effects across the entire star system. The structure itself is functioning as the control nexus for whatever bizarre experiment is being carried out by the Triglavian Collective around the star.
Once fully operational, and manipulating local space-time, the installation’s operations will cause ripples of spatio-temporal distortion to spread out from the central star. Consequent effects that will be experienced in the system include:
Increase in turret tracking speed by 15%
Increase in missile explosion velocity by 15%
Increase in mining speed by 10%
Decrease in warp speed by 30%
Quantum interactions similar to Triglavian space-time filament and conduit technology have been detected, and it is possible that the Collective are engaged in an effort to “weave” the star’s gravity well into their conduit network. The prospect of the Triglavians incorporating the system into their domains cannot be ruled out and merits forceful counter-action by New Eden’s defenders.

Our ship was able to z-90 degrees and engage cloaking before we were targeted, and began to catalogue the beacons and scanner results. Shortly thereafter, the vessels warped away to an Upwell structure and did not return.

Overview results showed several major conduits, multiple minor conduits and sealed minor conduits, and a “World Ark Proving Ground” in system. After approximately 25 minutes, I noticed a change to the scan results in the presence of a Stellar Fleet Deployment anomaly. We broke cloak and warped to the signature, surrounded by invasion vessels. Strangely, they seemed to “skip” across the landing grid, warping in unison approximately 150km in the direction we had come before warping back to surround what appeared to be a Transfer Conduit. This provided us enough time to recloak and approach the gate, which we activated a few minutes later under direct fire.

Upon landing at the Stellar Accelerator grid, we noted the orientation: the singularity-facing side was pitched down approximately 10 degrees toward the star. The trajectory opposite the star did not seem to target any particular object in space that our sensors could detect.


The structure was protected by several Chislov Leshak as well as Zorya’s Leshak, which seemed to be the flagship of this group, and numerous support vessels.

Two phenomena were observed: first, all vessels would “scan” the structure along with one another, with what appeared to be some sort of low-energy emission, which presented as captured by our drone:


Second, the Chislov and Zorya’s Leshaks appeared to project some type of field onto the structure, which would thereafter “emit” an unknown array of particles into the surrounding space:


There was insufficient time to establish a pattern to the activities of this fleet - however, the “emission” phase occurred only once while we were present (approximately 100 minutes) while the “scanning” phase occurred several times. Once capsuleer forces had sufficiently suppressed the World Ark Proving Grounds, the entire fleet warped off-grid. Some 20 minutes later, support vessels would return without any of the Leshak-class ships seen earlier.

The SEV "بۇلبۇل " was lost in the retrieval of this data. Let the record show all crew defended the Holy Throne of the Faith with distinction.


I have spent the last couple of days around the Alperaute system, here are my observations

  1. No Accelerator during the conduit phase, but it was rather easy to spot during the World Ark phase (which lasted about 2 days).

  2. There were several Accelerator related events in the two last two days. The first time I entered the Chislov Leshak were constructing the Accelerator (rather quickly), though any subsequent times I went through the gate to the site they seem to be interacting with the Accelerator even though it was already constructed. Perhaps repairs?

  3. There always seemed to be around 5, sometimes 6 Chislov Leshaks

  4. Perhaps this is because the accelerator was never destroyed, but it seemed the gate and accelerator always appear at the same spots around the sun. The measurements are as follows (if I haven’t muddled them up):

The Accelerator is roughly 254,000km from the warp to spot of the sun
The Gate is roughly 301,000km from the warp to spot of the sun
The distance between Accelerator and Gate is roughly 157,000km

  1. Excluding Chislov Leshaks, and the vessels around the jump gate, the rest of the forces guarding the Accelerator seem to belong to the Perum Clade, much like their forces that jump though the World Arks in the Proving Grounds

  2. There is a moving part to the Accelerator around the top section rear area facing away from star.


Not sure what it does, though if the solar panels and other apparatus is taking in energy from the sun, perhaps this is where the station vents the output of this experiment and so potentially where all the system effects stem from.

  1. I have found certain symbols on the stations that most people would recognize in on of our own stations


Almost exactly like those found in a typical Gallente or Caldari station

Always wondered what those things were in our stations, maybe they are like a universal stop symbol and the Triglavians use them too. The whole set up reminds me of a station (more precisely a citadel) than anything necessarily Triglavian.

More random thoughts:
How do they build it so fast? I mean we have seen how long it takes them to build the Arks and what look like dreadnoughts, but this thing seemed to be built in minutes! I have a theory, which is perhaps it was already built in the Abyssal Space and perhaps that Chislov Leshaks are essentially transferring it to our space, in a manner perhaps similar to the how the World Ark forms support pylons seemingly out of nothing, or in fact, how to manages to vanish itself.

Judging by the hangers, and what look like traffic lanes I’m guessing this thing has a pretty large interior. However, is there any crew on it when it gets constructed/ported into the system? If there is no crew present then I wonder if capturing one intact may be plausible? I’m no expert in boarding operations, and it does look rather large and I imagine hard to navigate inside.

Finally I believe another Accelerator will appear in the system of Faspera shortly. Given this system contains when of those erratic Blue 01 Stars it may be worth a substantial investigation if anyone is willing to enter lowsec Derelik

Update: I did check out Faspera and managed to have a look around before I got podded by some random pirates, but thats life. I’m afraid my images did not turn out the best, but you get the idea from them

  1. Chislov Lesheks seem to form the Accelerators using… you guessed it, Triangles

  2. I recorded the distances between accelerator and sun, etc, which go as follows:

298 350 km: gate from sun
157,300 km: gate to accelerator
420,900 km: accelerator to sun

So it seems in the case of bigger suns, the accerlator and gates are found further away. The distance between gate and accelerator remains the same.

  1. The angle of the accelerator faceing the sun was less, for lack of a better word, tilted in this system.

  2. I spotted 3 uiWormholes in the system all going to Conflux. The Trigs were all over them

Update 2:

Just visited the one in Kakki

Unlike the others this one is tiled ‘downward’ towards the star

The Triglavians started construction as soon as I appeared but I also saw empty Triglavian vessel wreckage, probably from a previous battle at the same site. I had a similar situation with the gate site as well. Therefore I believe once they have picked a site, they will always try to form gates and Accelerators at those specific locations.

Distances this time round:

302,000km: gate from sun
157,000 km: gate to accelerator (this seems to be a constant no matter what type of sun)
285,265km. km: accelerator to sun

I thought a B0 sun may have been different from the other locations I have looked at, given their prior interest in B0 and A0 suns, but nothing so far.