[ARC] Operation Unveil - Offensive Against Stellar Accelerators

Fellow Capsuleers

Since the 20th of March a combined effort by the Arataka Research Consortium and its close allies aimed at a complete removal of Triglavian Stellar Accelerators from New Eden’s known space.

In a first step, a scouting wing gathered intelligence on all 1907 systems in low and high security space - possible locations of past Triglavian invasions. Ace explorer darkezero roamed 1061 systems and had strong support from Signal Cartel’s Sydney Selket, Aldar Roanaok as well as Faye Enkelli, FortunTrip, Giesta Nimbelain, Komi Valentine, Tannhauser Nseri, Sepakner, and Zyrtan Keb’Lektar.

In a second step, Fleet Commander DutchGunner formed a covert bomber roaming fleet today and laid destruction to all the leftover Stellar Accelerators. In response to the troublesome and increased activity of Triglavian forces reported last week we announce that - by now - there is no Triglavian stellar manipulation outside of active invasions taking place in known space.

With the help of our trusted and respected allies we aim at keeping it that way. Please report any leftover structures you might encounter in the future and help by destroying them whenever possible - during or after active invasions. Please contact us if you want to join forces for this endeavour.

These decisive and violent actions are solely directed against the ongoing manipulations of our stars and the immense potential threat the Convocation of Triglav is building up against our populated worlds. We want to stress at this point, that the Arataka Research Consortium prefers diplomacy above violence and research above destruction. However, in the current situation we must take action until we finally glean reliable and trustworthy insight into the Convocation’s policies and aims.


Haria Haritimado
Fleet Commander

It was a pleasure to participate in this cleanup operation!
Given the current enigmatic nature of the Triglavian Clades it was both a surprise and disappointment to see Concord report that a nearby colony had apparently been stripped of its inhabitants and all organic matter down to the molecular level, and the blame laid squarely at the Triglavians?
I would encourage all interested capsuleers to keep a very close eye on future developments.

Greetings Captains,

I would like to thank the individuals and organisations who participated in Operation Unveil. The scope of the search was massive, yet the entire operations took a little over 72 hours to be completed.

All high security and low security systems were checked for any Stellar Accelerator Structures (SAS). The outcome from the search was very heartening as only 4 SAS were found. In the brief time between finishing the search and deploying a combat fleet , 2 of the 4 SAS had been destroyed by others and the remaining 2 SAS were destroyed by the combat fleet. We encountered no resistance.

ARC remains dedicated to protecting the people living within the borders of the Empires. As such, operation Unveil will continu in order to make sure that there are no active SAS outside the ongoing Triglavian invasions.

If you encounter a SAS, please either report its location to ARC, destroy it or contact ARC if you wish to join forces.

(ARC Fleet Commander)
(CONCORD Loyalist)


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